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Video Games Tutorials and News - 240hz monitor

This is Episode 2 of buying and building a complete Amazon streaming setup. This time I bought a pre-built, gaming and streaming PC, and we have a theme today because all of this gear was on the best-selling list on Amazon in the previous episode. I did buy an Amazon desk. We built it together, and it turned out to be a piece of crap.

This is an electric standing desk from Ikea. Now it's not a cheap one. I will also link to some cheaper options. I can barely open this PC here and I can already smell the chemicals. I'm not really sure how safe this is for your health. There's actually a warning sign on the side. This product can expose you to certain chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Well, there is a keyboard inside. You're kidding me. I bought a keyboard for this article. I assume that since it came with a keyboard, this is going to be a mouse. And yes, it is. Now this feels like it's going to be a decent mouse. Let's not get our hopes up. They also give you two antennas.

Video Games Tutorials and News - amazon desk

One thing I can definitely say is that this is a heavy PC. We immediately got greeted with a big stop sign. Please follow the instructions in your quick start guide before plugging in your new PC. Now that's not something we're going to do. I think we'll need a screwdriver to open it. It opens like this.

I'm going to be honest, that's kind of neat. It just closes magnetically. Now there is some dust on the GPU. I've also never seen this type of case. Do they add real GPUs to these or are these GPUs fake? I see only one stick of RAM here. The CPU cooler is from Cooler Master. I'm going to open the panel on the back to see how the cable management is.

We are going to need a screwdriver for that. Let's check out how it looks under the hood now. It does look pretty decent. It's an EVGA power supply. Again, I'm not sure if this is all legitimate stuff, but it does seem like a decent package. The GPU that's inside is an RTX 3050. So it is from NVidia.

Video Games Tutorials and News - amazon gaming setup

It is great for streaming, and having a PC like this together with the 1080p monitor is going to be perfect. In fact, I'm going to go get it now and I will tell you why it's so perfect now. They test a lot of pre-built PCs and this brand was one of the best they tested, so for that reason, I thought why not give them a go?

By the way, I think this monitor is going to look really pretty. Own Pro is a free plugin for Obs Studio that will give your stream a professional look. With a single click, you can install one of the five fully animated articles. The overlay packs come with a bunch of scenes already set up. They also let you easily import your twitch alerts, your stream's chat, and your labels.

There's also a chatbot to set up with basic commands and moderation. There are timers and giveaways. There's a countdown timer. And there's 30 minutes of free epidemic sound music to test it out. With a premium account, you get access to their whole library of over 400. Fully animated graphic packs in any theme imaginable.

Video Games Tutorials and News - amazon prebuilt

And if you decide to upgrade with my code tvn, you can slice 50. For the price, the longer you subscribe, the cheaper it gets, and together with my code, that's three months of having all these graphics for only five dollars per month. This PC had an insane number of positive reviews on Amazon, so I just wanted to test it.

By the way, the price is 950 USD. The CPU is a 10400 and the GPU is a 3050. 8 gigabytes of RAM is going to be kind of a problem for streaming, but I absolutely wanted to test it out since a lot of pre-builds come with this amount of RAM, so I just realized this monitor is 27 inches and 1080p. This is usually 24 inches, the maximum for a 1080p monitor, but this one is absolutely focused on the high refresh rate.

I guess if you're playing things like competitive or fps games on stream, you don't really care about the pixels, so I think we just put this on here and then you can just tighten it with the screws on the back. This is a pretty beefy stand, and I think the monitor will just click into it, so you shove it in from the top and then, ah, it clicks.

Video Games Tutorials and News - amazon prebuilt gaming pc

This looks awesome. It looks exactly like a competitive thing. We're going to position it here on the left for now. By the way, I bought a double monitor desk arm. I just wanted to check out the stand, and to be honest, we could just as well keep it because this stand looks awesome, but the desk or my bot looked amazing and really futuristic, so I wanted to check it out.

The monitor stand also allows you to hide the cables pretty well with this hook, so apparently this motherboard is equipped with wi-fi. Now to be fair, I had no idea the keyboard and the mouse were going to be included with the PC, so what I did was buy the best-selling keyboard and the best-selling mouse.

I think they are both wireless. Now this isn't really a keyboard I would buy for a gaming setup, but it just seemed like something interesting to check out, and since the theme of this article was best-selling products, it fit perfectly, so I still want to check it out. We're, of course, also going to unbox the keyboard that comes with the kit, and it's definitely heavier than I would have expected.

Video Games Tutorials and News - amazon setup

It's also from Sky Tech Gaming, and let's see how it sounds. The space board is pretty loud, and it also feels kind of clunky and loose. It's definitely a pretty trashy keyboard, but it's absolutely usable, and it's kind of great that it comes with a pre-built PC like that. The best-selling mouse on Amazon was a wireless, rgb mouse, so that part's kind of cool.

However, it kind of looked like an Apple magic mouse. It's definitely extremely light, so before I forget, the price of this monitor was 264 dollars, so that's for a 27-inch 1080p monitor but 240 Hertz. I am definitely looking forward to testing that out. The price of this mouse here was $15, and it had more than 4,500 reviews, so it comes with a charging cable.

It is usbc and it also comes with a dongle to convert the usb on the other side, so you can charge it with usbc or usb. I guess the normal USB on the back of the mouse. You can take out the USB receiver. It is definitely very compact. I'm not sure if it's charged. It looks like it isn't a problem at all.

Video Games Tutorials and News - building a setup

I'm going to charge it while unboxing the rest. Let's power on the PC because it doesn't seem like it's charging, so the PC doesn't turn on. I see why my lights went off. I guess I turned off the switch. Let's try to turn it on. Okay, let's turn on the PC now. Ah, there we go. I'm going to be really honest.

It is a pre-built, but it doesn't really look like one. It looks like a real gaming PC. This is a closer look at the mouse. The RGB is kind of cool. This is a closer look at the inside of the PC. Let's check out this keyboard now. It looks extremely And I just have a feeling that it's going to be a blast to type on.

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