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In Fellowrent, your settings are often overlooked when you're new to Fellowrent. You're going to go to your settings, switch on things for like five minutes and then never look at them again, but that's not good. My friends, if you spent a little bit more time in your settings and creating something that's perfect for you, you might get an advantage over your enemies, and in this article I'm going to help you with that.

I'm gonna talk about how you can reduce your lag and improve your fps, go over the perfect crosshair and your mouse sensitivity, some secret settings you can use to get the advantage over your enemies, and some more things, all with the purpose of increasing your chance of winning your games. Before we start the article, we recently hit 574 thousand subscribers.

Quick fixes

Valorant - best crosshair

So let's start this article with a few quick fixes that will immediately help you during the games. The first thing you should do is make your mini map a little bigger. Make it big enough so you can see the whole map inside your mini map. If you put the option key player centered on your size of 0.9 and 0.9, it should work.

This is very important because when your teammates spot someone, they're not always going to give you some information, and now when they spot someone, you can at least see it on the minimap, from wherever you are standing. Another setting that is essential to have on is "show blood." When this setting is on, it's easier to see if you hit your target, so you know exactly if that enemy is low on HP or not.

This next one is pretty interesting. When you are running with your knife in your hand and you want to plant a boom, but you suddenly see an enemy and you stop planting, you will still have your knife in your hand. Of course, you could switch to your gun, but it takes a while before you can shoot when you do it this way.

Luckily, there's an easy way to fix this. Go to settings, controls. And if you scroll down here, you can find the setting called "auto equip prioritizes." set this to strongest, when you do this, you don't have the problem anymore, and you can shoot really quickly after you canceled your plan. The last simple fix that could help you in the game is to go to settings > controls and look to the left.

You could change your controls depending on which agent you are playing. If you are playing a race and you want to do a double satchel jump, it might be hard to strafe and use your q at the same time. A lot of people buy the schedule on their mouse, but then when you play another agent, they forget it's on their mouse and they mess up.

So this setting fixes it where you bind it with the race on your mouse. For all the other agents, it's still bound in your queue.

High vs low article settings

High vs low article settings

A very handy setting, if you ask me. Now let's talk a bit about the different advantages. If you play with high or low settings, I've talked about this topic before on this channel, but I really think that you should know this. Sadly, there are some spots on Fallarant where you have an advantage if you play with low settings.

One of these things is the viper ball. If you play with high settings, you will see a little bit more smoke next to your wall. This makes it hard to see the enemies, but if you play on low settings, the smoke disappears, and you can see the enemies way easier. One way this is really useful is this one way on an ice box on high settings.

It's hard to see the enemies pushing, but when you play on low settings, it's easy to see the enemies pushing mace, and the fighter ball is sadly just one of the many examples. You're an expert when you play with high settings. You could hide your nanostorm in the bush, but if the enemies are playing with low settings, it's way easier to spot the nano's farm, and besides that, because on low settings there are a little bit fewer details in the map, some would argue that it's easier to spot the enemies on low settings, so why would you ever play on high settings?

Well, that also has some advantages. For example, there are more details in the walls, so making lineups is a bit easier, but still, especially when you're playing on a low-end PC, I would recommend keeping your settings on low. I'll write more about how you can increase your fps later, but First, crosshair and sensitivity.

Crosshair and sensitivity

Crosshair and sensitivity

What is the perfect crosshair and perfect sensitivity to win more games? Well, there isn't one. It's all about personal preferences. However, there are some small things you can do to just get the edge over your enemy.

Let's start with the sensitivity. Overall, what most pros are using is a relatively low sensitivity. So, while low sensitivity, in this game you have to be pretty precise to aim on the enemy's head. If you compare Valorant with games like Roblox, Minecraft, or Call of Duty, your sensitivity should be way lower than that because you have to be more precise.

So what's the average under the pros to measure it? We're using the EDPI. It sounds complicated, but it's very easy. It's basically your dpi of your mouse times the sensitivity you are using. In my case, my mouse has 800 dpi and I'm using 0.48, so my edpi is 384. The edpi of an average valerent pro is 294, so my sense is a little bit higher.

Valorant - best sensitivity

If you want to change your senses, don't. For example, do it in small steps. I personally used to play with 0.6, but I wanted to make it a little bit lower instead of lowering it to 0-48. Immediately, I did it in small steps. I lowered it by 0.04. I played with it for a full week, then I lowered it again, and I played again for a full week till I got my perfect.

This really works, so it might also work for you. Another tip for finding your perfect sensitivity is to hop into the practice range and shoot the bots. Start the skill test and shoot at the heads of the butts. The thing you want to pay attention to is if you are overshooting. Well, the heads of the enemies.

What do I mean? Well, let me show you this example. I overshoot the enemies on purpose when the butt spawns, my crusher goes over the head of the bullet and then I miss. When this often happens to you, it means that your sensitivity is impaired. It is a little bit too high, so I would recommend lowering it a little bit.

Valorant - best sensitivity settings

In the shooting in the background, you see me missing the enemies because I don't go far enough with my crosshair. If you also have this problem, it probably means that your sensitivity is a little too low, so raise it a little bit. Now the crochet, or crush hair, or how you ever say it, they're sadly also not the perfect crochet, but things you can do are to not make it too big and make it noticeable.

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