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Brain Junkie here, and today we'll be talking about a science fiction film called Mafia: The Game of Survival. Be ready for some spoilers ahead. Sometime in the near future, a popular game show known as Mafia has taken the attention of the entire world, but no one knows who the real creator is. The game always starts with 11 people, where 9 are civilians and 2 are mafia.

The civilians need to find out the identities of the mafia bosses to win the game by voting the suspects out. But the opposition can kill a person every night. Whichever side that's victorious takes home 1 billion dollars, but the people who are voted out will die a horrible death. After assigning everyone their roles, the creator tells the people to introduce themselves.

The only family that he has are his children, who are waiting to take all his money like vultures. What they don't realize is that Luci has already signed away his wealth, and the kids will never get a single penny after his death. But the old man assures everyone that he's not a mafia member. The next player is a man called Eli, and he claims that he has nothing to lose.

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He was diagnosed with cancer that would end his life in three months. He decided to enter this game to earn money for his family before his death, but his wife only wants him to be with her in the remaining days instead of dying in front of the world. Very soon, the announcer begins introducing the third and fourth contestants.

The player tells the players that these two are actually playing for something else. It turns out that these people are dangerous criminals who decided to play this game to win back their freedoms. Butcher, to laugh in his face. The others began introducing themselves as well, and just like the previous contestants, they all claimed to be nothing more than innocent civilians.

The girl decides to go by her first impressions and accuses a man whose name is Hero. Butcher, who recognizes Mary from a TV show. He also remembers that Peter was infamous for trying to pursue the woman as her number one fan, making them likely to be accomplices. It's quickly revealed that Mary was actually a popular dancer, but her career was destroyed by an accident that left her unable to walk anymore.

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Her fame quickly disappeared after losing the ability to dance, and she was not able to obtain the prosthetics, which were too expensive to buy. This gave her no other choice but to enter the mafia game, as it was the only way for her to get back her life, quickly realizing that their cover was blown.

Peter admits that this is true but assures the players that they're not working together as a mafia. The man tries to save the girl by telling the others that he's the mafia, but this fails to convince the others. Mary is quickly voted out. The woman is forced to reveal her true identity by raising her hand.

The people are shocked to see that she's actually a civilian after all. The woman's chair begins to move as it brings her closer to the black sphere, eventually consuming her body altogether, which causes her to fall unconscious. Mary is quickly brought into a place that's filled by rings and thunder clouds where the lightning descends furiously from the sky.

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The energy begins chasing the woman as she runs desperately across the forest and tries to take away her life in the process. Mary is forced onto a cliff while the lightning approaches closer, giving her no other choice but to jump off. The energy kills her. In the end, her body is turned into dust inside the black sphere as the empty chair is pulled back onto the platform.

Making the players realize that this could eventually be their fate as well, the creator is not impressed by the player's choices as the knight begins to fall upon the city, which allows the mafia to kill a civilian without the other players knowing. When the lights appear inside the building once again, the mafia has already chosen someone to be killed, and it's quickly revealed that the next victim is Mr.

Butcher this causes the man to burst out in anger as he shouts furiously at the other players, but Peter seems happy with the result as he blames the criminal for Mary's death. Very soon, the man is taken into the black sphere as well, and Mr. Butcher is brought inside a large building all by himself.

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Where numerous people are cheering on the balconies, the criminal quickly realizes that he's in danger when the two approaching men begin attacking him by using their weapons and kicking him towards the ground. Fortunately, Mr butcher is able to retaliate. He begins fighting dirty and manages to kill one of his opponents.

However, the enemies quickly regenerate and continue fighting back, no matter how many times the man kills them and turns them into dust. After many rounds of battle, the criminal is eventually able to dispose of the opponents permanently. As he rolls furiously towards the crowds in victory, the prisoners all cheer at the man's bravery, as Mr.

Butcher thinks that he has won, but this was all part of the creator's plan. They return to the game once again, and the players must now vote for a second time to figure out the mafia's true identities. The timer begins to count down like before, and a mysterious man known as Constantine claims that he knows who the mafias are.

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It's quickly revealed that the man actually has a mutation in his brain that allows him to see the future, and he uses the ability to work as a crisis consultant for large companies. Constantine tells the people that Peter is the real mafia as he was the one who killed Mr. Butcher to avenge Mary's death.

Although the logic seems to make sense, the people have trouble believing the words of a stranger, but to their surprise, Peter actually agrees with the accusation. The people begin laughing at the man's foolishness, but Peter quickly reveals that Constantine's identity is mafia as well. The man laughs quietly and tells the players that they made a mistake, as he reveals that he's nothing more than a civilian.

While Constantine smirks in victory, very soon the chair begins to bring the man into the air, but Peter is very happy that he can finally join the woman that he loved. The black sphere eventually brings the man into a vast ocean, where Peter wakes up inside a small vessel that's surrounded by water.

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He tries to paddle his way out of the situation. But the creator sees this and quickly punctures a hole inside the man's boat, which causes water to flood in. What's even worse, numerous sharks begin to appear inside the ocean and surround the man. With nowhere to run, Peter realizes that he's not going to make it on land and decides to gamble.

In order to win 1 billion dollars, players are put inside a game of death, where they must kill each other or be punished to suffer in their worst fears.
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