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i was standing on a twister mat and glaring at my opponent. He clearly didn't deserve a girl like Emily. I couldn't let her suffer anymore, so I did probably the most daring thing in my life. I bet you all know this feeling. You chase after a girl for a long time, indulge all her whims at any time of the day or night, give up your hobbies for her, and she only sees you as a good friend.

The exact same thing happened to me, but I became the rare lucky guy who managed to escape the friend zone in the end. I fell in love with Emily at first sight as soon as she was transferred to our class. Back then, two years ago, I had made a grave mistake. I had decided to make friends with the new girl and didn't confess for too long.

I'd bring her comfortable slippers to the other end of the city if she had blisters after wearing fashionable shoes; I'd sneak out of the house to see her home after parties late at night even though my parents forbade it; and when Emily had problems at school. I gave her my test answers so that she would get a good mark, but i never said a word about my feelings, that's why Emily saw all of it only as friendly gestures.

Video Games Tutorials and News - actually happened stories

Meanwhile, I was going crazy and hating myself for being indecisive. Emily asked me to meet her at a cafe in the evening. I was very surprised, because she had never invited me anywhere before. Then I thought that there was no point in putting off my confession any longer. It was my chance to tell her about my feelings.

I put on my best suit, bought a large bouquet of scarlet roses, and went to the cafe with a trembling hand. I opened the door and saw Emily. She looked especially beautiful. She was wearing a snow white dress and had a delicate flower in her hair. I shyly walked up to her table, hiding the bouquet behind my back.

when some guy suddenly came up to Emily and hugged her. I absolutely hadn't been expecting that. I froze in the middle of the cafe, and was about to run away, but Emily had already noticed me. Well, there was nothing I could do but go to their table. I wished I hadn't come there at all when Emily happily introduced me to her new boyfriend.

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I wanted to sink through the floor. She kept singing his praises and smiling at him. I felt furious. I truly didn't understand how Gregory was better than me. Things got even worse when my friend noticed the flowers I was hiding behind my back. Who were those for? Hundreds of possible answers immediately ran through my girlfriend, and for some reason, I said they were for my girlfriend's girlfriend.

I was so dumb. Emily suddenly blushed, and I felt hope. What if my lie makes her jealous and helps me? But I was wrong again. A few minutes later, Emily was already laughing at her boyfriend's jokes, as if she had forgotten all about my words. Yet Emily remembered them at the end of the evening.

As we were leaving, she suggested we go on a double date at her house; Emily and Gregory, and my girlfriend and I. She said we would come the following day, and I had no choice but to agree. But of course, I had no idea where to find a girlfriend so quickly. That's why I came home in a bad mood and spent the whole evening thinking.

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My neighbor Grace was standing in the doorway. She told me that in a few days she was going on vacation for two weeks with her parents and asked me to look after their puppy. It seemed like luck was on my side. I suggested a quid pro quo; I would convince my parents to take the puppy and she, in return, would pretend to be my girlfriend for one evening.

Oddly enough, my neighbor quickly agreed to such a deal, and I went to bed feeling relieved. The next morning, I stopped by Grace's house to take her dog for a walk. The pet had to get used to me for a little before staying in our house for a long time. After putting a leash on Jack, I went wandering around the neighborhood.

Suddenly, I saw Gregory. I was about to say hello, but then something happened that made me freeze in place. A girl came up to Gregory and kissed him on the cheek, and they started chatting so sweetly that I couldn't believe my eyes. He had a lot of nerve to act as if he didn't have a girlfriend, and to be honest, at that moment, I felt conflicted.

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After all, after such news, I could have a chance with her. On the other hand, I really didn't want to hurt her. I took a photo of the couple just in case and walked home. Maybe I was wrong and there was a perfectly good explanation for what had happened, but I couldn't get rid of the unpleasant thoughts.

I went to the double date in the evening, quite moody. I looked at Gregory suspiciously. I was clearly not interested in him. He was so nice to Emily that I got even angrier. I didn't know how to make my friend look at me and started to openly flirt with grace. Out of desperation, I've got to admit my neighbor played her role brilliantly.

She constantly hugged me, whispered something in my ear, and even hand-fed me cookies. We really looked like a couple in love. No one could have guessed how hard acting like that came to me, but the longer I was there, the harder it got for me to hide my anger. At one point, Gregory accidentally touched me with his elbow, and I yelled at him.

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Because of that, Emily had to quickly come up with something to defuse the tension. She suggested we play twister. It could help me get closer to her, so of course I agreed. Gregory got a spin first, and Emily Grace and I were on the mat first. My friend's plan really worked. The game calmed me down a little, and I even started to enjoy it.

Especially when the moves brought me face to face with Emily. I couldn't help breaking into a smile when she looked at me. At that moment, something happened to my friend. She suddenly lost her balance and fell. That's how she became the referee for the next turn. I was determined not to lose so that I could stand on the mat with Emily again, but then, while I was crouching in an awfully uncomfortable position, I noticed something quite out of the ordinary.

Gregory was checking out Grace, who had to bend backwards to reach the red circles. I instantly felt even more livid than I had before. Was Emily so blind she didn't see the obvious? After all, her boyfriend was openly admiring another girl, but Emily was so engrossed in the spinner that she wasn't paying any attention to the playing field.

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You can't even imagine how hard it was for me to restrain myself at that moment. At first, I didn't want to look at Gregory anymore. He lost on purpose to become the referee for the next turn. At the time, I couldn't have imagined that it would make me even angrier. After a few turns, Gregory started to cheat.

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