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The extra man on the rush pass is caught in a deflection touchdown, and Wina cowboy The Amari Cooper Bengals have all three timeouts, second and seven. With Dalton's going to take his shot near the side, it is cut, AJ Green cutting back and he's got two minutes to go, we're tied at 10. Orton in the shotgun blitz up the middle, Orton steps out, he's got Marshall Brandon makes a great catch.

Marshall is loose at 30 and cuts back inside the 20. He's still on his feet. 15:10:5 Are you kidding me? Roethlisberger throws an end zone touchdown. Mike Wallace with no time left, long count, it's over his head, it's at the 10. It's at number five. Whoever scores wins. Er slavin runs, he throws the ball that's caught in the end touchdown and the falcons win.

Jaworski's short drop pass to Mike, and there he goes. 99 yards to win the Eagles, Jaworski to Mike, a quick third down play for the Eagles. Peterson gets time, the pass is blocked and it's intercepted. Michael's straight hand heading for the end zone straight touchdown and the Giants' win. Someone's going to make a play and put their team in the Super Bowl.

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Werner going deep for a touchdown, Ricky Pro in the corner, right side, this time one on one with Brock Eli to the back of the end zone, and it's caught for a touchdown by Larry Dennell. This is its fourth down for one play, over the end zone. It is caught here. Then came the blitzers: Vince Young on the run, then Zhang inside the 30.

Off he goes to see Vincent inside. It is over. Vincent Young has done it again. He would be able to stop the clock and hope for an interference call to let him throw underneath the elway firing to Smith. This one was up for grabs and the Falcons were down there and the ball was caught for a touchdown.

Michael Haynes, can you believe it? Walter Stanley from the 16-yard line to the 20. Come on, Walter, you've got to get this way. Walder is trying to go the other way. Look at this. He is gone. Come over here, he's got a score for the Packers with no flags and the Packers' lead with 41 seconds left.

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The interception was picked off by Hastings. James Hastings with a hostile back. He's gone just like that. He's in he's in for the winning touchdown. The official was the one that knocked down Tim Brown. Jeff Hosteler threw the football right into the arms of James Hasty. An extra man on the blitz, Rogers gets a hand to the face, and the ball is out of bounds for Arizona.

The Cardinals win. It's a play and it's Michael Adams, who's been picked on for two weeks, forcing the turnover and, as luck throws it back to Ballard, leaping for the end zone touchdown. perfect distance for him. We'll see what happens. It's a fake krause. I was looking for someone to throw it to for a touchdown.

The game is over. What do you know about Paul Krause number 22? There is now a half minute remaining on defense for the Rams, and here's the snap. On the final play, Eason throws it up. It's hanging up in the end zone. They're all up in the air, and it's a touchdown. The Patriots have a touchdown! It's caught in the end zone.

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The last play of the baseball game is Craig back to pass. Derek Thomas comes in and Craig breaks the tackle of Thomas. Craig throws in the end zone, and it's a touchdown. Seattle, I don't believe it. Good high kick, Peterson looks around the back pedals, takes it in two trying to get outside, and turns it up field to Patrick Peterson, who gets by the punter and goes all the way.

Dr peterson wins it for the Cardinals. With 12 seconds left, he drops back in the pocket looking for the hail mary headed for the end zone, and it is good for a touchdown. I don't believe it. Never in my life have I seen an ending like this one. In a fight in the end zone, it's tied by the Browns.

The Cleveland Browns had won the game on a 56-yard pass, Kramer's back to pass. He's going deep down the right side and it is thought to be four and it is down. Beasley is in motion, and Garcia's pass is bubbled by Owens and intercepted by Brown. Mike Brown into the end zone couch out of the shotgun throws that's batted into the air and the bears are going to win it.

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Mike Brown has done it again. Brad Shaw wide to the right, back to throw Stabler is now being harassed for the first time at the front of the ball. Can you believe it? touchdown raiders Here he is fading, looking, looking. He's under the gun, he throws. You'll never see a better game than this one, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm sure you'll agree that in third and three, we'll see a pick of some kind on the right side, possibly Montana, looking to throw in the end zone. It's unbelievable, incredible, everybody out of five rolls the dice deep and does to the end zone for greatness. Touchdown, touchdown Barb did it. The count takes the snap.

He steps up. He's all by himself. He fires into the end zone. No, Tom Dempsey will try to kick the longest field goal in national league history. This is the most exciting moment in Saints history. Here's a snap The ball is down. Dipsy kicks in, it's on the way it is. Francis leaps in the air, touchdown.

Jackson, Atlanta They do it. Frank Bartkowski to throw. He's going long down the near sideline. It's going to be a jump ball and it's pulled down by Billy Johnson, inside the 10-5. He is down, he is down, he is, give it to him touchdown, Atlanta, the falcons have won it. They pulled it from nowhere.

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So now they've got to start from deep in their end of the field, and Garrison Hearst takes advantage of it. He takes the handoff, sweeps to his right, and gets to the 20. He's on the 30th. He needs to cut in. He comes back up the right sideline, breaks the third tackle, comes down to the 30. He's down to his 20s.

He's down to the 10. He's down to the five, he's into the end zone, touchdown. Here we go, the ball is spotted, the kick is blocked. It's blocked and ran in for a touchdown. The eagles win the miracle of the meadowlands ten years later. High snap, it's down again. It is blocked again. It is blocked.

Sideline touchdown unbelievable, Vikings win it back to throw in trouble. He's going to be sacked. He runs he gets away. He runs he gets away again. He goes to the 40. The 35 gets away again to the 35, and cuts back at the 30 to the 20. The 15 and the 10. He dives for a touchdown, 49ers, shotgun.

Murray out of the pocket, seven seconds, six seconds, and Murray moves it downfield. Still not in and now in for the touchdown. No flags unbelievable do the Titans have a miracle left in them? If they do, they need it now. Christina kicks it high and short, going to be fielded by Lorenzo Neal on the pitch.

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