Valorant - Using Dumb Teleports To Get To Diamond. Omen To Ascendant

Valorant - how to play omen

Welcome to another episode of the omen 2 ascendant series, the series where I try to give a lot of omen tips and tricks. Last episode we were sadly demoted to platinum 3, but today we're going to get back that diamond, my friends. I feel it now. It almost never happens that three enemies are on site.

Use this info in your favor in this round. For example, we spotted two enemies on the spot. This meant that it was probably safe to teleport into heaven. So that's what I did, my friend. Sorry to not get your calls. Okay, why did I push forward? Just don't go for the greedy repeat, as I did. After you make a kill, go back to your team.

Nice, good job in this round. Almost my whole team was spotted on A, and I heard people rotating from B towards A, so that's why I pushed into B. Okay, sadly we lost the round in the end, but no worries. When you lose two rounds in a row, there's a high chance that the enemy is on a bonus round, and of course this means that the enemies probably don't have good guns, so especially in this round, you have the advantage in long range fights, so I peeked.

Valorant - omen

That was a gross spike down. This is a trick I used a lot during this series, but at least in this rank, it really works. Just smoke in the random spot and then teleport somewhere close to that spot. The enemies might think that you teleport in your smoke, so they're going to shoot at it, and while they shoot at it, it's an easy kill for you.

I fell for it. I heard him shooting. I hear them shooting. Something you can do to surprise the enemies a little bit more is in the post plant. Walk all the way around towards the garage and pick up the enemies from a different angle. It's a bit risky because you're a little late to helping your team, but it might work out.

Not in this round, though. I know that they did. A few rounds later, we got two early kills on a When this happens, the same principle as in the first round is probably clear. That's the reason why I teleported all the way to heaven. Also, a big tip Learn from your mistakes. In this round, I died again because of the repeat.

Valorant - omen gameplay

I always want to see some wallbang kills. Always remember the fellow rent walls are made of paper. I would recommend having at least a full magazine before you go into the ultimate. This is the reason why I reloaded so many times. But after this clutch, we sadly lost a lot of rounds and lost the game.

Let's see, we did get the MVP. only minus 10. That's not that big of a deal. Let's go to the next one. A few rounds later, we managed to plant the spike on a wall. When the enemies know where you are, don't be afraid to teleport away. Since there were three enemies focusing on the side, I decided to teleport behind them.

What did he do when he noticed that the enemy was hard pushing? It's a little bit safe to teleport deeply onto the side. I saw the enemy jet very deep on the minimap, so I teleported to a place where he knew I was here. 100, minus 120, use your flesh mr. Lowlander you have a flash. When using one smoke on one spot, you can keep re-smoking it till the end of time.

Valorant - omen guide

When your first cigarette disappears, the other one will be ready. When that one disappears, the cooldown of the first one is over and you can use that one and so on and so forth. It's a pretty effective trick, especially on choke points like B Main. I used that trick in this round to delay the push from the enemy from one side, and we won the round because of it.

Sometimes you're standing too close to your smoke and it's too late to run away to find a better position. A thing you can do then is use your ears, and at the point that you think the enemy is about to run out of your smoke, that's the moment that you jump into your smoke to surprise the enemy risky but i mean it worked in this round.

I hear them coming. Sadly, in the end, we lost the game again. Not a good start to the day. Let's see, we did not get the MPP and we got -12. Ah, it's not going well today. Let's go to the next one. Mr lowland. I was watching your last article as in the game after that we got killed by a very friendly team, and honestly, they carried me so hard, so I'm not going to show the full game except for this strange glitch.

Valorant - omen only

Look at this. What's happening what the heck, but yeah, we won the game, so let's go to the next one. So in the first round, we wanted to push, but we spotted a lot of enemies on the side. When this happens, try to go to B first, because if you go to B first, you're almost as fast as the enemies rotating.

At the defender site on Icebox, it really sucks. We still lost the round. Sadly, an old trick was sent in for the tips and tricks sent by you. When the round's about to start, use your smoke in mid-air, in front of the tube. After that, teleport onto the tube, and the enemy won't be able to see you.

Of course, your smoke is slowly going down, and when it goes down, surprise the enemies and kill them. It works it's funny that I'm always surprised when tricks work. I have no idea why. A big tip for when you only see a small pixel of the enemy's head, take your time and slowly go for the shot.

Valorant - omen speedrun

That's a gross shot. A way to use your omen teleport is to teleport a little bit closer to the side while your teammates are pushing in. You don't have to go to the enemy spawn or anything, just a little closer, like behind the yellow container. When you do this, some enemies will go away from the side to search for you, so taking the site is a little bit easier for your team.

If you ever see viper walls and sageballs like this, it's very obvious where the enemy is planting, so just ball bang, easy kill. Yes, as I often say on this channel, when you're in the eagle round, go for some plays that the enemies might not expect. Either camp in a corner or flank all the way around.

I went for the second option. The chamber is trolling me so hard. Will I win this 1 vs. No, minus 120. Ah, a kilzer ultimate in combination with an omen ultimate is very overpowered in this round. My teammates said that all the enemies were on a site and Kilzor used her ultimate, so what I did was teleport just outside the Kiljer ultimate reigns where I thought the enemies were going to walk to easily kill my friend.

Valorant - omen tips

One enemy remained. In some games, your left and right hand are really working together and you get those easy one-taps, but when this happens, don't get overconfident. I should have used my shroud steps away way earlier. Yeah, two more at least. The game ended up in overtime. I got a nice shot.

Okay, that's good, but we still lost the game. Let's see, we didn't. We did get the mvp, but only minus 10. Let's go to the next one. This is because pistols are not very effective on sageballs. After that, knife it, take your gun quickly and push. For the rest of the match, not a lot happened.

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