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Alright guys

Alright guys

All right, guys, subscribe back again today. I hope you're doing well and enjoying your day so far. Welcome back to Valiant News. And after seeing the syntals versus hundreds of these dramas a couple of days ago. Stewie2k has indicated his intention to make a return to professional play this time in valorance, saying that he's going to plan to do it for franchising.

If he doesn't get a spot initially, he's going to grind until he does get an opportunity. And even Sinatra and Saborsa are potentially jumping on the bandwagon as well. very much on Twitter. As always, I'd really appreciate it.

Franchising update

It really upset the channel. Plenty to discuss today. First of all, I wanted to mention real quick some news with regard to what franchising or partnerships are going to look like next year.

Valorant - 100 thieves

Champions Istanbul will have a couple of rewards, apparently, if you watch them, which might look something like the following: So this is George Getter says that is the plan for next season, so by mid-February, when the season starts, there are supposedly going to be only 30 teams, 10 per region. They are going to narrow the number of teams they currently have down in all regions down to six, also well down to ten, but in North America, for example, there's only gonna be six to seven, and then maybe a team like loud or crew, and then maybe fury or something will get the three spots from Latin America and Brazil, so you know, definitely an interesting situation there, but obviously big organizations.

The teams are going to miss out, but he believes by mid-February, that's the season start date next season, the teams will effectively get informed as to whether they're getting in or not by I think mid-September. The plan was for the season to have 10 teams, of course, in each region, and then we'll conclude in September 2023.

So a relatively short season, all things considered, if it's only going from February down to September. And then from October to December, November to December, January to February, it's like a five-month transfer window. They took down North 13 yesterday, two to zero. Game one on Ascent was 13 to eight.

Game two on Bind was incredible. 21 to 19, after so many overtimes. Edward Gaming finally gets the job done, but again, they currently find themselves sitting in these brackets, having not lost a map so far in this tournament, and that well k1 as well, might well be the team to face North Epton. I thought maybe North epc and Crazy Raccoon, like some big names there, but Edward Gaming seemed like the favorites to do it, and it could be an old Chinese finals, possibly here as well, depending on how things go over the coming hours. Let's talk.

Stewie2k return

Stewie2k return

So shroud, situation right. So shroud, of course, former counter-strike, legend has come back recently into sentinels, They delivered the goods. I thought this team played pretty well. He did what he had to do, which was nothing spectacular. For the team but you know, he did a solid job and proved.

I think, his worth still after many years out of the game, especially in a clutch situation, if the team had maybe had more time and built around him a little bit more to kind of set him up for those clutches. I think Shroud would more than likely ever win the guard series, which they could have won, and we'll talk about the guards here in a second, if maybe they didn't make those mistakes and Icebox was right when Trout was planting bombs like this.

Valorant - 100t

I think a team set up in a better way could certainly show Shroud in a more positive light, and I think they did kind of get that in their last couple of matches, in fairness, but I think, you know. Shroud. I think other teams will look at him now if Sentinels don't want to build around him for next year's franchising.

Or if they decide to go a different route, like Shroud, who will be a player that is on the minds of other teams right now because not only does he bring a decent in-game performance. But also, like absolutely immense value outside of the game itself, so shroud will be if he wants to keep competing, as I believe he does.

If the league is based out of Los Angeles, where he lives, he will plan to still live there and potentially play in these matches on the stage, if that's what they're planning to do for the American league, which we believe is a likely possibility as it stands. Shroud will probably stick around now with other players the likes of Stewie2k.

Valorant - 100thieves

Might well have been looking at this and thinking well damn like if shroud's getting it on like a competing right here as he was then you know why couldn't i make the return as well of course, stewie2k had a difficult last couple of years in the counter-strike side struck her maybe her motivation within that team he's now come to valerian as a streamer effectively full-time, and I'm sure he was looking at what Shroud's done and thinking, well, you know, why can't I do exactly the same thing?

He tweeted this out since versus hundreds of leaves got me thinking at Wardell about some roses at Brax, and of course at Sinatra. We are ready right now, so yeah, plenty of replies to this one. Even Sabrosa says, "Of course, the Bros are currently on TSM right and TSM left, so we would imagine they are going to get a spot next year." And look, regardless of what teams actually get a spot next season for franchising, that does not mean those teams of five players are going to be the same.

Valorant - asuna

TSM has struggled, of course, with the roster they currently have. It wouldn't surprise me at all if TSM got a franchise partnership spot next season and they decided to run it back with the same set of five players. There will be many upgrades out there, theoretically, because there are going to be so many free agents from teams that don't make it to partnerships and, therefore, could potentially get picked up.

So to me, it seems very unlikely that the TSM team will, as it presently stands, be the same next year if they do get in, not whether that's enough for Wardell Stewie2k. If Brax and Sinatra come into TM and make that team of five seem impossibly unlikely, but maybe a couple of these players get an option right, and Stewie2k has actually made this clear himself, the time he reckons, like, If I don't get a spot immediately next season.

I will keep working until I do get an opportunity right in a similar way to Shroud. If Stewie can prove some ability, maybe in certain situations, our teams will start giving him offers. That's just how it's going to be. And with Sinatra, another big question mark. We haven't really talked about Sinatra for quite some time.

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