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Everyone, I'm John from Fast Films, and today we're going to discuss a 2019 horror thriller film called The Furies. The film opens in a gloomy jungle where a woman is being chased by a blood-spattered axe-wielding man. While she's running, her leg hits a broken tree branch and she falls. The terrified girl shivers as the masked man approaches her slowly.

However, a man jumps at him out of nowhere. The two start fighting. After an intense fight, the second man manages to cut out his lungs with an axe. He then kidnaps the woman as she falls unconscious. In the next scene, we see two best friends, Kayla and Maddie, spray painting a wall near their home in the dark of the night.

As they paint, the two talk about their fears. The discussion turns into an argument when Mattie claims to be Kayla's babysitter, which greatly offends her. Kayla cries and heads home. Meanwhile, Maddie is captured by a masked man, and she starts screaming Kayla's name for help. Kayla runs towards the voice but isn't able to find her.

It's almost dusk now and Kayla is trapped in a box that has some sort of a noisy siren, which is making her go insane. Kayla somehow manages to pull herself out of the box and realizes that her eyes are bleeding. She's still unsure about Maddie and continues her search for her, walking all alone in the jungle.

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While looking for her, Kayla finds a man's corpse. She panics and starts screaming for help. Two other girls grab her from behind and tell her to remain silent and hide. The girls introduce themselves as Alice and Sheena. They asked her whether or not she had her phone with her. Kayla, in a state of stress and fear, runs off.

Alice and Sheena decide to follow her. Kayla goes back to the place where she had been trapped and starts searching for her things, but there's nothing there except for the box itself. She sits on the mud and, a few minutes later, passes out. Once she awakens, she starts talking about her illness, epilepsy, and starts looking for her pills.

In the meantime, the masked man carrying a giant axe is seen walking towards them. Alice and Kayla decide to stick together and begin to follow Sheena's tracks. While trying to look for a way out of that hell hole, they come across another box the same as theirs. Every box has a label on it. The label on this box says Beast Six.

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On their left side, they discover the masked man holding the axe tightly in both his hands. For a moment, Alice and Kayla freeze. They slowly move behind the box to hide. The masked man begins walking towards them. Alice and Kayla can hear his heavy footsteps. Just in time, Alice throws a wooden branch towards him.

Kayla starts having a seizure, which terrifies Alice. After this, Kayla goes unconscious again. Alice leaves Kayla there and tries to save herself. She starts running as fast as she can as the masked man chases her. Suddenly, the masked man throws his axe at her, but he misses, and the axe hits a tree in front of her.

Alice tries to take the axe to defend herself, but the masked man strikes her in the face with his axe and peels off her skin. Killing her on the spot, Kayla opens her eyes and rushes to find Alice, but she discovers her corpse instead. She then starts trying to find a way out. All she sees is barren land with the scorching heat of the sun.

She walks and runs, but the land is never ending. All of a sudden, she hears a similar siren from somewhere ahead. The siren starts to make her go mad. She hears the screams of another girl who's being chased by the same masked man. As she begs for help, the man throws his axe at her, which hits her right in the back.

The man then pulls his axe from behind her back. Kayla tries to stop him from killing her, but surprisingly, he waves at her. Suddenly, another masked man appears and starts to barbarically fight the first one. Kayla sees an opportunity to save the girl. She gently helps herself up. During this time, the second man kills the first.

Kayla hides the other girl in an open tree wrap and covers it with dry grass. She tells her to stay undercover while she gets some help. However, her blood drops lead the masked man towards her and he drags her away. As Kayla is desperately running around in the jungle looking for help, the masked man drags the girl to a tree and drops her.

He then forcefully ties both her hands around the tree until her arms break off. Kayla runs into another man with a sheet mask. She fights him back bravely, but he blows her face off. She runs back for the girl but only finds her mutilated corpse. Kayla realizes she's on her own now. She continues to walk, holding the axe in her hands.

She comes across a place with some old abandoned houses. She enters one of them and finds dangerous weapons inside. She feels a presence around her and impulsively attacks. However, it is revealed that she accidentally killed a harmless girl. Sheena enters the house with a girl named Rose. Kayla tries to explain that what happened was not her fault.

It was an accident. As Sheena nears, Kayla takes the axe out of her hands and asks Rose to stay there. As she leaves the house, Kayla develops another epilepsy attack. Kayla dreams about Maddie while she's unconscious. When she opens her eyes, she finds Rose beside her. Rose is scared and upset since she feels like she's been left all alone.

Kayla tells Rose that she's not alone and shares her dream about Maddie with her. Rose interrupts Kayla and tells her about a dream that was quite similar to Kayla's. Kayla pieces together that they're a part of some dangerous game. She comes to the conclusion that someone has planned all this. She stands up and extracts the left eye of the girl she accidentally killed.

What she sees is quite fascinating. The eye is covered with electric wires. She holds Rose tightly and stares straight into her eyes. She says that they're being monitored. Rose, however, thinks Kayla has gone insane. A terrified Sheena rushes into the house and closes the door. Rose bursts with hope as she sees Sheena.

Sheena sees the eye on the floor which Kayla had taken out of her friend's body and freaks out. She starts screaming at Kayla, who tries to tell her that they're being watched by some people. She tries to explain to her the whole idea regarding the game and shows her the wired eye. Sheena thus also realizes what it's all about.

Meanwhile, the masked man comes near the house and moves in their direction. The three hide as fast as they can. The man scratches the walls with a knife while walking. The terrified girls watch from their places of hiding as the man enters the house. He slowly searches the place. Rose panics the man discovers her and brutally drags her away by her hair.

Hello, people today we are covering a HorrorThriller movie recap of The Furies. In this recap, A woman is kidnapped and finds herself an unwilling participant in a deadly game where women are hunted by masked men.
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