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These players were All-Stars, scoring champions, and MVPs, but they could never win on the biggest stage of all. Here are the 10 best NBA players without a ring. Number 10 george Gervin was the Kevin Durant of the 70s without the rings, a lanky shooting guard with the height of a forward. Gervin was a premier bucket getter because of his cold-blooded scoring ability and cool demeanor on the court.

He got the nickname "The Iceman" because defenders could do nothing to stop him from scoring with a smooth mid-range jumper. Iceman could raise up and shoot over nearly anybody just like KDE, and if a defender guarded him up close. Iceman would drive past him to finish at The Rim, most likely using his trademark finger roll to finish with style.

He was a four-time scoring champion and a 12-time All-Star. Thanks to a mediocre Spurs team, he never made it to the finals.

Allen iverson

Allen iverson

Nine Allen , Iverson then, there was AI, who is definitely not in the top 10 best players ever and not even in the top 20, but he is one of the 10 biggest icons in NBA history. Iverson wasn't a great defensive player; he shot the ball too much; and he damn sure didn't like practice. However, when we're talking about heart, AI might have had the biggest in NBA history.

4-time scoring champion nba mvp

He was a four-time scoring champion, an MVP, a seven-time all-star, and an 11-time all-star. Those are his most notable credentials, but Iverson's greatness goes beyond his accolades. Iverson's game opened the door for many small guards, proving that a point guard can be the highest scorer on the team and not just a facilitator for others.

Iverson ranks seventh all-time in points per game and third in points per game in the playoffs. He may have lost in the 2001 finals, but he will always be the people's champion.

Patrick ewing

Patrick ewing

Eight Patrick This next player may not have the street cred of AI, but you can't name 10 centers in NBA history better than Patrick Ewing, a Knicks legend guaranteed. He gave New York a playoff spot with his 20 and 10 average. Unlike today, fans from the Big Apple in the 90s didn't know what it was like to miss the playoffs with Ewing at the helm.

They made the postseason for 13 straight seasons, and since Big Pat left the team in 2000, the Knicks have made the playoffs only five times, winning just one playoff series in 22 years. Ewing made seven all-NBA teams and three all-defensive teams in the Golden Era for centers when it was tough to get selected next to Hakeem.

David Robinson, Shaq, Matumbo, and Alonzo Mourning Ewing was also selected for 11 All-Star games and was a member of the Dream Team. He led the Knicks to the finals twice, losing in seven games to Hakeem in 1994 and then to Duncan and David Robinson in 1999. If he didn't need to go through Jordan in the East, he'd probably have more finals appearances, but even without the title, he is without a doubt the best Nick ever.



Number seven Russell Westbrook: As for Russell Westbrook, he may have as many flaws as Ewing had postseason appearances. He's a bad shooter who turns the ball over at a historically high rate. He's not a good defender, despite his otherworldly. His decision-making in the clutch has never been great, despite his imperfections.

There's no denying Westbrook's greatness. Russ made nine all-NBA and nine all-star teams in the last decade when it was extremely tough for a guard to get selected, but amongst all the high-scoring guards. Russ has been one of the hardest to stop and the most unpredictable. He was the most athletic point guard ever, the best rebounder of all time at his position, and his transition game was like LeBron's or Giannis'.

He'd get the rebound, sprint coast to coast, and finish with a rim-shattering jam on the other end, and you could count on it happening at least once a game other than in the playoffs. Oscar Robertson Russ is the only other person in NBA history to average a triple double for a season, and he's done it four times, Westbrook included.

He is also a two-time scoring champion. He led the league in assists three times and, on 27/17, was the league MVP. In 2012, after reaching the finals with OKC, he's been coming up short in the playoffs ever since, but his numbers speak for themselves. Even if he retired right now, Russ would be a lock for first ballot Hall of Famer number six.

James harden

James harden

James , Harden James Harden doesn't come without his issues. He's played some horrible defense and he's let himself go too many nights making it rain in the gentleman's club, but in his eight seasons with the Houston Rockets. James averaged nearly 30 points and eight assists per game and became one of the five best offensive players ever.

He has left a drive to the basket here with arguably the best foul drawing technique in basketball history, and his patented step-back three-pointer, which proved hardened to be nearly unguardable. He was a one-man offense that generated over 50 points per game, which is only comparable to Kobe NJ and Wilton's Prime, from the best Sixth Man of the Year in OKC to an MVP in Houston, and he should have won at least one or two more MVPs.

Harden is also a three-time scoring champion and a one-time assist leader, with seven all-NBA selections and 10 All-Star appearances. The beard came close to winning a title with OKC in 2012 and with Houston in 2018. Even though he didn't go all the way, he's a basketball wizard and the only guy in NBA history who forced defenses to guard an offensive player from behind number five, Elgin Baylor.

Elgin baylor

Elgin baylor

Coming up short in a single finals appearance is one thing, but Elgin Baylor must be the unluckiest NBA player ever.

He was the LeBron James of the 60s, an athletic small forward that could dribble ass and shoot but was mostly known for scoring above the rim with thunderous power. At the beginning of the 60s, he was averaging 35 points, five assists, and nearly 20 rebounds per game, and he retired with an average of 27 points.

13 and a half rebounds and 4.3 assists. 10 all-NBA selections and 11 all-Star appearances Later, Elgin would always come up short in the playoffs. He appeared in seven NBA finals and lost all seven of them, which is the most finals appearances without a ring in 1962. Baylor and the Lakers lost to the Celtics by three points in Game 7.

Video Games Tutorials and News - nba championship

The next year, Boston defeated them by three points in Game Six of the 1966 Finals. They lost another finals game to Bill Russell and the Celtics. This time by only two points. The same scenario happened in 1969. Russell of the Celtics edged Baylor in Game Seven again, scoring just two more points than the Lakers in 1970.

These players were All-Stars, scoring champions, and MVPs. But they could never win on the biggest stage of all. Here are the 10 best NBA players without a ring.
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