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Let's get back to the NFL. You got Jordan to love treylands. Between the Packers and Niners, we didn't get to see a lot of tree land. I mean, last season you wanted to buy a rookie quarterback in terms of snaps since Demarcus Russell back in 2007. Trump's quarterbacks take it in the top five under pressure, taking off second with eight seven-yard gains, then third with nine from the Packers' 32.

He's looking for it to find Janet Gray but out of bounds, so he lands for two for three for 11 yards on that opening drive. He also added seven in the scramble. The Niners were able to kick a field goal, so it made it three. There was nothing Jordan loved about that quarterback for the Packers. No Aaron Rodgers.

Who doesn't love love? I mean, he also threw three picks, but this one's not one of them. Romeo called mash for a touchdown. It was 7-3 back to Lance, though. Shotgun, gonna find gray this time, he is on the right side or the correct side of the white line, takes it 76 yards for the touchdown. Obviously, Lance is fired up.

He finished four for five, 92 yards, one touchdown and seven yards. The Niners were able to get this one into the W column at 28-21. I can't believe we're having this conversation, but we are Trey Lance and his MVP odds because when he opened at Caesar Sportsbook in February he was 200 to one, a week ago it was 50-1, and today it's 41.

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I mean, there are still 14 players in the league ahead of him, but. He's trending in the right direction. It's like the way early draft picks are for like 2026. Tim Hasselbeck is back with us. He played well in this game tonight. Obviously, we haven't seen a ton of snaps from him, but what stood out to you about his game was how decisive he was.

I've been pretty, you know, critical, uneasy, about the prospects for Trey Lance this season, just anticipating growing pains because he's basically played, you know, he started four games in the last, you know, nearly 1,000 days. It's hard to be good at something if you don't do it, but the decisiveness you saw on that seven-yard run, you know one two wasn't there, take off and run, and then this throw to.

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Danny gray is outstanding gray who obviously has a ton of speed, puts a good move on the top of his, you know, corner pump route, and the ball is thrown on time and beautifully. It was a great start for a guy that has not played a lot of football. I think it will be a confidence boost. So while I always want to hesitate to overreact to pre-season performances, I think this is a really good one to build off of for trailers.

Okay, one other guy that we saw earlier tonight was sort of overshadowed for a number of reasons, but we saw the Jags and the Browns, which means we got to see Trevor Lawrence. Now obviously, we saw a ton of him last year, but this is a guy who's referred to as a generational talent, and we're expecting a lot of growth from him in season number two.

What did you see from him tonight? I saw him operating in an offense that I think will suit him a lot better than the offense he played in a year ago, and I think the surroundings as well as the pocket Here's a good example: on the first drive, they're going to move the pocket to, essentially, allow him to take a shot down the field.

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They talk about him being a generational talent. The ability to push the ball down the field and also move again Another play is the pocket play, where the plot is going to be simple. It's going to be the flat to the over route to the trail route. He's going to read the flat to the end. This is moving to his left for a guy his size.

That's a really impressive throw by Zay Jones. The concept here once again moves the pocket. It's time to the left again, and it's going to be flat to the overroute to the trail coming in behind it. When The Flats open, it's Evan Ingram. Give him the ball, let him run in for a score. You know, Doug Peterson's history is in the West Coast offense.

The pocket plays off of the run game are going to be a big part of what they do, and it will fit with Trevor Lawrence's athleticism. And I think that the other thing you can do is you can have the same read over and over again but you can get to it with different formations and so by doing that you just become better at it and I think it's a pretty good example to see that much in very limited action of moving the pocket plays for Trevor Lawrence.

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I do believe that they're going to have to rely a lot more on their run game this year, though. Akers Daryl Henderson,Jr., The backfield has that tandem, but they still have Cooper Cut, they still have Cooper Cup, they brought in Allen Robinson, they have Van Jefferson as well, 2-2. Atwell, a guy that they drafted a year or two ago out of Louisville, big play got another home run threat down the field that can stretch it tremendously, so I'm going with the Los Angeles Rams.

And then defensively, when you look at them, they still have the best player in the National Football League in Aaron Donald, the best corner in Jalen Ramsey, and then arguably, you could say Bobby Wagner and what he's been able to do with the linebacker position, so you have star players all through three levels defensively, so that's why I'm going with It's so hard to repeat a Super Bowl champion, but if anyone has a good shot of it, it is the Rams, and you said they just brought in Allen Robinson.

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They didn't bring them in. They are gushing, freaking out over how amazing he's been looking in training camp, and I think that's going to soften the loss of Odell Beckham. That said, I'm not convinced that Odell Beckham isn't on this roster by the end of the year because I think once Odell heals, he's going to realize I had a really good situation there.

I really like the way that they've featured me. They used me. They respected me. We know that it didn't quite work out for Odell's previous stops, but that man right there is the reason the Cooper Cup was so high in your rankings. Harry, you said it yourself, because of the man that was designing plays for them, and I think that Sean McVay is one of the brightest minds in this league.

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I'll say it. He's the brightest mind in this league. He should definitely read, um. Seth Wickersham's piece on him where he's talking about how hungry he still is and what a desire he still is and he's fighting that burnout even at age 36 because he was born to do this and he's born to create this dynasty and it's the Rams from is the top team in this Division and, they we don't necessarily know all of the details, but he did sign an extension with the Rams.

So he's here to stay all right. Chris I'll let you go. Today, fantasy football guys' offensive line matters [laughter]. And then, beyond that, you're talking about a quarterback whose elbow has been barking going back to the end of last year. Matt Stafford had the procedure on his elbow, the injection, this off-season.

FIRST TAKE | Stephen A. "on fire" 49ers beat Packers 28-21 as Trey Lance and Danny Gray shine to win.
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