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Last but not least. I'd love to invite you all to join the official Scorpio Tech Discord server, which now has over 1,000 members and is a place where we chat about tech, gaming setups. PC builds, gaming, and much more.

Bed / wall area

You're there, and now it's time to get started with the setup tour. A lot of you will remember that this wall was kind of bland last year, so there are quite a few changes to take a look at, starting with the bedside table, which is the Ikea Go Dish, which is a clean and useful storage unit.

One of my personal favorite upgrades is this Dongshin 15-watt three-in-one wireless charger. It charges my airpod pros, which I honestly couldn't live without; the apple watch series 3 with a leather strap from Amazon; and, of course, the iPhone 11 pro max that I'm using to record this article, so I'm showing the old iPhone 6s plus as a placeholder for now, and next to that we have the third gen Amazon echo dot, which I use to control all of the lights in my room.

Video Games Tutorials and News - 2022 gaming setup

As you'll see later, another absolutely incredible upgrade is the Govi Aura smart table lamp. The Govi plays a huge part in my setup for lighting thanks to its reasonable prices and high-performing products, as well as its fantastic app support. The Aura lamp has a plethora of preset scenes to choose from, as well as full control with the DIY mode and, of course, smart functionality.

Above that, we have another new addition, which is the framed Gameboy pocket from a company called Grid. This is very fitting for me, as the device was introduced in the same year I was born. I also stuck the gamma kk 66 on the wall and, yeah. I don't know why, in the top drawer I keep things I need easy access to, like pens, notepads, keys, mask books.

Video Games Tutorials and News - 2022 room tour

The Bridge wallet, and a bunch more useful stuff. Moving further up the wall, we've added the lifx beam, which both frames and provides lighting for the new ikea scadis and pegboards. I went for two 36 by 56 cm boards stacked vertically with a selection of hooks, trays, and containers. Over the past year I've taken steps into the world of keyboard building, so here I have a selection of keyboard switches for easy access, above which I have a selection of keyboards which are the gamma kk86.

Varmilo forest fairy, and the drop in, and my most expensive addition this year is the 2020 macbook pro with the m1 chip. Now you may be wondering why I need this, and the short answer is that I cannot fit my gaming PC into my backpack. If I'm away from the desk, having the MacBook makes my life much easier.

It's a powerhouse when it comes to image and article editing, as well as a speedy way to reply to emails and check on the Discord server. Above that, I have my Nikon d3200 camera with a couple of lenses, which I use for product photography, over on Instagram, as well as being a general hobby of mine.

I also picked up this new Spider-Man poster, which brings me to ask you who is your favorite Spider-Man, and why. and also a back to the future poster, both of which I got from HMV in the UK for the lighting around the bed. You already know it's got to be Govi. We've got a 15-meter strip that offers a great feature set and app control.

Similarly, with the lamp I showed you earlier, it can also be controlled with Alexa. Thanks to the 15 meter length, I was able to cover under the bed and behind the bed to light up all of the darkest areas within the room. And yes, it's that time again. It would not be a Scorpio tech setup tour without a sherpa blanket.

On a serious note, these blankets are incredibly cozy and warming and make those late-night gaming sessions that little bit better.

Tv / console area

Tv / console area

I get all of my sherpa blankets from B & M in the UK for about 10 pounds , and with that said, it's time to move on to the console gaming area, and by far the largest upgrade this year is the stunning 120 hertz 55-inch LG c1 oled display. I'll talk more about that in a moment, but first we have the under TV shelving, which is the lock and nine-cube unit from B & M in which I've created dedicated zones for my Xbox.

Nintendo, and Playstation games and controllers. Last year I had a lot of people suggest I put the switch in the central cube, which I finally got around to doing. This means all the consoles are in one place, and all I had to do was put a hole in the back of the unit to run the power and HDMI cables through for the lighting.

Video Games Tutorials and News - best gaming setup

I'm using these spotlights from Amazon, which each require three AA batteries, unfortunately. They do eat through battery life in no time, so I'd highly recommend getting yourself some good rechargeables. If you decide to pick these up, they also come with this small rgb remote which lets you easily change the color of each of the lights.

I had to do some diy. To create somewhere for it to sit, I got this old wood and l-shaped brackets to support it against the shelving unit, and whilst odd, I actually quite like how this looks. Above that, I've got these artificial mini trees from Ikea alongside a master chief funko pop to represent team Xbox.

In the center I have the PlayStation, icons, and lights, and on the right, thanks to Xbox's recent acquisition of Activision, blizzard. I had to get rid of Spyro and replace him with alloy to represent team PlayStation. Then on the right side of the unit we have the PlayStation 5, which honestly hasn't had that much use over the last year due to the lack of quality exclusives.

Video Games Tutorials and News - desk setup

okay, I won't leave out Nintendo. Here you go, have a Pikachu phone coupon. So, as I said earlier, this is the LG C1 oled. It was a much needed upgrade over the previous Samsung TV, which was limited to 60 hertz. The 120 hertz capabilities of this TV mean I can get the most out of both the Xbox One and PlayStation 5, whilst also having a significantly better experience with its fantastic 4K quality on services such as Netflix.

Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus. I can quite honestly say this TV is an entertainment consumer's dream. Every single time I turn it on, I'm blown away by its quality. The web is fast and responsive, and the ability to change between inputs and applications so quickly makes it an absolute pleasure to use.

Gaming on the big screen has never been more enjoyable. Games like Guardians of the Galaxy, No Man's Sky Back for Blood, and Rocket League all run so incredibly well and feel like completely different games than they used to before this TV upgrade. The TV also has a built-in game optimizer mode, which changes a bunch of settings and allows you to see what the current frame rate is.

Video Games Tutorials and News - gaming battlestation

I believe the LG C1 has four HDMI 2.1 ports which support 4K at 120 hertz. That means I can have my Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC all plugged in and capable of the best settings without the hassle of changing cables all the time. I know the new consoles might be lacking games right now, but quite honestly, they feel so amazing to play.

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