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Welcome back to another FPL article. In this one, we're looking at transfer tips ahead of game week three, so we're going to go through some of the popular players being transferred in and out of FPL managers' teams, and I'll talk about whether it's a good or a bad decision. If you are new around here as well, just before we jump into the first player, don't forget to check out Fantasy Football Scout.

Sign up to become a premium member today. You can make use of all their tools. It's not too late to sign up either. You can do it on a monthly or a yearly basis, and obviously there are still 36 game weeks of the season left as well, so plenty of chances to make use of all these great tools that you see on the right stats.

Tables You can make your own custom ones if you want a comparison. So you can see here, these are the ratings they have for each team, whether they're difficult or not, and you can move them if you want to, but as we can see. Brentford is right at the top, so people are looking at Tony and Bommo, maybe a defender as well.

Chelsea's got really good fixtures coming up. We're about to discuss one of their players in a minute. You can also look at rotations, as well, so if you've got, like, a cheap Brighton player and you want to rotate them with a different For cheap players, you can look at who lines up well, so if you've got a dunk, for example, 4.5, you want another 4.5 to rotate.

Maybe a lesser defender, maybe an Aston Villa defender, can do stuff like that in the fixture. Ticker is only one of the great tools that are in there. There are many more. If you want to check it out, sign up to become a premium member.



Let's talk about Cucarella, who's proven pretty popular after the weekend, got the full game against the Spurs, came away with an assist as well, and offers a potentially cheap route into that Chelsea defense. I don't think we need to start considering transfers like Reese James to Cucarella.

If you've got James, he's the best option in that Chelsea defense. For me, you should keep him. It's just whether or not Cucarella, in his own right for five million, is worth considering. Right, and I do rate the Chelsea defense quite highly. They've been one of the best defenses over the last couple of seasons.

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They've got Cucarella, they've got Cool Bali, and they're trying to get Farna as well. That is still a solid defense. They weren't troubled that much by Everton. The Spurs scored twice against them. I would say Chelsea were a little bit unfortunate in that game. Even if you don't agree with that, which is fair enough, Spurs are one of the best attacks in the league and you expect them to score in most games, so that doesn't really worry me.

I think, going forward, Chelsea's defense will be fine, and obviously we're hoping that Cucarella will be fairly attacking. Now there seem to be two sides to this conversation I keep seeing being discussed. On the one hand, he's an absolute risk. He'll be back at some point. If you bring him in, you're just going to have to transfer him out at some point down the line.

Therefore, it's just not worth considering whatsoever. Just avoid him. On the other hand, there are lots of people (I've even seen some Chelsea fans) that think he's just outright better than Rat. Chill Well, Chile's not going to get back in, and even if Ku'Karel is not playing left wing back, he's going to play left center back, so he's pretty much 100.

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Nailed, the real answer is somewhere in the middle of what we know right now. Chill well is not match-fit. He played in one game in Week One. Ku Keller had only been with the squad for like 24 to 48 hours at that point. I think if Alonso wasn't going to Barcelona, I don't even know if that trance has happened, but he's going to Barcelona as far as we know.

He would have played in Game Week One in the Second Game, so bearing in mind Cucarella has only been in the team for like five minutes in one of the hardest games they're going to have all season, he's straight in after Game Two. That confirms that he was not really match fit. He's not up to the physicality of playing matches.

I think that's what he said. He actually played in the development match last night with players like Hudson Odi to try and get his fitness up. Let's not forget. Chirwell hasn't played for 90 minutes for a long time. He didn't play every game in the preseason, either. So I don't know how quickly he's going to be able to sort of get Cucarella out of the way.

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So for me, Cucarella is a very reasonable short-term punt. I think he definitely starts against Leeds. I think there's a very good chance that he starts against Leicester. Probably Southampton as well. And after that, yeah, he does become a little bit more of a risk. As Chilwell gets his fitness up, we might see him get more and more minutes.

Two could mention that he was probably going to be a sub, so we're hoping that Cucarella gets to 60 minutes more often than not, but if we do get to gameweek six or seven and he is an issue, then there are lots of other five-million-pound defenders you can transfer to, and also, you're getting closer and closer to a wildcard.

There's no harm in having a few players that are short-term punts that aren't nailed for the whole season. I think the idea that we can only have players that you know are going to start week in and week out for 38 games is just a little bit crazy. Look at Louis Diaz at Liverpool, for example. I wouldn't sit here and tell you that he's definitely going to start every week from now until gameweek 38, but we can look at some context around it.

Josh is injured, so we thought his minutes would be good at the start of the season. Nunes now has a red card. But that's also good for Luis Diaz's minutes because even if Jotter comes back, he might play as a number nine, but in the long term, Diaz might not be such a good option. His minutes might come down, but we don't care about that right now.

We just want to get points while we can, and that's kind of how I see Cucarella. In the worst case scenario, you have him for a few weeks, he starts going out of the side or his minutes are reduced, and you've got to get rid of him. In the best case scenario, you've got a five-million-pound defender for one of the best defenses in the league playing as a wing back.

I don't expect him to be as attacking as Reese James, but there is potential for attacking returns as well, so as you can tell, I really like him just on the left center back thing. It could happen. I could even mention that he can play there. I just think he's a reasonable short-term punt and nothing else if you're saying things like he's 100.

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