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Now that the Galaxy Watch 4 has arrived, you can just swipe up into the menu, scroll down, and you'll see this little camera icon. If you select that, it opens the camera application on your phone and you can see the entire view on your watch. You can now essentially have a remote for your camera.

You can snap pics on your watch. You can even change the camera's focus just by tapping on different objects in the viewfinder. And right over here is a little timer icon, so if you click on that and then tap the shutter button, it'll start a two-second countdown, and as you can imagine, this is perfect for taking selfies, doing articles, or even for family and group pictures.

You can also change the mode on your phone and it'll automatically switch on your watch, so if you have it in article mode, you'll see the little shutter button has changed, and then you can just go ahead and record your article.

Body composition

Body composition

Now this next feature is so crazy it might just blow your mind and I actually can't believe it's possible, so if you swipe up into the main menu and select the health application, then scroll down a little more and you will see body composition. So if you tap on that, you can scroll right to the bottom, which shows you how to measure your body composition using your watch.

It's honestly so simple, but there are just four main actions to keep in mind. Once you've checked it out, you basically move your watch up your wrist so it's kind of tight against your arm, and then, with your arms out in front of you, you take these two fingers and place them against the buttons.

It literally takes a couple of seconds, and once it's done, you can see your fat mass, muscle mass, body water bmr, and more. For a body scan like this, you usually need to go to a health center or gym and actually pay for the results, but now you can do it all from your watch. I actually tested them both side by side and the results were definitely accurate enough.

Answer calls

Answer calls

Right here, scroll down again, and then you can click on answer calls. Toggle that on, and now you can answer with gestures. So now if I get a phone call, I can just lift my arm twice like this and it'll answer the call straight away, and I can start chatting. Also, if you're too busy to take the call, you can just shake your wrist like this and it'll decline the call.

The great thing is that you can also make calls directly from your watch. You can just type in whatever number it is you want to call, or check out your contacts. Click the dial button and you're good to go. You can have the entire conversation right on your watch without even having to pick up your phone.

You can change the volume of the call just by clicking on that little icon and turning the dial. You can also choose to mute your voice in case you need to chat to someone quickly, and if you click these three little dots, you can switch the call back to your phone or access the keypad. This is honestly such a nifty feature, and again, really useful if your hands are full.



One of the best things about this watch is that you can receive just about any notification on it. Whether it's a WhatsApp message. Instagram. DM emails. SMS notifications, or even camera alerts or sound detections, almost any app with notifications will come through on your watch, and to access them you just swipe left from the home screen.

You can also reply using a bunch of different methods, whether it's a quick response keyboard or speech to text, which I kind of prefer. You can speak into your watch and it'll automatically dictate from speech to text. You can send it and that's it. There are also a bunch of different settings you can change under notifications, whether it's do not disturb or muting, so definitely check those out, but by the way, if you want a notification, then hit that sub button because we're getting close to 1 million and if you served well.

I think it's a good idea again. It's time to go by.

Sleep detection

Now I've never seen anything quite like this from any other brand, and it's very interesting, so if you've ever wondered why you don't get a good night's sleep or if you snore, right under the health application is this sleep section. If you click on that and scroll to the bottom, you'll see this option to turn on snore detection.

And it'll then prompt you to turn it on your phone. So now what happens is that you wear your watch to bed. Then in the morning, when you wake up and check your phone, if you snored during the night, you will actually have audio recordings of your snoring. I couldn't quite believe it, but under the Samsung health application under sleep, you can select whatever day you'd like, then scroll down and you will see snore.

If you tap on that, here are all the sound recordings that were captured of you snoring during the night.



Music is a very important part of smart watches these days, and with the Galaxy Watch 4, you can download Spotify playlists right to your watch. You do need to make sure the Spotify app is first installed, but then you can just access your favorite playlists and choose the one you'd like to download, and once you scroll down, you'll see the option to download to watch.

Then you can listen to all your favorite tracks without even needing your phone. You can also do the same with YouTube music and download playlists to your watch. Then, if you have a pair of Galaxy buds, believe it or not, you can also connect this to your watch and listen to music while exercising or even taking some calls.

You do need to make sure they're all connected, but once they're you can swipe up to the main menu and select the buzz application. Here you can toggle between the various modes like active noise cancellation, or ambient sound, and toggle each one of them on or off, so as soon as you're happy and good to go once again, you can head on over to Spotify, or YouTube music, and start listening to your favorite jams and navigating them all from your watch without ever having touched your phone.

I love that.

Watch faces

Watch faces

So now, for those of you who love switching things up or trying different styles, you can easily change the watch faces in the Galaxy Wearables app. As you can see, there are so many different designs to choose from, whether they're super graphic, nice and classic, or just a bunch of fun. Once you've selected one, it instantly appears on your watch, and what's so cool is that you can actually customize a lot of these watch faces.

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