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Valorant - agent lore

The screen brightens as your agent opens their eyes. You're in an elevator, but oddly enough, this elevator is traveling down. You stop at a floor labeled HQ. The door opens and standing in front of you is a man named Brimstone and a woman named Sage.

Valorant campaign

Valorant campaign

I have some amazing ideas for missions that the Ballon Protocol could go on and monumental story arcs that could theoretically take place throughout a great campaign. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, so I really hope you enjoyed what my vision of a story mode would look like.

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Valerian campaign to show the devs we mean business, so i think the best way to start off the Valerian campaign is to be a new agent that just got recruited into the ballroom protocol.

I toyed around with the idea of instead of being a new agent, you would just play through with the various agents already in the game, but I thought it would be way more fun to create an agent and play the campaign with what you made. You could pick if you want your agent to be a radiant or a human.

I guarantee most people are, of course, going to pick radiant. I mean, who wouldn't? And throughout the story, you unlock more abilities and can add to your kit and swap around to suit how you want to play through the campaign. Maybe your agent started off with a controller but slowly transitioned your agents to suit a duelist playstyle.

So once you pick your agent, you're loaded into the first mission. Here's the beginning of my story, Mission One Introduction , and a tutorial.

Missioni introduction and tutorial

Missioni introduction and tutorial

The screen brightens as your agent opens their eyes. You're in an elevator, but oddly enough, this elevator is traveling down. You stop at a floor labeled "HQ." The door opens, and standing in front of you is a man named Brimstone.

Sage and a woman named Sage greet you with brim, giving you a firm handshake that looks like it might hurt, and Sage skips the formality and goes for a warm hug instead. They start chatting with you, explaining how happy they are to have you join the cause and how an agent like you can help save the planet.

Your agent asks what they mean by saving the planet. Brimstone loudly tells a story of how there are multiple realities, and this one called Omega. Earth, is the one that's been stealing radionite from us, and the disaster in Venice. Italy is the cause of their attacks, not the cover. Your agent is very confused and can't believe what you're hearing, so Brim just goes on and on about it.

Valorant - campaign

Sage rolls her eyes, tells Brim that he's saying way too much at once and is confusing, and pulls you aside to take a walk through the headquarters. But not before jokingly giving Britain a hard time getting back to the office and filling out some paperwork. You take a tour of the facility with Sage, while getting introduced to agents along the way.

You meet Neon and Killjoy. They seem very fun and welcome you with open arms. Sage introduces you to a man with long hair and a bow and arrow. You learn that his name is Silva, then pass by a standoffish woman who has this weird glowing pink light coming from her chest. Sage introduces you to this woman named Reina, but depending if you picked a radiant or human or not, as your agent.

She'll either ignore you if you choose to be human and keep walking, or she'll stop and say hi if you choose to be radiant. Hey, do you live under a rock? I know it's a dumb question, but if you do, then I need you to bust out there like Patrick Starr and Spongebob, and hop on your PC to download Val and Tracker.

Since everyone else already knows what valentracker is. I literally just found out, like literally today, on stream from chat that you can search up guides for really any agent, and I literally just found out an amazing retake scan on Haven with a guide. It's such an amazing tool, and I literally used it every single match of Valerian.

It's actually built on top of Overwolf, which is a super trustworthy company, so it's got a great reputation.

Link in description pinned comment

Link in description pinned comment

After sponsoring the channel, you finally end up at a training room, the same one that we saw in the warm cinematic, where a much more controlled and easy-to-deal with version of the max spot is there to practice on. You learn all your abilities with Sage guiding you along the way and how to defuse a spike that she warns you the valor in legion uses to steal our radio night with.

Once the tutorial is over, an alarm blares throughout the valley protocol's headquarters. So you and the states rush to the command room to see what's going on.

The valorant legion

Mission 2 : The Valorant Legion. A cutscene plays with the view of Sage running to the command room to wait for further instructions.

Valorant - campaign mode

A bunch of other agents join you in the room, but some agents that aren't there in person pop up over a article call. You don't recognize any of them, but you do see that their names are underneath their calls, and they are chamber, cipher fade, and astra. The alarm stops and a door opens with Brimstone walking in with a big robot you've never seen before named Ko.

Once everyone is present, cipher begins a breakdown of what's going on. Apparently, the valor legion has launched another attack on alpha-earth soil, this time in London, England. He informs us that his intel was placed there after being scouted by an unidentified aircraft that landed near a Kingdom radeonite storage facility.

Brimstone says a valon protocol task force needs to be assembled immediately to combat the threat. The cipher is already there, so you'll stand by for backup. Brimstone recruits Sova, your omen, and then he turns to you and says you are ready for this. Your agent eagerly shakes their head. It cuts to you flying in a vulture helicopter with the other recruited agents next to you.

Valorant - cinematic

Cypher sets up a landing zone and you land nearby. He rushes to the vulture and says he just got notification that his trip wire was set off nearby the storage of Ray Knight. That means that the agents are really close. The task force gets off the helicopter and begins making their way to the facility.

That's when the fighting begins. You see the Valor legion that looks exactly like your crew. In fact, you see an enemy that looks just like your omen standing right next to you. There are also Atlas soldiers shooting at you as well. These Atlas soldiers are kind of like the grunts in the campaign, while the legion agents are sort of like your quote unquote bosses.

Eventually, with some rough fighting, you make it to the storage area where an enemy phoenix just planted the spike. Time is ticking and somehow you're the closest one to the spike. Your team is pinned down with gunfire, so Omen tells you to make a break for the spike with the diffuser and he'll lay down some cover smoke for you.

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