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Let's get back to the NFL. Trey Landers, packers and niners, something we didn't get to see a lot of Trey Lentz. I mean, last season you wanted to buy a rookie quarterback in terms of snaps since Demarcus Russell back in 2007. From quarterbacks, they took the top five under pressure, taking off second and eight for a seven-yard gain, then third and nine from the Packers' 32.

He's looking for it to find Danny Gray, but it's out of bounds, so Lance went two for three for 11 yards on that opening drive. He also added seven in the scramble. The niners were able to kick a field goal, so it made it three. There's nothing like Jordan Love at quarterback for the Packers. No Aaron Rodgers.

Who doesn't love love? I mean, he's also got three picks, but this one's not one of them. Romeo dubs hauled that in for a touchdown. It was 7-3. Back to Lance, though. Shotgun is going to find Gray this time. He is on the right side or the correct side of the white line. He took it 76 yards for the touchdown.

Obviously, the lance is fired up. He finished four for five, 92 yards, one touchdown, and then seven yards. The Niners were able to get this one into the win column at 28-21. All right, I can't believe we're having this conversation, but we are Trey Lance and his MVP odds are because when he opened at Caesar's Sports Book in February, it was 200 to 1.

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A week ago, 50 to 1; today's 41. I mean, there are still 14 players in the league ahead of him, but, fine, he's trending in the right direction, like the way too early draft picks for like 2026. Tim Hasselbeck is back with us. He played well in this game tonight. Obviously, we haven't seen a ton of snaps from him, but what stood out to you about his game was how decisive he was.

I've been pretty, you know, critical uneasy about the prospects for Trey Lance this season just anticipating growing pains because he's basically played, you know, he started four games in the last, you know, nearly 1,000 days. It's hard to be good at something if you don't do it, but the decisiveness you saw on that seven-yard run, you know, one two wasn't there, take off and run, and then this throw, to Danny Gray, who obviously has a ton of speed, you know, puts a good move on the top of his, you know, corner pump route, and the ball is thrown on time and beautifully.

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Listen, it was a great start for a guy that has not played a lot of football to get out, and I think it was a confidence builder, and so, while I always want to hesitate, to overreact, to pre-season performances. I think this is a really good one to build off of for Trey Lance. Okay, one other guy that we saw earlier tonight was sort of overshadowed for a number of reasons, but we saw the jags in the brown, which means we got to see Trevor Lawrence.

Obviously, we saw a ton of him last year, but this is a guy who's referred to as a generational talent, and we're expecting a lot of growth from him in season number two. What did you see from him tonight? I saw him operating in an offense that I think will suit him a lot better than the offense he played in a year ago, and I think the surroundings, as well as the pocket place.

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Here's a good example of his first drive. They're going to move the pocket. To essentially allow him to take a shot down the field, talk about him being a generational talent, having the ability to push the ball down the field and also move again. Another move The pocket play where the reader is going to be simple.

It's going to be the flat to the over and out to the trail route. He's going to read the flat to the end. This is moving to his left for a guy his size. That's a really impressive throw by Zay Jones. Same concept here once again. Move the pocket plate this time to the left again. It's going to be flat to the over route to the trail coming in behind.

It's open it's having Ingram give them the ball and letting them run in for a score. You know, Doug Peterson's history is on the west coast offense. The pocket plays off of the run game are going to be a big part of what they do, and it will fit Trevor Lawrence's athleticism. And I think that the other thing you can do is you can have the same read over and over again but you can get to it with different formations and so by doing that you just become better at it and.

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I think, it's a pretty good example to see that much in very limited action of moving the pocket plays for Trevor Lawrence. Trey Lance Trevor and Lawrence are both in their second year. Which one do you have more faith in at this moment in time right now? And just the amount of, you know, the snaps that he had in college, the reps that he got last year , I don't think he's on as good of a team as Trey Lance is on.

I think Trey Lance, you know, certainly has a ton of upside. But if you were going to re-draft that draft class, I would still go with Trevor Lawrence. I am told that you are clear, for this hour also took part in a pre-planned interview apology, in which he acknowledged mistakes were made. I want to say that I'm truly sorry to all the women that I've impacted in this situation.

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My decisions that I made in my life that put me in this position. I know I would definitely like to have it back, but I want to continue to move forward and grow and learn and show that you know I am a true person of character and I want to keep pushing for it. Now as far as on the field, this is what it looked like for Sean Watson's first game in 586 days, on January 3, 2020, against the Titans.

In a game that seems like light years ago, we see him on the first play of the game. He takes the handoff, rolls out, and Anthony Schwartz overthrows, so understandably, he appears to be a little bit rusty at first. On the next play, I was looking for Schwartz again on the slant. Watson could make the catch, so no completions on the first drive for Watson.

That would be signed up for after a fumble on the second drive for the Browns. Watson is back out there for drive number three with David and Joku. That's a success. That's a seven-yard gain as well to the big tight end. It's the first completion for Watson since we said 586 days ago. Two plays later, in the shotgun, invading the pressure, Schwartz, and he just flat out drops it.

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The big time track star just couldn't hold on to its flag on the play, so the play stands as an incompletion. Then he throws to Demetri Felon Jr., but it is too low. Brown had 171 passing yards on the night. Watson had seven of them, but Trevor Lawrence, the big-time number one pick last year,had Rolling out to a rope with Zay Jones a runner on the sideline, first down, the Jags' drive would end in a field goal two drives later.

ESPN's Stephen A. excited by Trey Lances leads 49ers to beat Packers 28-21 in preseason opener.
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