Valorant - Sen Tenz Shows How To Optimize Pc For

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Let's optimize the PC a little bit quickly. I'm going to show you guys what I do when I optimize a PC. Whenever I play Valentine, I always go over here and make sure it's compatibility. Full screen optimizations, high dpi applications right there and then, afterwards, I go into graphics settings.

You turn on hardware accelerated gpu scheduling, then you go over to where Valerian is installed. Shooter game binaries are here. Go to High Performance, then go to the NVidia control panel. I always turn off g-sync. I don't know what g-sync does. I just turned it off. That's what I normally do afterwards.

Turn off background apps. background apps right here. You let apps run in the background. Can I turn that off? And then there's another one where it's on the windows part, so it's in settings. I think it's in the updated security. I think it's in delivery optimizations. You can turn off this.

Go over to your task bar, and make sure all startup apps are just turned off, so you know for a fact that it will not start this all up on launch. We don't need the security notifications. Why oh why does this exist? news and intros turned off. Okay, power management, that's what I was thinking of, and sleep, you go over here.

Valorant - aimbot

Additional power settings You want to make sure it's on high performance already, and you want to make sure game mode is turned on, and you want to make sure the game bar is turned off. The game bar is not good. This will destroy your FPS. Geforce experience installed zombies you don't have Geforce experience installed on this PC, but honestly it's for the best because I was going to turn off the overlay anyway.

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