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I bought a complete streaming setup on {822}. I want to start with the desk since it looked awesome on the website and I can't really believe it's going to look as good in real life. The style of the desk was very gamer-like with carbon fiber and the like, and it comes with a mouse pad. The stitching seems to be of pretty good quality.

Now this is the top of the desk, definitely heavy. It doesn't seem to be cheap quality. I feel like I'm about to install an Ikea desk. Let's hope this does get worth it. There's a piece of plastic in here. Yeah, there we go, all right now. We can screw it in now even though it is a wish. Scan For that reason, I still don't really trust it.

It does seem to be pretty sturdy, so maybe Wish has some decent stuff as long as you're not trying to buy a PS5, for like two dollars five minutes later, and so this manual here has the wrong drawings. So these two boards need to be swapped, and then these two also need to be swapped. As I said in the intro, it's pretty heavy and feels like a school desk for people who spend their time on Reddit.

Video Games Tutorials and News - building gaming setup

Now if you didn't think the desk was looking nerdy already, we have these plastic things here to attach on the side that make it look even more gamer-like, but before doing that, we need to attach the stickers on the side. I don't really like this way of making the desk look more epic because using stickers makes it look kind of cheap.

However, I guess I'm not the target audience of this desk and that it's aimed more towards kids. Now the next thing we need to install is the cheapest monitor I could find on Amazon {822}, which is great for cheap stuff, but things like monitors are really hard to find, and this scepter monitor has a huge number of popular reviews, so I'm really looking forward to checking this out.

However, first I need to mention the sponsor of today's article. Own Pro is a free plugin for Obs Studio that will give your stream a professional look. With a single click, you can install one of the five fully animated and completely free overlay packs with a bunch of scenes already set up. They also let you easily import your twitch alerts, your stream's chat, and your labels.

Video Games Tutorials and News - building setup

There's also a chatbot to set up with basic commands, moderation, timers, and giveaways. There's a countdown timer and there's 30 minutes of free epidemic sound music to test it out with a premium account. You get access to their whole library of over 400 fully animated graphic packs in any theme imaginable, and if you decide to upgrade with my code TVN, you can slice 50 off the price.

The longer you subscribe, the cheaper it gets, and together with my code, that's three months of having all these graphics for only five dollars per month. Let's take off the plastic. This screen looks very modern. It's also very thin. The price of this monitor was R132. And that's definitely one of the lowest prices you'll find for a 1080p, 24-inch monitor.

There's also a 22-inch version of this, and the price of that is only 110, so if you're fine with giving up two inches, you can get an even better deal. I feel like even though this is a wish, com, desk, and I know some parts can be broken once we unbox them, I feel like this setup is going to look awesome in the end.

Video Games Tutorials and News - building streaming setup

We're gonna problem. This is an adapter for us. I'm going to have to find an adapter for that. The HDMI cable comes in the box, and it seems like the monitor also has speakers. However, I'm not sure about that. These might be air-cooling holes. I think I'm going to add my budget streaming PC on the side of the desk like that.

However, let's reposition it first because we're going to be installing some streaming stuff now and some PC parts, and we're also gonna be needing some space in the middle of this room to build a Wiz. Com, and Gaming chair. By the way, I built this budget streaming PC. In the article, I will link it to the cart.

Now this desk isn't really meant to have a PC on top of it, so the mouse pad doesn't really fit, but I'm just going to slide it over a bit, and then I'll have to place the screen half on the mousepad. And on the desk now. I haven't really talked about this yet, but there are awesome cable management holes on the back, and what we can do is route our PC cable through that.

Video Games Tutorials and News - cheap desk setup

This is going to be useful for all sorts of cables, and since we have this plastic thing for cable management. I can just put a power strip in there and then manage this cable a bit and put it over here. I also found an adapter for the power cable of the monitor, so let's plug that in, put it over here, and let's finally power our setup.

We can already turn on the PC. However, we do need a mouse and a keyboard, and that's exactly what this is. I gotta say this is a very crooked package, so I fear for the worst. Look at this now. This is a wish. I want to be optimistic, but I'm so scared to open this. This is the mouse, and it feels like it's just a piece of plastic.

Let me demonstrate how light this is. Now for the keyboard, I do already see a loose key here that doesn't predict anything good, but hey, let's give it a chance. There is a broken key here. There's a whole broken corner. Look at this whole corner of the control key is completely broken. This is the piece that should be in the corner of the keyboard.

Video Games Tutorials and News - cheap gaming setup

Technically, we could glue it to the corner, but yeah, let's not do that right now. It looks like it is possible to attach the control key, so let's try not to move the keyboard now because it falls off if you turn it around. I'm really curious how much I paid for this because they really got me with this one.

I'll do a little sound test with this mic. To be honest, I have no idea how to describe the inside of this. How much did I pay for this? 21.5, and apparently the keyboard should be RGB, which it isn't. The mouse is rgb, but you can barely see it in real life now. For the monitor, I have to say it definitely does look decent.

The colors are okay. However, a problem I definitely do see is that there's a lot of ghosting now. Besides the chair, there's a bunch of other stuff we still need to unbox, but I need a break from this crappy {822} stuff, so I want to unbox these budget Amazon lights. They do look different than in the picture.

Video Games Tutorials and News - cheap streaming setup

Never mind, it's a diffuser that's inside of them. So inside this box are two lights. There's also a stand if I'm not, so this is just the second one. Ah, the reason there is a diffuser is that you have a bunch of color options. Well, a bunch. There's red, blue, and yellow. You might want to start with these for streaming, and then once you can upgrade to better lights, you can use this with a blue or yellow protector, for example, in the background.

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