Valorant - The Secret To Sage Walls (grim Sage Wall Guide)

Valorant - 200iq sage

So let's get to the article. Alright, so we're going to start off with the scent. Personally, my favorite map for well spots is this one. I get asked all the time how I do it, so I'm going to show you guys how I line it up. I stood right on top of this fish. Then I look at the middle line of the garage where it meets the wall, and like every other jump boost, make sure you jump crouch, not crouch jump, so that means like make sure you jump and then crouch because you'll get more height and you'll be able to boost up and not break the wall.

Another thing I want to talk about is this wall right here. I see a ton of stages do this. It taught me both sideways like this, but you should do it parallel with the wall so you can get an extra wall segment forward, giving you that sight and a higher chance than that kill because you see that it's a lot easier.

And for the peak and main, what you want to be doing is standing on this dot, looking right in the middle of the box, and then jumping crouch wall, and it should be extended. So one of my favorite walls in ascent is the one mid. You've probably seen pads of fans use it in masters, but for this one it's not too complicated.

Valorant - aggressive sage

I should explain how it works. The reason the wall gets extended on this one is because you're sticking the sage wall halfway into the actual scent wall, and when you're doing that, the game counts that wall as a platform and makes the wall longer. So to stick it halfway into the wall and make it longer, just look a little bit to the right when jumping, place the wall, and then all you have to do is jump across.

The only thing I'd note is that you'd probably get a smoke top mid, so don't get headshot immediately, but other than that, you're pretty safe. All right, these next two walls are probably the best for post-planet because of the options you have, so I highly recommend learning these. So what you're going to want to do is walk back until you're a little past the wood board, and at the same time, walk back, jump crouch, and wall, and then you should have a long wall.

This one's pretty tedious, so make sure you go to a custom game and try this one out before you go into a comp game, and just make sure you get it done. The other one in this box is super good for mixing it up. I normally do this one after I use the last wall you just saw, and to do this one you have to line up the headline at the top where the agents are with the line of this box.

Valorant - best sage plays

So look at this point of the box and then, after you have that down, jump over the wall just like the last one, and you can see the entrance to the site, so this wall is insane. This one's really good. So for our first wall and split, it's going to be the ramp wall to peak heaven and screens. For this one, just stand over the second cross on the ramp, then look at the blue line on the farthest left, back up, then run forward and jump once the wall outline passes your screen right around here, then place the wall to pick your jump and it should work.

It always catches enemies off guard, and if you want to be up for more kills, it's super easy to be aggressive. This is a good angle, especially when the ramp is smoky, because most of the time you can see over it when enemies are like they're safe. Then for the jumping wall, you have to jump across the gap, hold crouch mid-air and then wall.

Valorant - diamond

Make sure you angle the wall a bit to the left to get the extra wall segment, or just have two wall segments instead of three. The more wall segments, the better. One thing that I get asked about a lot is the new box wall and b. If you start hearing noises, b. What I like to do is jump across the raft to the new box and, while in the box, while I'm falling.

I know you can make the jump without the wall, but it's super hard to find it more consistently. The last one I'm going to be talking about in split is the wall in heaven. This wall is super good for teams that like to flash people because a lot of the time they just immediately break the wall or go into stairs, so this wall can easily catch them off guard.

It will have every angle covered. What you have to do is normal long wall off the ledge at an angle and make sure that you jump far enough to not hit your head and break the wall, or you can do the variation where you just hide in the corner and it's a lot harder for the enemies to see you. Now for the first wall on bind, it's probably the one I get asked about the most.

Valorant - ethos

The wall and hookah are decently hard, but it just takes a bit of practice. If done right, you have a really good angle to see anyone walking into hookah. This inside wall is really good for catching people off guard, dropping out of hookahs or pushing gardens if it's smoked. All you have to do is jump off the radio knife box and, while falling, hit the wall to catch you.

You can only do this well if you have someone else helping you in the hookah or garden, because if you're doing this by yourself, you need to absolutely smoke it. Another wall that is heavily asked about is the one in CT to watch or wall bang outside of Hookah. For this one, you have to place the wall around this area next to the crack, then angle the wall into the bound wall in front of you to get an extra segment, then when your team says they're coming, this wall is absolutely broken, so use this one as much as you can.

Valorant - flights

Then going onto a site, a really good wall is the truck wall. This is one of the harder walls in valor, and to do it consistently. This one takes quite a bit of practice, and I still miss it quite a bit myself. Another wall on the site is the one next to the showers. This one is really easy, and all you have to do is angle the wall for the extra wall segment, then shove around the box and crouch at the peak of your jump.

This one is really good for holding sight and just make sure you have someone watching showers and smoke it off. All right, the last one I'm buying is the one that seasoned the CT. All I have to do for this one is load the container on site towards CT, and then you should be able to see over the window.

This wall is really good if you're lurking and then planning while your dream destructs on a, then when the enemy team starts to rotate back to b, you'll hatch at them all. Okay, now onto the breeze. My least favorite map, but there are a couple of walls that you can use to make the map a little bit better.

Valorant - flowascending

One that I will like to use is on the boxes on the right to see over the pyramid. All you have to do is stand around this area, and jump over the crouch wall on top of it. If done right, you have a sick angle that you can see over the viper wall and it always gets you a couple kills. If you're opting for a, you could wall up next to the bridge and play this really good angle that's used next to the pyramid, and it's super good for post-plant if they're going to ct.

Using my 200iq Sage Walls, you can rank up and be the best sage in your comp games. In this video I go over the BEST SAGE WALLS IN VALORANT and the lineups to get my sage walls consistent! My big brain sage plays are just too overpowered in Valorant! The secret to sage walls are just the lineups and knowing when to wall, so make sure to practice.
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