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During the early days of the NBA. Not a whole lot of high-flying dunks, actually. There were no dunks whatsoever. No three-pointers dribbling that looks like it belongs in a circus act, some of the wildest shots you'll ever see in your life, and one of the early pioneers of this young NBA was a player named Joe Folks.

Now folks, he was a bad man. One of the nba's first superstars, was the first scoring leader in nba history and had even scored 63 points in a single game, an nba record at the time and one that stood for over a decade. If one thing was for certain, it was that Joe was going to shoot a shot and no one was going to stop him, even if they should have, because Joe's single game scoring record is not the only NBA record that he broke throughout his eight-year career.

In a regular season game in 1948. The Joe folks broke the NBA record for the most missed shots in a single game, a record that still stands to this day and a record that will probably never be broken. Here are some all-time NBA greats and the most missed shots they've ever accumulated in one game.

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Only a few greats have missed fewer than 20 shots in a single game. Steph had a game where he missed 21 shots. Lebron has missed 23 shots in a game. Michael Jordan has missed 27 shots in a single game. And then there's Joe, who in 1948 missed 42 shots in a single NBA game. Lebron. Steph, and Durant have all never even attempted 42 shots in a single game in their entire careers, but Joe was built with 99 problems and a field goal percentage ain't won because Joe also holds the 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 10th spots for the most missed shots in a single NBA game.

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Get ten percent off your first month at {950}. Forward slash Jimmy the High Roller, that's. B-e-t-t-e-r-h-e-l p dot com A forward slash Back in 2002. Gatorade shot a commercial that featured a 39-year old Michael Jordan going one-on-one with a younger version of himself. This commercial was first aired during Super Bowl 36 in front of millions of viewers and remains one of the most iconic sports commercials of all time.

But what people didn't realize at the time was that the athlete that played the young version of M.J. was actually a 22-year old Jamal Crawford. Despite entire articles being written about the commercial itself, Crawford was never truly credited for his role. But in a recent interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Jamal talked about his role on set.

You were in the Gatorade commercial with Jordan. You played the, how old were you, you played the bulls version of Jordan and he's with the wizards, absolutely. I was 22 and I was the younger version, and I was like, okay, what's the line? It's like no lines, let's just talk and play one-on-one.

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I'm like, there's no lines, so I start reaching for the ball. He's like you reach, I teach you right, and he's kind of going out for his flow. I'm like, okay, am I playing? I'm trying to play like me. I'm trying to play just play, after taking an extended hiatus from the game of magic. Johnson returned to the NBA in the 1995-1996 season to play for the Lakers one last time.

His return didn't last long, and he retired for good in June of 1996. You want to know what else happened in June of 1996? The Lakers acquired a 17-year old kid named Kobe Bryant and signed superstar Shaquille O'Neal, which meant NBA fans were one season away from seeing a trio of magic: Shaq. Kobe, and Kobe, all on the same team, a decision that would have changed the entire timeline of the NBA.

For younger NBA fans, it feels like LeBron has been around since pretty much the dawn of time. In fact, for a lot of fans of the NBA, they've never seen a league without LeBron James. And that's because Lebron has been in the NBA for longer than he hasn't been in the NBA. I know that sounds a bit weird, so let me explain.

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Lebron was 18 years and 303 days old when he was drafted into the NBA, and as of today, Lebron has been in the NBA for 19 years and 48 days. Lebron has been in the NBA for the majority of his life and the majority of most of our lives, but he still has a few years to go before he reaches the ultimate NBA sage status that Vince Carter obtained a few seasons ago.

By the time Vince retired, the span of his NBA career had become absurd. Of all the seasons in NBA history, the man was a part of nearly a third of the NBA's entire existence, and throughout his career he faced thousands of players, including not one, not two, not three, not four, or five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven, but twelve father-son duos in the NBA.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Vince Carter was in the NBA for so long that he played the father and the son of 12 different NBA families. Now, if you had to guess which player has the highest offensive rating in NBA history, who would you guess? Jordan, Lebron, Steph, maybe Shaq or Kareem, maybe even a wild card guest like Jokic or Giannis, well, it really doesn't matter because I can guarantee you 100.

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With certainty, your guess is wrong. No offense It's just that the current record holder is literally the last guy you would expect, because the all-time leader for offensive rating is Rudy Gobert. Rudy, go bear for perspective. Lebron is 43rd all time at 116, Steph Durant, and M.J. are all very close with career offensive ratings of about 117.

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