Video Games Tutorials and News - 33 Roblox Bedwars Tricks You Should Start Using

Video Games Tutorials and News - 33 roblox bedwars tricks

If you play Roblox Bedwars, you probably want to get better at the game. There are some very useful glitches and tricks that most people don't know about. Today, we'll be going over dirty free tricks and Roblox Bedwars that you should start using. One, with the trapper's kit, you can actually create a working ladder by stacking a bunch of traps like this.

You can use it as a ladder. They only cost 20 irons, so it's a pretty cheap but clever trick. Two, this slider could also be used as a way to mlg. I guess by jumping down and landing on the ladder, you won't take fall damage. I guess the trapper kit is a pretty decent kit, but there's a lot better.

Three: Let's say you're stuck on a sky base with no way out. An easy way to escape is by jumping down, aiming yourself towards the zipline and spamming. You'll land right on the zipline before you hit the ground, which will save your life. It's a pretty clever way to escape. Four: Fall damage is annoying, but by using a jade hammer or void axe you can fix that.

There are two ways to do this. The first way is by jumping down and using it for a second before you hit the ground. The second way is by using it like this, which will give you a shield for a few seconds, meaning you will not take fall damage. It's pretty good for getting down from high places.

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Number five, getting on the spectator map, is pretty hard, but there's an easier way to do it. Get a cannon and a gumdrop. Build up to almost max height, position the cannon so it goes up, then place a gum drop right next to it. The music cannon while running to the gun drop at the exact same time will launch you a million miles in the air so you can land on the spectator, map.

Players who don't have the gingerbread cake will never be able to catch you, and it's hilarious. Number six You can make the fastest ladder with gumdrops. Place a gumdrop, bounce on it, place a block and another gumdrop above it. Keep repeating this until you get all the way up pretty fast. And you can easily get down by placing a gumdrop and falling all the way down.

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It's a pretty simple trick that works pretty well. Number seven If you combine the knockback fish with the fire enchant, you can make a pretty unstoppable combo. With one punch, you can send your enemy flying into the void and on fire, which means they can't use balloons. Number eight there is a really good hiding spot on this particular map.

By going to the middle, dropping down here and placing a block here, you can create a good hiding spot which will definitely annoy your enemy, but it won't take long for them to find you, so do it at your own risk. Number nine: breaking bets is pretty important, but it can be difficult sometimes. A simple way to do this is by using a strategy called block ins.

All you need is a bunch of wool and some shears. Go to the enemy's bed, block yourself in with wool, and use your shears to make your way to the bed and break it. Number 10: Hop into 30 v30 with the jacket. By combining it with the plunger enchant, you can throw an oil blob at the gen and it will steal everyone's resources.

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I guess oil is money after all. Number 11: JK and many others got a nerf where you can't buy teleports, but you can fix that by having a friend drop you pearls. number 12 By combining the masked hammer with the fire enchants, you'll do a bunch of knockback. All you have to do is press f to become massive, then hit the enemy once, which will make them go flying.

But if I use the fire enchantment with the mass hammer, I can launch my friend super far. As you guys can see, I'm getting launched super far and I'm also getting that weird bouncing effect that I talked about number 13. You all probably know that you need iron to rush, but what if I told you there is a way to rush without using a single bar of iron?

Let's head over to Duels. In Duels, there's a map called Sand Temple. This map is designed in a way where if you use Uzi, you can boost yourself to the enemy's base without buying wool. Number 14: This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works super well. You can launch a TNT bomb by shooting it with an arrow.

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It can be used as a TNT cannon or it can be used to stop players from exploiting your best defense you put in. Yeah, he bought the TNT off the base. He bowled the TNT off the bed. That's a pro move. That's a pro move who had the bow where the bow cubing cubic knows cubing is the goat. Number 15, if you want to break the world record for the most kills, here's a trick anyone can do.

Hop into customs. Set your health to 10. Do not slash or bomb clone 20. Keep clicking on the host panel and switching your team to slash and enchant static free. Shoot the pilot close with a bow and you'll get a bunch of kills instantly. Keep repeating this and you'll eventually get thousands of kills.

At number 16, there's a very easy way to not take fall damage. Don't fall i'm just kidding. If you get the updraft enchant, you can use this to not take fall damage. If you fall off, press the spacebar when you're about to hit the ground, which will break your fall. 17 for some maps, you can buy stuff from the shop without being near it.

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Let's say you're stuck on the enemy's base with a bunch of emeralds. And there are a bunch of enemies camping at the base. An easy way to buy stuff is to go around here, so you can buy some without being near the enemies. It's a pretty sneaky and clever trick. Number 18: The double-edged sword slowly kills you if you have it, but by combining it with rapid regeneration, you can have the sword and infinitely heal at the exact same time.

It works even better if you have Trinity. Number 19 with the farmer's kits, you can do a little bit of trolling. Place crops around your bed and wait for them to grow. Once they grow, no one can break them except other farmers, so what kind of work is a bedrock back defense, Number 20? If you want to get some easy kills, here's the trick you can do.

Build a tube like this, get a pair of scissors, drop them in the hole right here, and wait for the victim to approach. If the victim tries to jump down, you build up like this and drop down here. He will break this block and place a block of wool, which will suffocate him. Credits to ABC dyno number 21, this trick works super well if your enemy is stacked.

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Build the tube as I showed you in number 20, except this time use blast ceramic for the very first layer. If you don't know why, then get ready for this. You only need one teleport. Just one, then get a bunch of TN. If the bottom layer looks like this, wait for the enemy to come. If the enemy drops down, throw a pearl to the side and get out.

33 Roblox Bedwars Tricks You Should Start Using. Roblox Bedwars is one of the BIGGEST games on roblox, and there are so many things to do in this game! But there are things that most people don't know about. This video, I'll be going over 33 cool roblox bedwars tricks and glitches that you may or may not know about, and how they can help.
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