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Everyone knows what is going on. Welcome back to another FPL article. This one is on my watch list ahead of the game in week three. This week he's not going to be on my personal watch list because he's already in my team, so we will talk about him tomorrow in the transfer tips article, but he won't be included in this one and likewise.

So it's going to be very hard for me to shift too many players in this team because it's already set up pretty well, so the main areas I'm looking at are possibly a nato transfer, maybe to fund a different move, maybe shifting Diaz to a different midfielder, or moving that money up front or something like that.

So that's how my team is set up. I'll go through it more or in more detail in the team selection article, but for now let's talk about some of the watch list players.



Let's talk about Kyle Walker. First of all, he has gone from five to five point one million. I'm sure there are a few FPL managers out there that were thinking of going from like Luca Dean, Matt Cash, and now Cat.

The only good thing is a lot of people will have two free transfers and possibly someone like a neto or a 5.5 million midfielder. Or even a leon Bailey that they can downgrade. And I don't think we should just completely forget about Walker because he's gone up by one point. He's still a good option.

He's already averaging six points per game, and look, he's not an exciting player, which is one of the reasons I didn't start with him. That might have been a mistake; we'll see in the long term, but he is going to get you those consistent defensive returns, which is why he's already on six points per game because they've already got two clean sheets.

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They are controlling the games like they always do. They give up so few chances. They are the best defense in the league and I don't think there's any real discussion over that. There are other really good defenses, like Spurs. Chelsea, and Liverpool, but they're not quite at the level of Man City, so it's still a really nice option, and if you look at the fixtures.

Newcastle away from Palace at home forest. For example, there's not really too many over the next six that I don't think they can get a clean sheet in. There's plenty of potential to get clean sheets in those games, just a few points on him. I do see people talk about the fact that he's kind of playing in midfield, but if you look at those numbers, not expected goals per 90, expected assists, he's not ever going to get you many attacking returns.

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He might chip in with the odd one here or there, but he isn't the second coming of C. He might be in that two, three, five set up, but he's not the creative spark and he's not going to be through on gold that many times. It could happen, but realistically he's only in for the defensive returns. He's still a really good option in terms of minutes.

I think some people really want to label players either completely nailed on or not nailed on at all, and I think someone like Kyle Walker is just in between. He will miss some games this season. At some point, Pep will play Canelo on the right. He'll play someone else at left back. Or he might play John Stones or something like that at right back.

Possibly, when the midweek matches start, European matches, it could be the case that Walker plays like four or five in a row, then sits on the bench, then plays another four or five. Nailed on like a van dyke but because of his price and because of the team he plays for he's still a really fantastic, option and i had a quick look at the times he was benched last year he very rarely comes on so if he is benched, you're not going to get a cameo appearance like you might do with like a chill well or a james or a perisic or something like that obviously it's not so bad with those players because they can get you attacking returns as well but if you've got a decent first bench then it doesn't matter they can come on instead so i think at 5.1, he's maybe a bit more difficult for people to get any is for me for sure, but there's still a way to get him. He's still a really great option, and that is why he's definitely on the watch list.

Gordon & gray - yes really

Gordon & gray - yes really

So this is how bad things are right now. I've even slightly considered, possibly, bringing in an Everton midfielder, and I want to emphasize the word slightly right. It's not a move that I think you need to go out of your way to make.

You need to rip up your squad to bring one of them in. If you think about the position that a lot of people are in right now, they're possibly looking at moves to get rid of Netto. If they don't like that Spurs fixture, they want to play a midfielder in their team or in their first 11. Some of you will have Bailey and you might be looking to upgrade, and there aren't a huge number of 5.5 million options.

I will bring you back to my own team just as a quick reminder. If Neto is on the bench, I could switch to an Everton midfielder with slightly better, very short-term, fixtures. And potentially bench, one of my defenders. That's not an easy or obvious decision to make, but it is something that has at least crossed my mind.

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I think not in a forest at home and leads away, in particular in games three and five, are pretty good. I think after that you're probably looking to offload them, but the way things are right now, a lot of us are struggling to find transfers. To mate and look not nefarious, we had a really good result against West Ham, but I just don't know how West Ham didn't score in that game, so I think Nottingham Forest is still a defense.

I would target the same for leads like Jesse Marsh. You know, the next 10 to 15 games might change my mind. Maybe they will be a bit more solid, but they are already conceding goals. It's something we've kind of come to expect from them, so I'm not really worried about targeting them. I still think it's good if you've got an attacker that's playing.

The problem is, the options are like Gordon and Grey, and they're not really that exciting. I think, on the surface, Gordon probably looks like the better option. I think he's looking lively. If you want to describe him as that in the first couple of games, they didn't do fantastic, they were mainly a threat from set pieces.

They did okay against Chelsea, not a huge number of chances, but again, they've got the fixtures in the next three to maybe turn that around. The only issue is that Gordon is being linked to Chelsea. Apparently, they've had something like a 40 million pound bid turned down. Whether or not Chelsea will continue to go for him and land him before the transfer window closes, I don't know, but if they do, he's not probably going to get into that first 11 straight away.

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