Valorant - The Complete Strafe Shooting Guide (2022) Counter Strafing & Movement Tutorial

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It's 2022 and valorent has been out for two years. You've probably heard of the terms "counter strafe," "strave shooting," or even "jiggle peeking." I want to go over those ideas again because those concepts have evolved throughout the years as players have really started to master valorent. I'm even going to go one step further and provide you with a tip that even some immortal three-ranked players don't understand yet.

Let me start out by explaining why all high-level players strafe. It's because of the game's movement mechanics. When peaking an angle, the goal is to be as fast as possible while maintaining good crosshair placement to make shots accurately. That's why good players try to only use their a and d keys.

By using the a and d keys, they can peak at maximum speed but also have good crosshair placement. If someone peaks using the w key, they're much slower on the enemy's screen, and it prevents them from having their crosshair. On a common angle before we get into more, though, remember this is all just part of our hyper improvement system over on the website.

We have so many courses designed to walk you through the process of becoming a better player, and we're even so positive you'll improve that we offer a money-back guarantee. More about that at the end of the article. So, counter strafing is when you strafe one way and quickly stop your movement by clicking the opposite key.

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An example would be if you're strafing to the left, you would hold your A key, and when you want to quickly stop, you would let go of the A key and tap the D key. At the same time, when pressing the opposite directional key, you have a few brief frames where you can fire off an accurate shot. One of the reasons players will implement counter strafing into their gameplay is because, by applying counter strafing, you actually become accurate.

slightly faster than you would if you were not counter-strafing, but this also allows you to be far more mobile in the game. And this brings us to what we call strafe shooting. Streak shooting is the act of implementing counter strafing in a more fluid motion. You'll strafe to one side, counter strafe, shoot, but this time you'll continue strafing.

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Using strave shooting, you keep yourself incredibly mobile while still being able to fire off accurate shots. Many players don't realize how important this is, but if you ever want to see how beneficial counter-strafing is. I encourage you to load into a deathmatch lobby with a sheriff and only aim for the headshots.

Now pay attention to when the enemies you fight crouch. Notice how much easier it is to headshot the crouching targets than it is to headshot the strafing targets. Crouching is one of the easiest ways to get yourself killed, and if you're not counter-strafing in a gunfight, you might as well be crouching.

Counter-strafing may be something that you find frustrating to pick up and practice, and that's okay, but you'll see a massive improvement in your gameplay by learning how to do this. Don't beat yourself up if you can't get it right away. Even some immortal players still struggle to always counter strafe effectively.

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Why did you move like that? The cool thing, though, is that now that you learned how to counter strafe and why it's important, this unlocks tons of different movement techniques to add to your arsenal. Starting with jiggle peeking Jiggle peeking is when you swing into an area as slim as possible and swing straight back into cover.

Jiggle peeking is used when you want to get information about what's around that corner or wall without committing to a gunfight. Learning how to jiggle peek also allows you to pre-fire more efficiently. This is because, by practicing counter-strafing, you can find the time at which you're exposing as little of your body as possible while also taking an accurate shot at your target.

Taking advantage of your crosshair placement You can practice both of these mechanics in the practice range using the natural walls and pre-firing around them. You can also select sage in the practice range and create your own walls to jiggle peek around. This next tip is most effective when trying to get out of the lower ranks and to win more gunfights.

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It's the art of strafe shooting and burst firing. Rather than just shooting one shot when counter strafing, you'll now take advantage of those few frames when you're accurate to get the most bang for your buck. You can often get two or three shots off before you're inaccurate. Practice this and get your timings precise to easily outmaneuver your opponents, and here's a tip that immortal threes don't even know about when counter-strafing: In a gunfight, people tend to go left and right and back to the left, and so on, but if you can break out of that pattern and make it less predictable which direction you're going to go, it'll win you more gunfights by changing the pattern.

It makes your movement way harder to track. For example, you can start by strafing left, then right, but instead of going left again, creating a pattern, stop your movement and go right again. You have never seen anything funnier or more annoying than a player who strafes right four times in a row.

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Now I know what many of you may be thinking: what are they talking about? This would require my fights to not end with me getting one tapped, which will happen from time to time. It's just part of the game, but if you're not using counter strafing, you're probably actually getting killed very quickly more often than not due to something we've mentioned before: crouching.

By implementing counter strafing more into your matches, you'll realize that the players you're fighting aren't actually as good as you think they are. They'll miss shots way more often than you think. If you're just given the chance to practice this in a death match, practice it in the range, and I promise you will start climbing rapidly.

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