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It's Loresha Andrea. Also, make sure you guys check out my most recent article with the bae cutting off their locks because it's good content and it's so cute to watch. So you guys remember, I said in my last article that I wanted a wig that looked as close to my natural hair and hairline as possible, and me and Wild African definitely did that.

This was the first version of the wig, and it got a lot of mixed initial reactions. You know some peace was filling in some of the girls offered better ideas of what we could do, but all of your thoughts did not go unnoticed because we took all of the feedback and created Lorasia, 2.0. I feel like we did a really good job on all the improvements.

Just like with the original natural baby hair and texture wig, it offers a 13x6 HD clean lace, which is really just a stronger version of regular HD lace and lasts a lot longer. You can see the comparison between the first wig and now this more improved hairline. It looks so much more real and believable.

Video Games Tutorials and News - 13x6 frontal wig

And honestly, we are only going to get better. I've improved on so many techniques and am just learning how to work with a wig like this one. You can see it's not your typical wig. You want to start by combing the baby hair backwards and cutting the lace a couple of centimeters behind the hairline to make the hairline seem less perfect, and as for the sides, you can just cut right in front of the lace.

Now I'm going to install this wig using some of my favorite products currently, and as far as lace braids go. I highly recommend using either the lace spray, which I have a ton of articles on, or this lace braid I'm using in today's article, because neither will cause stickiness to the lace or get on the baby hair to ruin this masterpiece.

The way I got this hairline to look so believable and as real as possible. I just took about a couple of inches forward from the beginning of the hairline, and I just did a little bit of plucking in the front of the hairline. Keep practicing, and I swear, you'll be excellent at this. So to finish off this install, instead of me going in with that snap life spray one more time, I'm going to use a more melting lace spray that's not super sticky.

Video Games Tutorials and News - 4a edges

Like I said in the beginning, you do not want anything that is super sticky, because it will be a mess on this baby hair, trust me y'all, and then I'm gonna go in and just do a little bit more detailing with plucking, or just putting some of my makeup powder on my hairline, just to blend it in a little bit more with my makeup, and y'all, this is sha poppin.

I was loving this. I could not stop looking at it. I'm telling you right now. So definitely stay tuned for that, y'all. If you want to do just like kind of how I did in my last article for the curly baby hair, I'm going to use the Erica J holding spray. I believe she still has this on her website.

Video Games Tutorials and News - 4a edges on wig

We don't want it slicked down with gel, we just want it laid down because I am going to be using it. I'll use a hot comb later on, but I just want to lay them down. just to prepare for the heat. Now I just went ahead and finished off my makeup. I'm gonna wait for my next article because I'm letting you guys know my pcos and vitamin routine that I take on a daily basis, but I'll also be explaining why I've been gone for so long, but to add on to that reason, it's really because I had the worst hormonal breakout in life and I just did not want to wear makeup for that period of time, and it literally took a month to pretty much go away to how it looks now.

I love this article. I love the music. Bye.

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