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Welcome back to movie recaps. Today I will show you an action adventure fantasy film from 2020 titled "Monster Hunter." Spoilers ahead. Watch out and take care. It is said that there are new worlds out there hidden from the perception of our senses. In this particular new world, humans coexist with a wide variety of large and savage monsters.

There's also a mystical tower in the middle of the desert that is always surrounded by black clouds and lightning, and that's where a sand ship led by the admiral is currently sailing to. Their trip is suddenly interrupted, however, when they're attacked by a monster that lives in the dunes called Diablos.

The monster tries to knock over the ship by pushing it with its giant body, so the admiral rushes to the wheel and tries to steer the vessel out of the monster's way. The escape is successful, but sadly, when trying to rescue the handler from falling off the ship, the hunter falls instead and is left behind in the desert.

On Earth, Captain Natalia Artemis and her security team, formed by Lincoln Marshall, Dash Steeler, and Axe, are searching for a missing team of soldiers in the desert. The only clues they have are a recording of their last message and the tracks on the road that suddenly come to a stop, as if the vehicle that left them had disappeared in thin air.

Video Games Tutorials and News - fantasy world

There are also some mysterious rock markers near the road with symbols they cannot read. Suddenly, a dark storm appears in front of them, moving at their frantic speed. The team gets on their vehicles in order to escape as the storm hits all the mysterious markers with lightning, making the writing on them blow up.

No matter how fast the team drives, the storm is faster and soon reaches their cars, engulfing them inside a portal. As the vehicles fall off the edge of a cannon, the cars are pushed by the wind until they roll and turn over and over, throwing the people inside off their seats. When they finally land and the soldiers come out, they notice the storm has backed off and is floating above a mountain area with various structures that aren't on their maps.

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This desert they find themselves in is full of sand dunes as well, which should be impossible because the nearest dunes should be 20 clicks away. All their electronics are fried and not even their compass is working, so they decide to try to return back to base by navigating using the sun. Axe tells them to wait.

However, when he finds something, it's the cars used by the lost team. There are bodies next to them burned to such an extreme that couldn't be accomplished by a flamethrower. Then there are other things around: glass shards, which indicate something exceedingly hot having melted the sand; and empty bullets, which mean the dead soldiers defended themselves from something, yet whatever it was hasn't left marks on the sand.

Getting worried about whatever it is that caused this, the team gets back into their cars and leaves the area, unaware that the hunter is watching them through his spyglass. But they stop again when they find one more mind-blowing thing: a giant animal skeleton, bigger even than a dinosaur. Taking advantage of their stop, the hunter shoots an arrow at them, and the soldiers respond by opening fire until Artemis grabs the arrow and asks them to stop.

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It only has chalk on it as a warning signal. At that moment, Diablo surges from the sand and begins chasing the squad as they try to escape in their cars. No matter what they shoot at it, it is impervious to all of it. And eventually, it comes close enough to hit one of the cars and knock it over a couple of times, killing the axe.

Steeler manages to run away before the car gets crushed and jumps on the jeep with the others, but they don't manage to get too far before Diablos knocks over this car as well and impales Steeler with his tusk. Right before dying, he throws a couple of grenades at the monster, which doesn't hurt him but offers an opening for his team to hide among the rocky formations.

As the hunter shoots a smoke arrow at Diablos to slow it down, the squad enters a cave with an entrance too small for the monster to follow them, so it gives up for now and leaves. Dash starts to panic about their situation as a leader gives out orders and tells them they'll be good soldiers and survive.

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Her words are interrupted, however, when she's suddenly taken by a spider-like monster called Nere Scala, which stings her and injects her with some paralyzing venom before dropping her and running away when the soldiers start shooting at her. Lincoln, Marshall, and Dash try to give Artemis CPR to no avail, and Dash begs them to get going because more nursillas are coming out now that night has fallen.

Assuming Artemis is dead. Lincoln. Marshall, and Dash leave the cave as they continue to fire at the monster with the help of a hunter who is shooting explosive arrows from atop a cliff, and must run away when a nurse comes after them. Dash trips and falls, delaying her group's escape. This gives one of the monsters the opportunity to attack from above and capture Marshall.

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While the hunter hides in his secret cave lair, Artemis wakes up feeling rather dizzy. She can hear her teammates' screams coming from outside, but she is soon knocked out again when a nurse, Scala, finds her. The next time she wakes up, Artemis is inside a cocoon in the murcilla's nest, which luckily is thin enough for her to tear off with her bare hands.

Once free, she notices she is surrounded by bones and more cocoons holding the bodies of Dash and Marshall. Fighting off the dizziness and the pain, Artemis picks up her teammates' fallen pouch and retrieves two flares, an oxygen can and a bunch of bullets. Using one of the flares is both defense and light.

She walks down some kind of hallway made of spider web and is suddenly startled by Lincoln, who can't feel his arm and is suffering from chest pain, unaware that the monsters are following them. Artemis helps Lincoln walk towards an exit when her flare goes off in the time it takes her to turn on the other one.

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A ner scala appears in front of them, which Artemis keeps at bay with her new flare. When Lincoln feels more pain on his body and tears off his shirt only to find out there are hatching eggs on his wound, the nere scala grabs him and takes him away, and when it tries to do the same with Artemis, she lights it on fire by combining the flare with the oxygen can, causing the whole nest to burn.

Artemis starts climbing towards the exit, and she almost makes it when a nurse named Gala grabs her leg and drags her back in, so she frees herself by throwing the bullets she salvaged into the fire, making them explode. When she finally comes out of the cave, it's morning, and the sunlight prevents the nercillas from following her.

An elite unit of soldiers is transported to another world full of large and savage monsters. Now they must survive while trying to find a way back home.
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