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I'm bringing you guys a article on how I train my aim every time I hop on. So for those who don't know, I still warm up on CS Go. So what I'm going to do is convert my valerian sense to my csgo sense. You want to go ahead and hop on this website. Make sure it's in the right game and it should do the conversion for you.

I know that Valerie and Csgo don't play on the same fov. So what I did was increase my sense from.764 to.77, and to make sure 0.77 was the right sense, I went ahead and went into the range. I put my mouse on one side of the mouse pad. On the far left, I lined up at the pillar. Then I did a whole 360 until I got back to the pillar.

I placed my phone on the mouse pad where my mouse stopped. I did the same thing on CS Go until I did a perfect 360 in the exact same spot, and 77 was the number that I did a perfect 360 on. So now what you're going to want to do is hop on this map called Aimbots. I'll show you how to spell it on the screen right here.

You can find it in a steam workshop, so go ahead and do what you see me doing on screen right here. I did this for about five minutes. I know I clip into this area for about five minutes and flick around for not too long. That's it after I'm done with that, I would go into a community server and deathmatch.

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I will play until I get to AKs or any gun, and headshot only because that mainly helps with my aim going for head shots. It'll help with my movement because, Valerie, you don't really try, you don't really full spray going for body shots, so you know, headshot only. So after that, I went ahead and hopped on Valerian.

You know, I've already done like 15 to 20 minutes of warming up, so I'll only play one death match on Valerian just to get the movement feel. I will hop into Valerian and see if this is what I do now. It's kind of weird, but I will use a sheriff for five kills. Five good looking kills with the sheriff.

Once I get five good looking kills with the sheriff, I will pull out the guardian and do the same thing. So when I pull out the guardian, you know, to make sure I get five nice kills, not like shit body shots, you know, spraying, praying, and shit, just five nice clean kills to really help me make sure I'm hitting my head, so that's the point with the guardian and sheriff.

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You know, once I get those five really good kills, I will pull out the vandal and just let it rip. For the most part, when I pull out that vandal bra, I'm just, I'm just, I'm just shooting and, you know, hitting my shots. So that's pretty much it with my warming up. I will hop on CSGO, you know, flick a little bit on aim, then go into deathmatch mode and play until I get to the headshot only on the case.

You know, play until that. Then hop on Valor and play one DM, and I should be good. It should take, you know, anywhere from, you know, as short as 10 minutes to as long as 25 to 30 minutes, so that's pretty much it. Here are the settings that I promised you guys. Posit that positively if you need to.

I appreciate you watching the article. And yeah, you guys, have a good day.Bye.

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