Valorant - Want Insane Aim. Try These 10 Pro Crosshairs



The crosshairs themselves might not play the biggest role in your performance in the game, but keeping the game looking fresh and having a crosshair you feel comfortable with can help you immensely. So now that Rio allows us to save multiple, let's get you guys 10 of the best pro crosshairs that you should definitely try out and perhaps even use in your games.

It is your host, Sergeant Frost. We're now allowed to set up 10 crossover profiles that you can instantly switch to and save whenever you desire. I've already gone and set up mine, but you probably haven't, so today we'll give you 10 of the best ones. Having a couple solid crosshairs that you like for different situations can do wonders for your aim, so make sure you pay close attention and pause the article to save any crosshair you might like.

We've also got timestamps and sections if you have any you're particularly interested in, so feel free to jump around.


the first thing we simply have to talk about is, of course, tenses. His crosshair is a classic that many people use, so if you don't have it saved or you haven't used it before, then you're in for a pleasant experience.

What we're talking about here is the 1422, Cyan crosshair. Tens has a crosshair that's highly versatile and is used by many. It's quite bland, but in a good way. You'll never feel like this crosshair is hindering you from doing anything, and it's essentially a jack of all trades. To set it up, simply set your crosshair color to cyan, outlines off.

Like most pro crosshairs, the outer lines are completely off and just set the inner lines to 1 4 2. For people who aren't familiar with this format, this means opacity is set to 1, size is set to 4, thickness is set to 2, and offset is set to 2. As well, make sure both movement error and firing error are set to zero. Although lately, Tens has been talking about experimenting with the new improved firing error options, so we'll have to see.



Next up, you know, we have to mention the headshot machine himself, Scream. Scream is similar to Tens in many ways. They're both crazy aimers, and they are big stars for their respective teams.

They also both have a great pro guide course over on our website. Anyway, Scream uses a dot crosshair, which is a great way to accentuate his insane aim now. I know that doc crosshairs are pretty simple and easy, but let's be honest, do you want a random dot crosshair or do you want screams? Crosshair, exactly outlines are set on with one on both options for center dot, set it to on then 1-3, his inner lines are off, so it's just a nice little square crosshair.

Smaller crosshairs are great for precision aiming, but be careful with spraying and big adjustments, because it's very easy to lose focus and lose track of the crosshair movement. Scream is pretty well known for his aim, so he has the skills to control it as well, but it's definitely a great crosshair for those who are confident in their mechanical aim, and if you're not confident yet with your aim, no worries, we can help you out on our website proguides.

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Another really high player coming into the pro circuit is Yay. He was previously on and off and just recently signed with Envy. He's an insane rifler and he's been a force to be reckoned with and ranked where he has reached rank 1 on numerous occasions, but that pales in comparison to how he performs in pro play against the best of the best.

He's still been consistently dominating. Obviously, as with all pro players, his skill doesn't come from years and years of dedication and hard work, but instead from his crosshair. So what is his? He uses a one-three, two-crosshair. With outlines on and colored red, it might seem similar to the classic 1:4:2 crosshair, but the feel of it is quite different and is definitely worth testing out.

The different color of red makes it so that it stands out a lot more and, thus, it can get away with being a bit smaller. It also means that for many it's a lot better for tapping and small bursts, so pistol rounds and vandal enthusiasts will benefit a lot from these, but it's not small like a dot, so holding angles and adjustments still feel natural and controlled.


Well, it's time for our question of the day. Today's question is: what is your favorite crosshair? Whether it's the crosshair you're currently using or one of your old personal favorites that you've always seemed to come back to, we all have a crosshair that just feels so good when using it. Either way, let's get back to the article.



The next crosshair on this list belongs to the crazy European jet player cnet. Although he and his team did manage to make it to VCT Iceland, people had already talked about him potentially being the best jet player in the entire world. Of course, we can't be certain until we see him on the big stage, hopefully in Berlin, competing against the likes of tents, but it's still a testament to how good he is as a player to be on the radar regardless.

His crosshair features a white cross, made by turning off outlines and setting inner lines to one, four, two, zero. What this leaves you with is a nice and clean white cross that, at least in my opinion, is the best crosshair I've ever seen. It's nice it's simple, it's clean, and it gives you an aimbot.

If you haven't already, make sure to give this crosshair a try because it's really a nice crosshair to game with.


Speaking of crosshairs that give you an aimbot, Asuna is no stranger to making some crazy highlight plays that borderline feel like he has an aimbot to pull it off. That's why we got to cover his crosshairs as well.

His white crosshair has inner lines of one, two, and three, with outlines on and opacity and thickness set to one. This allows this crosshair to feel nice and open, giving it a great feel for locking it on the head at close to midrange. Although it has little substance, the crosshair itself is great for one-tap spraying and holding angles as well, mostly because it has enough space at the edges to lead you.

One warning I will give you though: if you are a really passive player that likes to hold angles, the gap can quickly feel too large to comfortably aim comfortably. But if you're like a sunna and you like to get in people's faces with an aggressive playstyle, then look no further.



Now that I've mentioned the Sunnis, I have to go over to Sabrosa's Crosshairs, since they do share some similarities. Subrosa rocks the same two or three inner lines that Asuna does, but there are two key differences.

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