Valorant - One Of The Most Common Mistakes In Silver. Radiant Coaching, Tips And Tricks

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If you enjoy this type of content, be sure to like and subscribe. Let's open the coaching session, shall we? We are coaching. No, we're coaching silver. Before the wall drops, we should be communicating that to our teammates. okay, so a couple things here. We need to make sure that we're readjusting our aim as we're shooting.

We can't just be panic spraying at the body. You know what I mean? We gotta be like, "Control redirect head right and then take shots accordingly." Girls, I'm trash. Can you give me just a bit of advice from iron three? I would focus on your aim. Aiming mechanics are a big deal in iron and bronze.

Okay, I like this push. You want to trade the low-HP guy? Yep, we just ran up to him and probably got that kill. Now we have a gun. He's a vandal. He's actually throwing it. It's a 4v4 but we've got a vandal now. And you have 100 hp. This round is winnable. Okay, so fun fact, it doesn't double tick right with your orb and the old, it doesn't like go, it doesn't bring your health down faster, but I like using it just so it's like another wall you can play around in your old, because the idea is that you want to stay alive in your old, so if you use your smoke or within your old to stay alive so they don't see you, it's like even better right Okay, you're in a good spot though.

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I like how passive you're playing. I would have preferred someone else to be around here, but all is well. Yeah, we don't even throw this right. Okay, I don't mind the spray. I would crouch though if you're going to spray though. Yeah, I feel like if we're going to spray, we crouch. It's a common misconception to think crouching is bad.

Crouching is not bad. What's bad is overcommitting to gunfights. It's the same problem as crouching too early. If you crouch too early before you shoot, you're just stationary, you're an easy headshot, and the same if you don't crouch, you're stationary, it's an easy head shot, so what you want to do is duck after the next two bullets, so then if they have a cross replacement for your head, they have to correct it right away.

Valorant - aggressive omen

The idea is that if you plan on bursting, don't crouch, and if you plan on spraying two or three shots, crouch, but we visited him recently. By the way, we're making some progress on the vlog. This was a good calm. I'm going to say that this was a good calm. This was a good calm. Make sure we do this whenever we can.

It's not only bad criticism that we jot down; it's a bit of both. You know, we've got to let them know when they're doing good plays and whatnot. So I would probably hold this. I wouldn't even push in for two reasons here. One, these guys are on a mission. You get numbers here. I mean, I guess it's a little bit too late by the time you push up, but even then it's like 4v3.

If you die, you give them a gun and a window back into the round. That's the only problem that's a little bit scary. Better open up the door. We're okay we're kind of exposed there. How's your day? So, after you get to kill a door, you just keep kind of pushing either onto the bridge or towards the door.

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I would either wait or just fall off and then go back with your team, or you'd like to look to reposition. I'm just not a fan of getting a kill and just keeping peeking. It's basically just like overheating right now. Why is that wall not good? Chat pop quiz Who's paying attention? Give some space.

You can just go around it. There is too much space in sight. They can answer it easily. Yeah, all of you guys are right. They get through the choke for free. yep, absolutely, absolutely correct. This is the choke that we have to hold, normally, but with this wall, we now have this hole choked.

As we can see, which one would we rather hold? Right, so yes, this wall gives them way too much space to work with, and they can easily walk through your wall. They can wait on the other side of it. It's very hard to kind of hold this. Unless you're playing like a retake. This isn't the worst idea, but if you do plan on having a retake wall that's somewhat like this, I would recommend it.

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You guys are not playing on site. There's no purpose for you playing on site or having two people on site. If you do plan on playing retake, because it's just a waste of numbers, you're retaking, anyway, you'd rather have your arena just stacking on a You're playing like way back here and then you play retake.

Let them in the site, let them plant the bomb. Then you have your wall for the retake. But like playing on site with two people here and having a retake wall, it's contradicting itself because you guys are on site and not playing retake right. So always plan your utility around what you plan on doing.

If you guys have two on site, you fight for the site. If you plan on doing a retake on a wall, you'll want to come back to your team. Let's stack towards a or something right. I really do like you, Ko. Play off of the arena here night Okay, good trade. That's exactly what I wanted to see, and exactly what we need to reposition now.

We got that kill. We need to reposition now that she's going to be looking right at you. Every time you get a kill, we reposition. If you can, if they give you the space to do it, we reposition. Otherwise, we're going to be looking right at you. Okay, so micro adjusting is our biggest weakness.

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Okay, let's look at Molly though. Okay, just come on. The enemy team will have five bad teammates, and you'll only have four bad teammates if you're not bad. That makes sense statistically. What's going on in chat? What's wrong with speaking? What's wrong with speaking chat while waiting for teammates?

I'm not really in a good spot to wait for teammates; no info, not slicing the pie wide, swinging Yes, he isn't barking. Okay, all of you are correct. Yeah, so we're not. We're not slicing the pie. We're not isolating our 1v1s. So to say it right, this is the main thing I'm looking for. This is like a wide swing into an area where we are pretty sure there are going to be multiple people here.

So whenever you're peaking into two people, you know this is not good. No matter which agent you are playing, even if you were playing Jet, even if you were playing Reina, I can't begin to tell you how many times I died mid-chamber to mid-jet dash. So you always want to isolate 1v1s. This is not that.

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The fact that this happened, you're watching mid, you're watching b, and you have a guy mid and he doesn't say a single word, you have a raise in sight, and they just run up on halls like you like those, so we need to make a play. It's a 1v3; we have a bomb down; they know exactly where you're at.

One of the biggest flaws in silver can easily be corrected. It will build fundamentals that will help you rank up.
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