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A ton of you asked me for some kind of tutorial, some kind of tips and tricks article on how you can get better grill tags. I know a lot of you got the Oculus Quest for Christmas. Actually, I made a channel on my discord server which you should join right now specifically for you to show off what you got for Christmas and, let's just say, it was in the hundreds.

And that's just on my discord server. The Oculus Quest app was the most downloaded app on Christmas Day in the app store. Millions of apps are downloaded every day, so that gives you a sense of how many people actually get requests. Before we jump into this, I want to be clear that I'm not a tutorial guy.

I'm not any kind of teacher. This is a one-time thing. I'm going to be as clear as possible, but I'm just I just play games. I'm also going to talk about how you can get to my articles and how to join my discord server because there seems to be a lot of confusion about that too. As usual, before I start a article, I have a drink to try.

My mom actually went out and got me a bunch of drinks, so this one is this one's blue. I guess you could say I was jonesing for it. God, that's so good.

Downloading gorilla tag

Downloading gorilla tag

Okay, first off, I'm going to start with how to download Gorilla Tag. On Steam, it's as simple as just searching up a growth attack and downloading requests, so it's a little bit different. Basically, on the Oculus app, games that aren't completely developed or completely go under the category of "app lab." Gorilla Tag is one of those games because it's still in beta.

It's not finished yet, so what you need to do is go to the store (and this applies to the headset as well). If you type in "Gorilla Tag" exactly how it's spelled, if you make a typo, it won't show you the game. You're going to scroll to the bottom, and it says "view an app lab." You have got to click that button and the game will appear.

Grilltag is completely free. Just hit download and, boom, you're in.

Play space tip

When you play gorilla tag, my advice is to always, always play with a mat under your feet. I don't wear one here because there's a drain cover that's in the shape of a square. This is so you don't lose your place. You don't start wandering around and hitting stuff while you're in VR.

You can just feel with your feet exactly where you are, and you'll be in the middle of that the whole time. This is a genius trick.

Joining my discord server

Do it. Just click "view more" or whatever it says. I have to warn you that you have to be 13 and up. You cannot be under 13 and join the Discord server. That's discourse, terms of service.

If they find out that we have members that are under 13 and we know about it, we could lose the server, so that's a risk we can't take. You can join when you're 13, but you will get banned if you're under.

Getting in my articles

Getting in my articles

To get into my articles, you need to first join the Discord, and then you need to go to the Get Roles channel. This is where you can click the little buttons, and you can get a role that makes you eligible for different pings I put out.

You can click on Video Monkey. The article monkey roll is the role I ping whenever I need somebody for a article. Once you have that role, a discord event will be made right at the top of all the channels. You'll see the event there. I'll tell you what game mode we're doing and it will be converted to your time zone, so if it says 4 pm for me and you're in Australia, it's like whatever time for you it's already converted, so it's whatever time you see it.

That's the time it's happening for you. If it's not there, I'll just explain. in the game, then in the games channel. I'm going to ping the article monkeys and put the link to the invite, so you have some time a few days before. If it's something different, like a hundred person manhunt, I'll do ten codes in five minutes each, but you'll know all that beforehand.

I'm going to ping for each game, games one, two, and three, and I'm going to put the code there. I'm going to ping three times when the game starts for the three different codes. They last about 20 minutes each, and it's whoever joins the fastest, gets in, and lobbies fill up within seconds, so please don't be disappointed if you don't make it.

Many others didn't either. It's only 10 people per lobby, so I have to insist that if you do join one of the codes, please don't join the other two so that everybody has a chance of getting in just because there are a lot of people that do want to get in. Let's hop into the game and let me show you what I know.

Initial movement

Initial movement

If you have a small child or an elderly person in your house, chances are you will hit them and they will die. The first thing I'm going to cover is running on surfaces. A lot of people when they first start gorilla tag, meaning a lot of you right now, this was just Christmas.

You guys kind of bounce up and you move kind of slowly. Most of your movements are vertical rather than horizontal. My best advice to you is every time you're going on grill tag, move parallel to the surface you're on, so the flatter it is, move your hands in a more flat motion like you're, kind of like you're skiing, you know, skiing, and try to reduce the motion of your hand going down because then you're going to move up and try to make it a little more lateral.

You need to get really good at it. Try to focus less on pushing down and away from the ground and more on pushing along with the ground. Also, when you're going along any kind of surface or anything like this ramp. I try to keep my monkey body kind of off the ramp, so that I'm lower and closer to it rather than every time I bounce up and wait to land to move forward again. If I hang off, I'm going to be lower, my hand will land faster, and I can move along these things a lot faster.

Pinch climbing

Pinch climbing

All right the next thing I want to show you is something we call pinch climbing. Pinch climbing is when you have a surface like this, so you can put your arms around, pinch, and then push down, and then you can make your way up the object.

The best place to practice, well, it's Christmas now, so these lights are in the way. They get kind of annoying. Here's a light, like, clipping through here, so let's do it on this side. Here's what you're going to want to do. Grab the object at the same time with both hands. You can't alternate.

That's not really going to work. Both at the same time, grab and instead of thinking about pulling up, think about pushing down. That's what Vmt said in a article I did recently with him, and it made a lot of sense. You're going to grab it and you're going to push it down. The world is your tool, and you have to use it to maneuver.

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