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Video Games Tutorials and News - griddy

Back with another fire tutorial. Hold on, copyright. It's all right to keep a nice simple little stipple of what you want to do when you're doing the gritty. Ladies and gentlemen, you want to get the heel tap really well, really nice. You know what I'm saying? Okay, heel tap, not toe heel. Okay, so what you're doing is you're just going right left, right left.

Make sure you're following me, guys. Make sure you're doing it with me. Get up right now. Let's get it. We're going right back, right back, right simple turns you just want, right back left, back right left, back left right. If you got that right and I said let's go wrong, right, left, right left, you want to add a little jump to it, so you're going, right left, right left right, you want to make sure when you're tapping your heel you're not going all the way out, you want to just make it very subtle, you know what I'm saying.

no no, that's not how you get right. that's not how you do nobody so make sure when you're doing it, you just hang on right now, right back right back now in order to move around with it. You want to do the same thing, but you kind of want to skip it. Don't make it too big. So you're just going right back right now.

Video Games Tutorials and News - griddy dance

Okay, try that with me. We'll start from right here. We're going to work our way to the middle. I feel you, so we're going five six seven eight, right left right left, pay attention to keep it low, and I'm skidding across the floor, so it's not like I'm attacking. I'm just letting my foot, my heel tap the jaw.

You know what I'm saying? Let me tap the floor. Pay attention one more time. So if you want to start with that right leg, I'm going to start jumping on your left foot first, so you're going in, one and two and three and four right. That's the easiest way to put it. If you're starting with the right tap of the heel, you stand on your left leg first, so you're going left right left right left right left right left right left right.

I'm going to do it facing forward right now. So again, if you're starting with the right heel, jump on his left leg first, then left, kick right, okay left kick right kick, and then when you're doing fast, you get your low. Right now, you want to get these arms right, or you just forget about the whole rhythm.

Video Games Tutorials and News - griddy dance tutorial

You can't get these arms. You've got to get it right. So once you start moving across, you know what I'm saying, you want to make sure your arms are swinging back and forth right. So as you're doing this in slow motion, you're going to swing, baby, and you're going to keep your body hunched over just a little bit.

You don't have to do this the whole time, and I'm saying that's just the basics. That's the typical article, you know, I'm saying if you want to get advanced with it. So quick review, first step right foot tap, come back, left foot tap on the heel on the heel. Okay, so you're going right, heel left, heel right, heel left, heel Okay, make sure you're doing that.

We'll get it right, no cap. Three, if you're moving across and you're turning with your right foot first, you jump on your left leg first. You're going left heel, right heel, left heel, right heel. A lot of y'all have been asking me on instagram how the heck I make a gritty tutorial. I said, it's not that hard, but okay, I guess you know what I'm saying, get right, get tight.

Today Imma show you How to Griddy a dance tutorial for eveyrone whos been asking me how to do the right foot creep dance so here it is.
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