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Alright guys

Alright guys

All right guys, subscribe again today. I hope you're all doing well and enjoying your day so far. Welcome back to Valor Nugent. In just a few days away from the start of valor and champions, pretty much all the details have been revealed via leaks as to where this event is actually going to take place in terms of the venue, what the capacity might potentially be, but riots have indeed confirmed what the format of the tournament is this year for champions, which teams are aware of what the group of deaths might be and what this means for who might actually win this tournament, in a few weeks time, very much on twitter.

Zellsis banned

Valorant - 100 thieves

If you're new, as always, I'd greatly appreciate everybody up to the channel. Just to mention it real quick, I think it's about time that 100 thieves did this. All the valor and stuff is going to be on there. Of course, they want to celebrate their victory that they had at the LCQ and qualify as champions, and we'll see exactly where they line up here in a second because I think some would argue that 100 thieves kind of have a group of death here, but honestly.

I think there are quite a lot of groups of deaths here. It's quite difficult to say which one is which because. The North American teams actually got split up for once. Can you believe it? But yeah, that was an update on 100 thieves. I just thought I'd mention this also to say thanks to Cassius.

And you know, they will return. I imagine, in due course, but that's the thing. Like ZELSA is now banned, like I mean, sentinels are going to have to bench him immediately, because if he can't stream, what's the point of being on Centos? But as he says, he got banned for apparently hateful slurs or symbols, and I seem to say this is the thing that's been happening before with Shanks and Prod, where like he says one f word, and then twitch believes it was another f word.

I don't know if that's correct. I guess that's done automatically. And anyway, Elsa's been banned. I guess he's going to be back in due course. I don't think it was because he would show us all streaming anime, but maybe it was. I don't know. So let's, of course, talk about it. Championship is coming up.

We know that many players are already out there, and the guys were talking about it. I'm pretty sure, like. To the UK Of course, the champions are in Istanbul, but the players are.

Champions groups

Champions groups

Practicing in other areas, we see Yay here saying that they're flying out, of course, to Poland. They're doing a bootcamp in Poland to get some great practice in against a lot of the European teams. Yay said before a few weeks ago that the practice quality they get in EMEA is way higher than they get in NA because even the kind of lower tier, vrl, type teams on the Emir side have a lot of interesting strategies and they're actually great practice.

Especially compared to some of the North American teams, they might not always try so hard, so they've decided to get out there a little bit early and get some good practice in over the next couple of weeks. This is what was officially confirmed last night by the VCT themselves, discussing how this tournament is going to go the format for it, and you know who's, of course, going to win this time.

Valorant - 100t

Last year it was Ascend that won. Of course, fbx comes as the retaining or defending champions from Masters 2 in Copenhagen. And they, of course, I suppose, will be the favorites, but this is effectively how it works. There's a group stage of the tournament; 16 teams go through; eight teams make it out of the group stages; four different groups of four teams each; effectively GSLAS.

If you win two matches before you lose two matches, or if you win two before you lose two, you're through. If you lose two before you win two, you're gone. Once the eight teams get through each of those groups, then only two teams can advance from each group. That's pretty big. As we'll see here in a second, you get into the quarterfinals, the semis, and the grand finals in a traditional,best-of-five fashion.

just like, for example, what we saw most recently at the last chance qualifiers. Firstly, though, before we discuss what these teams actually look like in these groups, the formats, the schedule, and the brackets have all been confirmed. The tickets and the venue, though details are not yet available.

Valorant - 100thieves

I believe that, apparently, according to George Getters, it's going to be held in front of a live audience from the playoffs, at least the group stages. We're not sure. We don't know if the groups are going to be in front of an audience. That seems unlikely because they begin in less than two weeks.

You'd imagine if there was an audience for the group sages, they would have announced it had tickets on sale. This type of stuff seems like it is not the case, but apparently the playoffs are likely to be held at the Volkswagen Arena, I guess in Istanbul. I'm unclear on the group stages though, so yeah, apparently they're going to have a full crowd for this one now.

I think people have kind of had different thoughts on how big a crowd they can accommodate at this arena. People are saying it's got a 5k capacity, which is half as much as they had in Copenhagen, with 10k. If that wasn't fully full, then apparently there is a way to kind of combine this arena with the Volkswagen arena to get up to 10,000 people in there.

Valorant - asuna

So people have said that they can get up to 10,000 in it, which obviously is a pretty good audience. You can't really complain about stuff like that. I'm still right; we do a great job on some things, but there are other things. It's like, "Well, why do they announce this stuff so late?" People actually want to get out of Istanbul.

They don't even know exactly what they want; they didn't even know what the dates were until relatively recently. They don't really know what the venue is right now, so they can't book hotels. So like, I'm kind of crazy, but of course next season will be in franchising. It's going to be a very different story once again.

Let's look then at how these groups shake out. It's kind of small on the screen, but I'll read it out to you guys so you can see groups a, b, c, and d. It's, as I say, a GS style format, winchy before you lose two. The team that wins both games a1 and a3 will get through as their first seeds, and then the team that goes to losers will get the second seed.

Valorant - babybay

The disadvantage of this format is that, potentially, if paper x beats edward gaming, edward gaming could win their lower bracket match and then rematch in a5 where paper x was to lose to team liquids, then paper x could be edward gaming again and qualify. The disadvantage of this format is that a team can qualify through the group by only beating one team.

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