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let's find out so you may have seen stories online about cleaning up your old burnt out pans and oven trays using baking soda and vinegar. Some of the articles I've seen have you believing that after that exciting chemical reaction and leaving it to soak, all you have to do is give it a little wipe over and it'll be as good as new.

Well, I'm going to test it out by using this really well burnt on oven tray. Now, this one isn't just a prop that's been made to look dirty, it's a well-used, very real baking tray that's become dirtier and more burnt over months and months of use. So, let's see how well this cleaning hack really works.

I'm sprinkling a good layer of baking soda all over the tray, then taking some white vinegar and pouring it over. This creates a really cool chemical reaction, which foams up and releases CO2 now. This fizzing and release of carbon dioxide may help to agitate and dislodge a blockage in a drain depending on what it is blocked with, and it can also help with odors, but let's see how well it works on this oven tray.

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I left it to soak and after a couple of hours I'm giving it a good scrub down. It's certainly not a case of just being able to wipe off any burnt stuff. Even with this scouring sponge, I'm having to give it a good scrub to start seeing any cleaning. Some of the lighter stuff is coming off a little but has made virtually zero difference to any of the heavier burnt on stuff.

To be honest, I don't think it's been any different than using hot soapy water. Have you tried it out? Did it work? What's your best cleaning tip? I have got a really cool tip for cleaning up tarnished copper. I'll show you on this old pan how to do it. I'm going to be Some white vinegar and some ordinary table salt.

Start by placing the pan in the sink and giving it a coating of salt like this. Then take your vinegar and pour it over the salt, but do try not to wash it all off. If you like, you can add a bit more salt on top. Leave it for just 10 or 15 seconds, and you'll see it's already starting to clean off the tarnish.

Video Games Tutorials and News - burnt pans

Then I'm taking a scouring sponge, pouring on some vinegar, and using it to give the pan a good scrub, and you can see it only takes seconds for the copper to start shining again. I'm adding a little more salt and giving the sides a good clean too, and, with just a little light scrubbing, your pan starts to look like new again.

I even managed to clean off the burn mark on the bottom. I'm going to try it out on these rusty old pliers. It is just surface rust, but it has started to become quite thick, so apparently Coca-Cola contains a small amount of phosphoric acid, which can also be used as a rust neutralizer. Let's see how well it works.

I'm placing these pliers nose down into a glass, then filling the glass up to completely cover them. It feels like such a strange thing to do, and you can even see some bubbles on the surface of the pliers. After six hours, I lifted them out. I'd rub them off a little on this towel, and let's take a look.

It does kind of look a little bit better than when we started, but there's still a lot of visible rust. Apparently, phosphoric acid will neutralize rust and turn it into a black oxide, but there's only going to be a small amount of this acid in Coke, so let's see what happens if I leave them submerged for 24 hours.

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I'm also going to be trying it out on this rusty metal plate. You can see the rest of this really is quite bad. I can even scrape off this little layer. I'm putting it in this bowl and pouring over the coke. So, with the pliers this time, when I took it out and dried it off, it definitely looked cleaner than it did to start with.

If we take a look back at what it was like, you can appreciate the difference, but I don't know how much of it was from just getting it wet and rubbing it off with a towel and how much the coke actually helped, and when I took this piece out again, drying it off with a towel, you can see it did remove a lot of the fabric, but it definitely looks a lot tidier than it did to start with and it has started to become a bit black, but I do think a commercially available rust cleaner would be a lot better and I don't think I'll be using Coke again.

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As a little bonus tip, I'm going to show you how to tidy up these pliers even more. I'm going to use some of these long, thin Bloons to make some new rubber grips. I just cut the bottom off to length and slid it up over the handle. Do the same on the other one, and after you've done both, it looks pretty good, and finally.

I'm giving the drawers a squirt with some WD-40. And rubbing it in a little, and there we go, from old rusty pliers to something that looks a lot smarter and can actually function again. Haha, thanks. Next. I'm going to show you some of my other favorite cleaning tips. WD-40 is not only good for lubricating, but if you've got a grimy, oily, dirty patch on a surface, you can give it a quick squirt with some WD-40, and rub it off with some kitchen paper.

The WD-40 helps to break down the oil, making it relatively easy to wipe off. Then just give it a wipe down with some warm soapy water afterwards. It's also really good for cleaning off grime from your tools. I'm squirting some on the handles of these pliers and giving them a good wipe down. Look at that.

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They're as good as new. If you suffer from hard water and you've got lime scale and water stains all over your kettle, you can pour in half a glass of vinegar, and pretty much watch as it dissolves the lime scale. To clean the spout. I'm taking some kitchen roll, pouring on some vinegar, and pushing it into the spout to soak for a while.

Then I use it to wipe off the water stains on the outside of the kettle. Give it all a really good rinse out and a wipe down and you'll see it's almost like a new kettle again. It's made a huge difference, and it really was easy. You can also use vinegar to make your own cleaning spray. I bought this 5 liter tub of white vinegar, which will last me for ages, and I'm going to reuse this empty spray bottle.

To make the spray. I measured out one glass of vinegar and poured it into the bottle, then added the same amount of water, and to give it some fragrance. I'm taking a lemon and cutting off a slice and removing the peel. I cut it into a few pieces and added it to the bottle too for a nice fresh lemony fragrance.

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Finally, I'm adding a few drops of washing up liquid, and that's our homemade cleaning spray. It's really good for cleaning down work surfaces and things like stainless steel sinks. I'm just giving it a quick spray, letting it soak for a minute, then giving it a scrub, and it's made a really big difference.

I test out cleaning hacks to keep your kitchen and home clean and tidy.
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