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Gerald green to inbound harden I'm trying to get from three down to three down to two. It's a three-good-good. He got it. James hardened a flamethrower. This incredible shot rockets by one with one second to go to get a shot up. This is for the win. It's good off the window. Westbrook gave the Thunder the victory at the buzzer.

I'm speechless our chest looking gets it to Bryant. Brian dribbling has to put it up with the buzzer back in. He banks it in, and the Lakers win the game. It'll come in, but will it get in? It'll be Anthony Davis and the buzzer. Anthony Davis goes through at the buzzer. Everybody is stunned. What an amazing finish for Anthony Davis! The kid's got some game.

Yes, he does a pump fake three from 35 feet out to shoot for crosstalk. They've got Mellow on Crawford, they're 6-8, almost threw it away, knocked it away. Craigford lets it go for three, with 3.7 to go, "Holy mackerel!" Jamal Crawford with the three-pointer in the next goal Wiggins drives across midcourt.

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Andrew lets it fly at the buzzer for the win. Andrew and the Timberwolves had an unbelievable win here in Oklahoma City. Got to get it in. Here's Luca get it away. It's gone as he was stumbling, he somehow got it to go. What a shot and what a dagger! Five seconds left. Waiters back to Dwayne, and he shoots back, "No, he couldn't get it off." Now he fires it up.

It counts and counts. The Heat win the game. Arthur is looking for a baseball pass. He's got boudier booty. One of the great moments, one of the great plays made by one of the game's greatest players. Can you do any more than Wade has done here, by one? Simmons gets it into Harris, Harris scores, it's good and the miss, in improbable fashion, has defeated the 76ers on a last second fling by Devin Harris.

15 seconds No timeouts tyrique tyrique. An unbelievable shot in an unbelievable situation Tyrique Evans: Two of the most spectacular PlayStation games we've seen in a long time. Here they go. They got it to Fisher. He takes a picture. starts at the buzzer. It'll have to be reviewed. They'll review it.

Video Games Tutorials and News - buzzer beaters

They'll review it. The losers are going to run to the dressing room, and they'll try to get on the plane before the officials can get over to the scorers' table. We've got to take a look at it, but I've got to tell you that it looked good. I thought it did too. Got it no timeouts for Toronto to go the length of the court.

Ruffin tips it away. He did it. This crowd is stunned. Jeremy Lamb: The shot of a lifetime, just like you, drew no timeouts. The ball is inbound to Shay Temple, who did not fail on the step back, still buried the three seconds and you know what's interesting about that he was trying to count the bucket for the win.

Devonta Graham walks it off.

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