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The game's newest studio album is aggressively weird. It's called "Dramatic Heart versus Mind." He combined the rap sub-genre, drill, with the title of NASA's seminal debut. Illmatic, even though it has little to do with drill music and nothing to do with Nas. Second, the cover art for the project is a picture of Games sitting on a burning sofa by the beach while he gets his hair braided.

It looks completely inspired by, if not directly copied from, the cover art for T.F's scandalous summer 80s baby. The LA RAP community is small, y'all. Maybe it's a coincidence that it's 31 tracks shot over 31 tracks and seemingly features every rapper of note in the industry. I'm not making this up.

Check this out. Kanye West Drake Ice-T, Fabio, and Roddy, the rich young boy, never broke again. YG: Ty Dolla Sign your money back ASAP. Rocky Jeremiah, Pusha T, Little Wayne, 2 Chainz. Meek Mill is dreezy. G Hero blasts "Big Sean" French Montana Tory. Lanez Rick Ross Chris Brown: Chris Brown Blueface Twister camera Chloe and Cassie, 28.

Features in awe with that type of star power, you think it's probably streaming pretty well. I mean, even if you aren't a fan of the game, chances are you're probably into at least one of these 28 features and might be interested in seeing what they did on the track. So far, that's not the case at all.

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As of press time on Spotify, the songs on Drill Matic are averaging around 2 million streams each, but that number's entirely skewed by one song, featuring Kanye West. That track was released in January and has been streamed over 70 million times. Take that track away and the total number of streams plummets to 78, 000.

There are roughly 2,600 plays per song. Two tracks of Father's Prayer and Twisted have been streamed less than a thousand times. These are niche independent type numbers. At this rate, he's looking to do fewer than 10,000 units in the first week. I know, hate it or love it, it was a long time ago, but, Jesus, it's hard to argue the marketing of drama is the problem when Games has been pushing this project for over six months in the industry.

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Insiders have been sharing clips of them vibing in the studio. The album. All Year Games, has also been hitting the podcast circuit, crazy that he was on Drink Champs in March, fresh paired in April 360, with Speedy Norman, and hot boxing with Mike Tyson in June. I am an athlete in July and no jumper in August.

The word is out, but the only thing that people are reacting to are the repetitive shots he's been taking of icons and former advocates like Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 50 Cent. His dream For example, not only did Game say he was the G in the G Unit 50 cents collective, in which he was briefly a member, but he also stated that Kanye West has done more for him in the past two weeks than Dr.

Dre did for him in his whole career. A blasphemous statement considering Dr. Dre Executive produced his massively successful debut album, the documentary sincerely Where would the game even be without Beats by Dre? In his IM athlete interview, he describes how he felt about being left off of this year's now iconic Super Bowl halftime performance.

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He said we on the west coast are the only mofos who have this crab in a barrel mentality where we want to keep each other down. Snoop was there because he was safe and he's a legend. Snoop's icon dreya's, icon m is an icon, but m is not from "La 50" is not from La I'm not taking away from the fact that they were there in the Super Bowl, but La Cast wouldn't have been in the Detroit Super Bowl or the New York Super Bowl.

It just wouldn't have happened. The effing Rams are in the Super Bowl. It was all around the Super Bowl and I didn't get the call. I was hurt by that. It was all around the Super Bowl and I didn't get the call. I was hurt. I believe in the game. I'm sure he felt really bad. I'm sure he felt like he was voted off the island, but if I'm Dr.

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Dre and I'm producing the Super Bowl and game with someone who's not only been a wild card since before he stepped into the industry but was actively beefing with 50 Cent pretty much his whole career. I wouldn't have invited him either now. On the other hand, Ice Cube should have been there. Straight Out of Compton should have been the first song we heard nevertheless, games' desperation spree peaked this week with the release of the Black Slim Shady, a 10 minute plus diss track aimed at Eminem.

The concept is wild and convoluted. The track opens with Game getting into an Uber driven by Stan's brother, and yes, that's Stan. Apparently, Stan has a brother. Getting kidnapped Then for the next nine minutes he wraps up in a pseudo Slim Shady flow, says Big Sean is the best rapper in Detroit, calls out Eminem for cultural appropriation, and says M wants to be African.

The whole track is tacky and wildly racist. I'd show you some lines, but it's really not worth it but making the word varmint. Even worse, for some reason, the game decided to troll M's daughter Haley online this week as well. Peter Quillen Haley's dad, Peter Quillen, shared photos of Haley from when she was a baby to present day.

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Haley's I am now 26 years old, and the game saw the thread and commented, "Can she rap?" As innocuous as it may seem, that's completely antagonizing. It's all happening unfortunately. And what's most ironic is that the game has spent the better part of the year making all kinds of lofty proclamations about the greatness of Dr.

Matic he said on IG, "I know my album is going to be the best album of 2022 because the energy feels like I just signed my deal." You have never heard me rap like this. I promise you, when it drops, I promise you that if you put your ear to it, you will understand why I'm the best rapper alive. And, most ironically, he said, My controversy has always stepped on my greatness, but that's all about to change. See, judge it from all the desperate statements made during this seven-month buildup by the black Slim Shady.

The comments on the pictures of Haley said, "We don't believe you." " You need more people." The point is that this drill Matic could have been something special. The original version only had eight songs, but somehow, it ballooned to 31. For whatever reason, Nas was supposed to be on the album as well.

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Sean has a super solid verse on Drill Matic as well. He's on a track called "Stupid" that literally appears one song after Game spins 10 minutes dissing Eminem. For whatever reason, Game thought it was a good idea to potentially incite friction between the Detroit lyricist and Nipsey Hussle. He was supposed to be on the album as well, but for some reason, the track "The World is Yours" is no longer available on Spotify.

Game's build up of his 11th solo album, Drillmatic, has been a major letdown.
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