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For today's article, I did some gaming on this little macbook here, and it was actually the first time I've ever gamed on a macbook, and yeah, it was quite the experience. I can't click on "apply." This is the first ever macbook pro on the channel, and just having it in the office makes me feel like I need to start drinking pumpkin frappuccino lattes or whatever.

I'm sorry Macbook, I'm just lashing out at you because I'm intimidated by you. That was quite disappointing. I was expecting the whole thing to just unravel with that one little tug. It does not smell like a new electronic device. I think Apple puts a scent in these boxes. It smells quite nice.

It's very clean and neutral smelling. It's thin but has a nice reassuring weight to it. And then it says here it was designed by Apple in California, which I find is a little bit of a weird thing to brag about. Let's see what kind of documentation we get here. You get some gray MacBook stickers so that you can flex that you have a Macbook even if you don't have it on you, and then we have our white charge cable with our charge brick.

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That was what I was expecting the laptop packaging to do. That is very satisfying. I like that a lot. And then we have our little brick, which I touched half the time and it's already gross. That is the problem with having stuff or white like this, is that if you have even a little bit of finger cheese on your hands, it's not going to transfer.

And then this is the 67 wattage, which is a weirdly specific wattage, and then other than that, that's all we get with it. Okay, let's have a closer look at the MacBook. Now the little macbook in question is the m2, a 13-inch macbook pro, which the internet seems to think is one of the dumber apple products at the moment, which I don't know.

I feel like the 600 buck luggage tag begs delivery, but anyway, I didn't pay for this little macbook. It was actually sent over by Micro Center, who apparently also stocks Apple stuff. Now, I was immediately impressed by the build quality of the neutral, clean-smelling MacBook. I had a couple of concerns.

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Wait a minute, so you're telling me you have to use half its io to charge the thing? You can't touch a button on it without the thing turning on. I just want to demonstrate the keyboard without switching you on. Turn off, come off. At last, we have our fully unsheathed Macbook Pro. That is such a nice looking little laptop, but you know, the problem with the nice-lookingness of it is that I don't really want to touch it with my gross hands because I know it'll just immediately ruin it.

Actually, on the note of immediately ruining it, let's try and open it up and have a look inside. After taking a while to figure out that macbooks use pentalobe screws, I ran into a bit of a roadblock: six screws. And then, do we just lift it off? I actually have an idea of how I'm going to use this thing.

Yeah, please tell me that it was the tool that cracked and not the laptop. Okay, so I just looked at the iFixit article and you do need to use this little thing. You kind of pop it on there and then use one of these bad boys here. I fixed it. You are very smart, but despite Ifixit's genius, it still felt rough, This really feels like I'm taking a knife to a baby seal's face.

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Ah, please just come. Off we go. But there was one thing left for me to discover: the hinge. There's something here keeping it down. There you should be able to say, "There, there we go." "There, we go very nicely." it's open, it doesn't look like i damaged anything, one first impression, those are some sexy laptop insides.

Although there's not much of a cooling solution here, it makes sense considering that the m2 chip in here can actually run passively, like it does in the macbook air, so this may actually be an overkill cooling solution for it, which is very promising in terms of thermals and noise while gaming. Other than that, the RAM and the SSD are soldered down, which really sucks, especially considering that this only comes with eight gigs of RAM and you can't upgrade it after the fact.

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In fact, the only way you can do anything about the storage and memory here is by letting Apple bend you over a table when you're actually ordering the device, so upgradeability. This is just not a thing on this laptop at all, which you know, it's an Apple device, obviously, but it's still really disappointing to see.

So let's try gaming on the thing. Okay, so there goes half our ports. Nice hello That is a pretty laptop. As I was setting up the little macbook, I was really flexing my apple knowledge. Let's go up here and get some more of this mac's information. It's about as far as my navigating and Mac OS knowledge goes.

The news app has the same icon as Dota. That's really strange. The keyboard of the little macbook is fine. It does feel like it has more key travel than it looks like there's space for, so I guess that's impressive. In terms of the track pad. I like the size of it, although even on the firmest settings.

I feel like it registers clicks too easily and doesn't give you enough haptic feedback, which means it's easy to accidentally click when you don't mean to. The lack of ports on the little dongle book is definitely an issue, which means the little usb hub from the last article already saves the day. I was supposed to be talking about gaming.

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Well, while I was struggling to install steam on the macbook. I decided to have a quick look at the Apple app store's game selection, which, aside from a whole bunch of phone games, is pretty bad when the only two games in there that get you excited are more than 10 years old. Wait, there's disco elysian.

That's cool we also have psychonauts. Apple uses spoilers. Once steam was installed, it didn't get a whole lot better. Most of the games without that little circle of death next to them don't seem to work, and despite Steam constantly trying to convince me to just use a PC instead. I eventually found some games that worked.

Go has launched, but it's defaulted into windowed mode. That shouldn't be much of a problem, right? I can't click on "apply." I can't apply the settings because I can't figure out how to resize the windows so that I can get to the button to click on it. There is no way that's going to work, but let's give it a try.

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It's actually worked, and after that stroke of luck, my first impressions were good. Is the whole thing right? We're loading into a game and this laptop doesn't sound like a jet engine about to explode from the exertion of it. Like every gaming laptop, that is very promising, but my excitement evaporated pretty quickly.

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