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Video Games Tutorials and News - buying a vending machine

We built some crazy hidden rooms in a bed, in a porta potty, and even in a piano, but today we built our favorite one yet. We are turning a vending machine into a gaming room, but the best part is that Caleb and I will be disguising ourselves as moving employees and sneaking Justin into a mall. We're going to take this vending machine and turn it into a hidden gaming room in public.

We bought this fully working vending machine. Check this out. Check it out, guys, free range. Whatever snack we want, what do you want, Andrew? Here's the plan: we're going to take out each rack of snacks in the vending machine. That way, there's enough room that we could fit inside. We can put our TV, our PS5, our own snacks, whatever it is.

We're going to take this whole thing into public in the mall and see if anybody notices. No one notices. This one's stuck, Harry. They're made like in the 80s. What is this? Look at the graphics. What the heck kind of mint is this? This is definitely from Eon. Did the minutes go bad? Do you mind This went bad.

Do you mean this went bad? It's got no flavor and it's like dissolving in my mouth. This is older dirt. I've got it all cleared out. Let's see if it holds me. Look at this nice TV holder right here. We've got storage under here where we can put the console snacks. Look, you can even reach in here while the door's closed.

Video Games Tutorials and News - gaming room in vending machine

[Laughter] What's the password? Yes, that is like covering this up so they don't see inside. I got hurt and didn't get a bean bag. This is scary. Yeah man, we can even go with a B rack. no, we just figured out that you could take off these little holders by unscrewing them. Once you do that, look how much more room there is here.

Is that in there, this screw is stripped, it's locked apart? You cannot come out. All of them are out. Let's see how much more room we have. That's a five-perfect fit. Here we have our homemade TV mount. You put the TV on the mount upside down. Where's Samuel well, we got it all set up, but now the TV doesn't work, so we have to get a different TV.

I think we've drilled the screws into the back too far. After several hours, we have got the TV working again. With the generator below, this is looking fantastic. Check it out guys, it's fully complete. We got the TV and a PS5. We also got a karaoke machine. How's it going? This is a customer simulation challenge.

Video Games Tutorials and News - hidden gaming fort

Did you really hear me saying it's so muffled, it's so muffled, this is how we're going to get it into the mall? Me and Caleb are going to dress up as vending machine employees. We're going to wheel this bad boy right past security, so we've got to get the disguise for the window. We gotta get our disguises on, and then we're going to the mall.

Yeah, that'll work. Yeah, we are at Fedex getting the image printed out for the vending machine. We're at the store now. We've got to find the perfect vending machine employee outfit, so we're thinking maybe khakis and a polo, maybe a hat. We're back and it's time to put on the disguise screen.

Make it go left a little more. We have got the disguise in place. We're going to climb in. Let's see what it looks like. All right, man. From a distance, it looks pretty good to me. The first fan that comes and finds us hidden in the mall gets 500 bucks. Now it's time for you guys to get in your disguises, and we're going to head to the mall.

Video Games Tutorials and News - hidden gaming room

All right, we are part of Blort's moving service. We move vending machines around. If you were mall security, would you suspect us or do you think we're legit? You guys look pretty legit. To be honest, I am pretty excited because this is our first hidden gaming room in public, so I just made it to the front of the mall.

I'm about to get in. Get yours right now. The article we're working on is going to be crazy. All right, to get in, the grandma's cookies. I never want to work like this again. Well guys, it looks like we made it to our destination in the mall. I have no idea where we are, but let's turn on the vending machine.

Yes, guys, we're in here. We got the lights on. The TV is working. I am about to start the PlayStation. It's just so funny. I didn't just sit there doing nothing. This has got to be one of the coolest things we have ever done. I can't believe I'm in a vending machine right now in the mall. It's just so weird that I can't even tell the picture there.

Video Games Tutorials and News - hidden gaming room in a vending machine

It just looks like it's got some snacks. Man, I'm sweaty from moving that thing. I cannot wait until a random customer comes and tries to use this vending machine because we bought a bunch of random, strange items that we're going to drop down here if they try and order some candy. We're just realizing the food court is way too open.

It's making this thing look really suspicious, all right. We're going to get this guy out of here and survive to our next level. Do you want to see inside? Hey, what's the Pokemon card? We are now on the move, guys, and I've still got power because we've got the generator right below me. Let's go i don't know what I was going to say next.

Oxygen levels are low. Don't worry i'm certified is it going to fit here though? I don't know. I hit the button. I have no idea where the fellows are taking me now. I don't know if I should be nervous or what. I think that's going to fit. I have no idea if it doesn't. We have a great elevator as well.

Video Games Tutorials and News - hidden gaming room in public

Right no way can we use that. I think, so yeah, this should be fine in that way. Yeah So let's check that the employee just told Andrew that we could use the freight elevator. The manager offered to let us use the employee-only freight elevator without us even asking. I actually thought we were employees, so we got to take the freight elevator.

So far, the disguises are working. It's crazy how many people believe we're real employees. All right guys, we found the outlet right here. I feel like we're about to pull off a heist. I think we did a pretty good job because we got this thing installed in the mall. I think even a police officer drove by and didn't even look twice because it just looked so normal.

As we were filming, this random guy walked up to the atm, unlocked it, and started stuffing his hoodie with cash. Atm guy, clear out the cash. He's putting the cash in his pockets like who does that? There's no way that's official security. He walked by literally five times and never even gave us a second look.

Video Games Tutorials and News - invisible gaming room

We're invisible guys. Even with the light on, it actually looks like the light in the picture. Yeah, guys, you got article games going. I can't play with one hand though. If any of you live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, come to the Citadel Mall right now. I am hiding somewhere in the mall. The first person to find me is going to win a cash prize.

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