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some games reward you for playing hard, and some games make you feel dumb for not playing hard. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today on GameRanks are 20 games that humiliate you for playing on easy.

Super mario galaxy 2

Starting off at number 20, it's Super Mario Galaxy, 2. While this game doesn't have any traditional difficulty levels, what it does have is equally insulting.

If you die too many times on a level, you get the option of playing through it with the cosmic guide. It doesn't make the game easier or anything; it just plays the game for you. It's the article game equivalent of getting your big brother to do the hard part for you. It was actually a pretty big stink about these guide modes when Nintendo first started introducing them into their games, and we're not going to get any of that here, but for us at least, the real issue isn't that the game will play itself if it thinks you're doing badly, but that if you do give up and let it do the cosmic guide.

If you get a power star, it doesn't even count. Instead of the usual star, you just get this sad bronze star, and if you have any of them, you can't go to the last level. It's totally locked out until you go back and play through the main level again. I guess the idea is that you'll learn how to get through a stage by watching it, but for a game that's supposed to be as kid-friendly as Super Mario Galaxy.

It's kind of a mean thing to pull on the player, and even if you're not a kid, it's still kind of humiliating. To get that want to switch to easy mode question after dying so many times for certain players, like us specifically, just pisses us off.

Metal gear solid 5

Metal gear solid 5

Number 19 is the Metal Gear Solid Five Chicken Hat. You can't make a list like this without bringing up the Chicken Hat from Metal Gear Solid Five. I mean, look at it. It's totally ridiculous. Like with the Mario example, the game offers to give you this thing only if you manage to die a bunch of times in one mission.

They must have mistaken you for a chicken. What's even funnier about this thing is that if you continue to die, like around 10 or more times, beyond getting the chicken hat and putting it on, then you get the little chicken hat, which basically makes you completely invisible. At this point, you basically can't lose, but it comes at what cost?

The chicken head is so goofy and lame it's kind of hilarious, but you've got to feel pretty bad if you have to legitimately use it like you need it.

Ninja gaiden black

And number 18 is Ninja Gaiden Black's Ninja Dog Difficulty, another, absolutely infamous, example of a game humiliating you for playing on easy.

You've probably heard of this one before, but if you die enough in the Xbox remake of Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Gaiden Black (you know, the updated version), then you get the option to play the game on Ninja Dog difficulty, which is about as embarrassing as it gets because the game really rubs it in, like instead of asking.

With something simple like switching to easy mode, they're like, "Do you choose to abandon the way of the ninja?" and then you have to confirm it multiple times. In order to really add insult to injury, a yami, your apprentice, appears and basically calls you a loser. In so many words, what really makes this so bad is that, unlike a lot of other games that make fun of you for playing it on easy, this game is legitimately really hard, so for a lot of people, it can be really tempting to switch over, but man does this game rub it in.

The dishwasher

The dishwasher

And number 17 is the dishwasher, vampire smile.

A pretty princess has difficulty, a weird one. The Dishwasher was always one of those early indie game trail blazers that came out on Xbox Live Arcade back in the day, and it is still one of the best. To describe it, it is pretty much Devil May Cry but a side scroller with art by an overcaffeinated heavy metal obsessed teenager, and like the game series that inspired it, the game can be very tough.

There's another difficulty that changes if you die too much, and it's pretty embarrassing because it gives you pretty princess difficulty, and enemies aren't that aggressive. They're way easier to kill, and instead of spraying blood when you attack them, they shoot out little hearts. The developers really go all in on the heart theme too, like they put hearts into the background on this difficulty as well.

Wolfenstein the new order

And number 16 is Wolfenstein, the New Order. The inventor of this whole gimmick is probably not the first to make fun of you for playing uneasy, but it's the most famous and earliest example. At least in the current trend with new games they adapted, the difficulty levels from the original game almost exactly as they first appeared, so there's normal, which is just a bj face, then the easier difficulty, please don't hurt me.

I'm making a scared face, and the worst of them all, can I play Daddy, which puts bj in a baby bonnet and has him sucking on a pacifier. It pretty much looks exactly the same as the originals, but it's somehow even more insulting here, rendered in much better detail.

Star wars the force unleashed 2

Star wars the force unleashed 2

And number 15 is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, where the difficulties and levels are pretty standard. There's not really anything to talk about there, but this is one of those games that saves its biggest insult for the end.

If you play the game on easy, the achievement you get at the end is called Padawan, and you get a picture of Jar Binks giving a thumbs up. Like for a lot of Star Wars fans, just the sight of this guy is insulting enough, but it's very clearly geared towards making you feel like a chump.


And Of course, easy mode, which is just like Wolfenstein, the Deadpool game, goes out of its way to make fun of you for choosing the easy option, and just like in those games, if you choose easy at the start of the game, you get a picture of Deadpool's face with a pacifier in his mouth and a tear going down his face.

The funny thing is that the actual name of the easy mode isn't that insulting. It's called "genetically superior," which basically just implies that you're innately more powerful in this mode. Of course, what they actually think is pretty obvious considering the look you get for selecting it.



And number 13 is Doom, an absolutely classic game with some unusual difficulty options. The game makes it pretty clear what the developers think of you: that you are a loser. But there's a nastier variation on the ps1. The port of doom, I'm too young to die, was changed to the much more blunt "I am a wimp." I mean, damn, tell us what you really think.

Most games have easy modes- they're great and necessary sometimes. Only a select few games go out of their way to insult you for it. Here are some examples.
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