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Video Games Tutorials and News - console wars

My graphics card is stronger than that. Filthy PC gaming peasant. The goddamn Chinese. That's how they took all the good graphics cars to mine cryptocurrency, and now we can't get our hands on them. God, I hate those yellow bastards. Yeah, if we just wait, if we just be patient, we've been patient.

Derek has one, Walt has won, and Rashid here is still running a 3dfx Voodoo 3 from 1999. My friends, she has been a faithful battle, but enough is enough. If we cannot bully-console peasants, what the hell are we going to do? If anyone wanted to play some article games, that would just be hollow. Yeah, get your head out of your ass, Jacob.

Sorry, no, I think it's time the goddamn Chinese learn what happens when you shit with the master race. All rigs report to the attack group. Carmack reports to attack group 2, and will report again. Attack Group Russia reports that this baby has about 10 minutes left before it overheats. Let us go to work, my friends.

Rasheed I'm getting notified that you're launching Crash Bandicoot 3. You know your PC can't handle that. What are you doing today, bastard son of a shit? Mother: Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure. He's overheating his PC machine. This gives you the most dazzling symbol of superiority ever crystallized into a sticker.

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