Video Games Tutorials and News - 10 Easter Eggs Hidden For Video Game Cheaters

Video Games Tutorials and News - best easter egg cheaters

Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today on gamer's 10 easter eggs are hidden four article game cheaters. Starting off at number 10, which is your girlfriend's face, Okay, this one's actually kind of creepy at a certain point in the game in the Theta labs. Your main character gets caught by one of the disgusting creatures wandering around the underwater complex this game takes place in.

After blacking out, you have a vision of your girlfriend, who you can only see from behind. This scene doesn't last long, but anytime a game wants to hide someone's face, players usually can't help but wonder what it actually looks like. Sometimes in situations like this, the face is fully modeled and complete, but they just decided not to show it for whatever reason, and in others it's a placeholder.

I mean, it would still be creepy as just a blank face with no details, but what's actually in this game is worse. If you freeze the game in the middle of the dream and turn on Noclip, you'll find the grotesque. For whatever reason, your girlfriend's face is just a mass of maggots. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that I didn't expect them to have spent time saying, "You know, for the person who uses Noclip and cheats, we really want to really freak them out." You know, you usually expect the person using Noclip or cheating or doing something the game isn't supposed to do.

Video Games Tutorials and News - best pc easter eggs

You expect that person to be an afterthought, or even not a thought, but here they created a special work of art just for you. And number nine in God of War on PS4: There's a secret gesture, originally found by Lance on the PS4 version of the game. If you manage to pause the action at the right moment, you'll find a very amusing little secret in the tutorial section, where Kratos encounters a mysterious stranger looking to pick a fight.

This guy takes one hell of a beating to put down, but Kratos eventually manages to snap his neck and send him falling down a nearby clip. This all happens in a cut scene, so you never really get a chance to see the guy fall unless you cheat now that the game is on PC. It's a lot easier to see this secret for yourself.

Video Games Tutorials and News - best ps4 easter eggs

You just need the free camera mod to pause the action at the right moment. If you get it right, you can find your enemy flipping you the double bird mid-fall while making a ridiculous, Pose There's really no other way to see this one in the game. The only way to catch this moment is with some kind of free camera or debug mode, and even then you have to pause at the right time.

The only way to see this secret little joke is if you're a dirty cheater or by watching it online, which I guess you're kind of doing right now, and you're not a dirty little cheater for that. And number eight, they're dancing, Sanders Cohen's. If you're particularly observant, a key moment in the original Bioshock occurs in Fort Flick, the seventh level of the game, at a location called Eve's Garden.

In it, you discover that Andrew Ryan had a son that was taken away. This all plays out by following ghosts through the area, and at one point, the game stops to show you right in front of the final room, which builds up to the big reveal, but if you're an impatient cheater, you can just clip right through the door and get to the room early, which reveals two Sanders Cohens doing a pole dance animation.

Video Games Tutorials and News - best ps5 easter eggs

Why this is here, I have no idea, but it is kind of funny. If nothing else, it does ruin the drama of the whole situation. Not just if you clip through and find it, but also kind of just knowing that it's there. Since I found out about this, I have not been able to even try to take the moment seriously because I know that behind that wall, that's what's happening, and seven in Super Smash Brothers Melee.

You can play as "Master Hand." There are a lot of games with hidden debug menus that you can only access by cheating, but one of the all-time best ones is Smash Bros. Melee there's tons of cool stuff you can find in there. If there's a test level you can access, you can play the sandbag, or a wireframe, you can play as a gigabowser.

Video Games Tutorials and News - best xbox one easter eggs

Although it's great, the most impressive thing, however, is that you get to play as the series' iconic boss. Master Hand. But either way, it's pretty fun to mess around with, and in terms of Easter eggs, I'm not a hundred percent sure how intentional it is. It's like I don't think developers really wanted players to have access to this stuff, but whether they did or didn't, it's just so much fun to mess around with, it doesn't really matter a lot.

And for serious smash players, accessing this menu is even better, because it contains all kinds of important data, like tons of it, like hitboxes, invincibility, frames, like he's just all around really great and it's impossible to access it without cheating. At number six in the Stanley parable, there is a serious ending.

This is a game that is all about seeing what you can get away with. Usually, if you can do something in the game, it leads to some kind of easter egg or something. The game was originally built using the Source engine, which is well known for its console commands, so it should come as no surprise that clever players will try to find all the endings in the games simply by cheating.

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But what he actually gets is even better. If the game detects you're attempting to use the console to enable cheats, then you're teleported to the serious room where the narrator says you're not taking the game seriously enough, and then the game just traps you there. The only way to continue is to exit out and restart.

That's that you're trapped there. It's probably not what you expected me to say when I said the serious ending. It makes it sound like there's something dramatic and important going on. In a poignant moment that you can get to by cheating, you get trapped in a room. It's actually pretty funny in a little secret.

That's not exactly true. It's an ending, but there's enough going on here that I think it counts and it ends the game effectively. It's not accessible to people who aren't cheating either. And number five is Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition. On top of that, it's practically ancient by today's standards but still has some of the best cheats around.

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On top of that, all of the amazing units you can unlock using simple cheat codes, like the Cobra Car, which is a car that drives around and fires machine guns in a medieval strategy game for penguins. A monkey called Furious the Monkey Boy and Alfred the Alpaca. There's one cheat unit called the shirazor, which is a cat riding a shark with a jet pack, which was added to the game in 2016.

Some hidden secrets in games are only available to hackers or cheaters. Here are some of our favorite weird examples.
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