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Yeah, you know a shot's crazy when you get the mall cop on his feet, but at least that game winner didn't make a player his pants like in number 19. It came down to the Suns vs. Clippers, and Phoenix knew if they lost this one game they were guaranteed no playoff spot, so with the score tied up. Booker had the ball, and even though he was guarded by two of the NBA's greatest offenders, he knew it was up to him to bring Drazler to life.

Booker This is for the win. Anyways, just look how he's lying there man, looking like it's Kawhi's turn to be on top. The Clippers must have been haunted by this because, at number 17, Paul George had a golden opportunity the very next year and made the biggest mistake of his entire career. I mean, that was a bad decision.

I mean, that's a bad shot, but hey, at least the Clippers felt this pain during the summer and number 16 stole Christmas. It was Cavs vs Warriors, exactly what I asked Santa for, and even though it was Christmas Day, the Warriors came in haunted by the flashbacks. It's over it's over cleveland is a city of champions.

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Once again, right from the jump, things immediately lived up to the hype. Both teams' stars were shining, but at the end of the day, there could only be one winner. And they say Clay's one of the best defenders in the league outside of here. Kyrie Startup gave the Warriors coal for Christmas and there was nothing they could do about it, but his shot didn't come during one of the most historic nights in NBA history.

Like in our number 15 spot in 2017, all eyes were on Russell Westbrook. Coming into his matchup against the Nuggets, he was faced with an opportunity to set one of the NBA's most untouchable records, but setting a record isn't why he plays, so once he got his final assist and accomplished his 40-second triple-double of the season, there was only one thing left to do.

At the end of this historic day for the record and the win, Westbrook dropped 50 points. I miss Russell Westbrook, because nowadays all I see is this. Anyway, Westbrook's shot was d, but at least he had time to wait until you see the hail mary at our number 14 spot. Holy Chill Tyree, you don't want OJ to turn to the other OJ.

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Hey, I'll give it to you, that half court bomb was legendary, but we've seen shots like that before at our number 13 spot. What Demar Derozan did was a world first. It was New Year's Eve, and in a close game between the bulls and pacers, Tamar wanted to make the opposing crowd his fans. In a one-point game, in the final seconds, Derozan delivers to win it.

Wait a minute. Delmarcon hit threes. He really said he knew me until the next night, because in the very next game he said, "Hold my beer dog, Derozan pump fake for the win." At the buzzer, Demar delivers. Again, yeah, Demar must have learned a thing or two from Drake. They really went back to back, but at least this happened against two different teams because what a player did at our number 12 spot gave a team nightmares.

See, Katie's had experience ruining Dallas's Knights. They did come into the game confident. When you're carried by a guy who shoots like this, that's a recipe for disaster. So with the game coming down to the final possession, the Mavericks got sniped, against Marion Durant's jumper off the rim at all, and the Thunder Wings, Beat him again, somehow, one handed.

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He might be a snake, but just for shots like that, there ain't no denying he's an all-time great. But speaking of hall of famers, at our number 11 spot, one legend had some of the luckiest shots in NBA history. He first bulls, scratch that, more like Ben Gordon vs. Dwyane Wade both players came in scorching hot and 40 points each wasn't enough in the double overtime tie game.

Dwyane Wade's knees were begging to go home, so when Chicago had the ball, Wade answered with a steal. Imagine hitting a fast break three, then jumping on the scorers table yelling, "This is my house." Wade's career was defined by these moments, and that's why during one of his final match-ups ever, it's only got a little hell from God, five seconds left to waiters back to twain.

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The good lord put it in for me, so I'm very thankful right now. All right, all right, that game winner was crazy, but even God can't hit our top ten, so now that we're here, we take things to a whole new level. Cavs versus Bulls, Game Three of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, and Chicago was actually giving Lebron a run for his money coming down the final seconds of a tied game.

Coach Thibodeau drew up a play, but D-Ro said, "Nah, I'm doing me." Find Rose was trying to get the fireplace open. It's over hey, D-Rose must have called the bank and told him y'all were staying open late tonight and that shot was money, but just take a look at Rose's face. It's almost like he could see the future because the very next game, 1.5, remaining James for the win, it's gone Lebron James at the buzzer.

Yeah, back-to-back games and even though Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith almost cost Lebron, at our number nine spot, a shot went so high in the air it almost lost the cameraman his job. How do you even have the strength to get that up? That shot's hella underrated, but it still doesn't compare to number eight.

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It was the 2006 season. Kobe was having one of the most legendary years of any NBA player ever, but despite all of that, he was robbed of the MVP award by Steve Nash. So coming into the playoffs, when Kobe saw his first round match-up was against, you guessed it, things weren't just business, they were personal with legends on both sides.

Kobe and La quickly went up 2-1 in the series, but even then, nobody could have predicted just how iconic Game 4 would become. The man really had three open teammates, got double teamed and said "nah, I'm good," but what Kobe didn't know was that shot was more than an iconic moment. A fan literally commented that the game winner saved his life, and that's why there'll never be another Kobe, just like there won't ever be a shot like that at our number 7 spot.

In 2016, Warriors vs Thunder, and coming down to the final minutes, Steph flipped the switch from an ordinary game to a historic performance. He rallied the Warriors into an overtime thriller, and Steph not only tied the game, but he literally broke the three-point record. But even when history is made, the job is still ain't finished.

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So when Russell Westbrook missed a clutch shot like usual, you already knew who the Warriors wanted to take on their final shot. They did have a timeout, but decided not to use it. What a shot from Curry. With six tenths of a second remaining, not only was it his 12th three of the game, Curry really hit one of the coldest shots in NBA history, but come on man, we're talking about staff.

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