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Hello Internet, welcome to Game Theory, the show that's officially decided that a multi-choice YouTube series is in fact a article game that's right, today we're talking about the wibbly wobbly tiny whiny story of in space with Markiplier, the follow-up to Mark's first YouTube original. A Heist with Markiplier.

Both projects have you teaming up with Mark to navigate through a Choose Your Own Adventure style quest. Of course, things don't go as planned, and the resulting chaos has you whip-paging your way through a sea of interesting places and people. You've got to separate your bones from your meat; otherwise, you're going to get chaos.

I mean, the man has a great point there. You do have to separate the bones from the meat, and in outer space, things get even more interesting. The engines are looking good, Captain. The supporting cast for this thing is out of this world. Chef's Kiss plot: 10 out of 10. Speaking of things that are out of this world seamless, segue for the win.

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As you might expect from anything sci-fi, space doesn't just mess with branching pathways but also with time loops, wormholes, and the Multiverse, all cons sips that boil down to one thing. If this was any other project, I probably wouldn't be making this article. Sure, there are lots of branching paths and cool Easter eggs hidden inside of them, but the lore would be right there for you available for anyone that's diligent enough to dig through the various decision trees.

But this is a Markiplier project, and if you've ever seen my past articles on Markiplier, the projects he touches tend to have a bit more bubbling underneath the surface. For the uninitiated. Markiplier has quite a large amount of lore on his channel with characters ranging from Wilford Dwarlock to Darkiplier, which started off as little one-off jokes that eventually became fully fleshed out with their own backstories and motivations.

We've dissected some of this lore before, but within space part 1, being Markiplier's biggest and most ambitious project ever, I suspected that these personalities might be making a return. Sure, you can play in space to kill off Mark as many times as you want. That's totally fine if that's what you want to do.

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Go for it. But there were also moments that kept setting off my therapist senses, namely the constant, or, one-off, lines that seem to apply a greater history to this world; lines like Do you even know who you are sprinkled throughout He told me that there was a mystery here, a big reveal waiting in the wings to happen in part two, so I dug in and let me tell you, there is a lot hidden here.

Buckle up, theorists, because I'm about to launch your brains into the stratosphere. I think I figured out what the main climax of In Space with Markiplier Part 2 is going to be, and despite all the hints that Mark's been throwing out, I don't think it's what you'd expect either. Before I get too deep into this, I'm sure some of you are thinking that I've cheated and that I'm going to spoil the ending because I was in the show.

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The truth is I wouldn't be making this article if I didn't know the ending. Mark is a good friend, and he's worked really hard on this project. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise that he has for his audience when working on the show. I never saw the whole thing. I was only exposed to the parts that I was in TLDR.

I don't want to act as the Tom Holland of this MCU. Markiplier, connected universe, this is being treated like any other article that we do. We're dissecting clues that are presented within the articles that we have at our disposal, and that's it. We're not pulling from any extra insiders. So, in my initial playthrough of In Space on GT Live, I pointed out that we needed to be wary of Celsi, the head of cryo, played by Pamela Horton.

All right, so Pam is always important to note in these episodes, as we've done in a previous theory of how Pam tends to be the same character in different settings, you see. Pam's most notable character to date has been Celine, from Who Killed Markiplier, a four-part murder mystery released back in 2017 about a friendly poker night that goes south, and when it comes to Markiplier lore, this series really is the foundation for his MCU, as it provides us the backstories for pivotal recurring characters in it.

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Then a pompous jerk named Mark dies—yep, that is officially what he's known as in the Canon—and the primary suspects include his childhood friend Damian, the mayor. I know I'm supposed to be a leader in the scenario, but I can't help him feel lost. Damien's sister and Mark's ex-wife, the mystical Celine.

Something tells me this seemingly significant event is actually a footnote in a much larger mystery in full building in our midst and the wacky mustache twirling, gun-toting, colonel. It turns out actor Mark's death was all part of a greater plan. Thanks to some magic within the Mansion, actor Mark is able to take over Damien's body while Damien and Celine both take over your body, which gives rise to Mark's most infamous character, the red and blue filtered dark applier.

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Meanwhile, seeing his friends die and come back to life takes a bit of a toll on the old Colonel, which causes him to go mad. All these characters then recur throughout Markiplier's other narrative articles. When Darkiplier suddenly shows up in an ending of a date with Markiplier, we know that he's connected to Damien and Celine thanks to the same red-blue filter and the recurring theme of choice.

The colonel's story continues in Wilford's mother-loving Wharf stash, where we see the detective who killed Markiplier hunting down the now deranged Colonel transformed into the reality-warping killer slash journalist Wilford Wharfstash, name after name after name, just so you, from the real name, you should be called a murderer.

There we all are how the hell did you do that so when in space features a surprise appearance by Wilford boogieing down to 70s music wearing largely the same outfit he was wearing in mother-loving Wharf stash, you know that these cannons are going to be somehow connected given those connections I did some digging on Pam's new character.

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Celsi just before the release of In Space Part 1, Mark posted some photos to Instagram showing the credentials for various crew members aboard the ship. And, of course, Celsi, but did you notice anything different about Celsi's? All of them have their faces scratched out, but Celsi's, instead of the typical black, is scratched out in white with a very distinctive blue and red accent, a motif that's been used time and time again whenever a dark applier is kicking around.

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