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Coaching people is pretty fun. I've done a couple of coaching sessions for subscribers on the website now, and it really seems like people are enjoying them too. No matter what ranks I coach, though, it always helps to go through the fundamentals, as without them you'll never have anything to build your skills off of.

It's kind of like building a house; you need to have a good foundation. From this coaching session, I'd figure that I could make a good article for you beginners out there and go over some of these fundamentals. From this article, you should know what to focus on some drills to help you improve quicker, and from this information, you should be able to apply it to your gameplay and see results pretty quickly, so let's get into it, but as we all know, having a lightsaber doesn't make you a Jedi.

After this guide, you'll have the drills, but you won't have the AIM, and that's precisely where we come in. class aiming courses over at skillcapt. In fact, we're so confident in our courses that we're the only service that dares to literally guarantee you'll rank up or you don't pay. So what are you waiting for?

Valorant - coaching

Are you going to spend thousands of hours learning this stuff yourself, or do you want to fast track your way to the top? I know what I do, if you're interested, check out {967}, and now let's get back into the article. Our first lesson is going to be about crosshair placement. This is the most fundamental of knowing where your crosshair should be at all times in order to get a kill, which is the most important thing in this game.

For you newer players out there, take a look at this exercise we did with my student doc, Doozy, in this VOD review we did. Um, I'm going to circle your crosshairs. I just want you to keep in mind that if a guy were to swing you, how often are you ready to kill a guy? Not often, not often. Let's all be right; that's all right, but I just want you to look at it right now and just pay attention to that.

If someone were to swing at you, how are you going to kill him? If someone were to be in this area hard for them to kill him and no one could. I would have died right there. You would have died anywhere. If someone pushed the Viper wall, if somebody was playing against the yard, he's dead now, but like if he were to pop through, you'd be screwed.

Valorant - crosshair placement

If someone was top, or after you peeked through this right ball, you'd be screwed, but behind here you're screwed. Behind Jenny, you didn't even check it. You're screwed and I'll talk about ways you can improve on that later. It's just something to keep in mind because this is really important. If it's not in the right spot, you're going to die a lot of the time.

What I did with him wasn't that crazy. It's funny how just circling across here helps you focus on it so much more. If someone were to swing you now or if someone was at this angle, would you be ready to get the kill? And if you are ready but you still die, you still need to be asking yourself questions like: Did I pick this angle correctly?

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Could I have peaked it better? Was I exposed to another angle while peaking this one? Being able to be self-critical is hugely important if you want to improve at this game. It's from these questions that you can start asking yourself more in-depth questions like: could I have used my utility better so I won't be in this situation next time; or did I tell my teammates that I didn't clear something?

If you want to improve, questions like these and being able to break down your own gameplay will take you a long way. The number two fundamental that newer players should know is what map control is, and honestly, it's a pretty simple concept, but really important essentially. It's just part of an app that your team controls.

On Ascent, if you have two players near the main, one in the market, and then one in three, and one near the main, you have a lot of map control. This is good because you can then respond quickly to whatever the enemy team is trying to do. But let's say that your 2B main guys die trying to fight for their lives.

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This is bad because the enemy team can run into sight, take the map control, get the spike down, and now you're in a situation that favors the attackers. Or even worse, you go over to rotate and then it turns out they're just defaulting, then you get lurked on, and then you get shot in the back, and, it's just it's messy it's just not fun.

This is also why the Sentinel utility is really important. It allows you to hold map control without even having people there. I don't exactly mention map control in this article, but listen to what I had to say to my student. You don't want to just give up this area completely unless Kale calls, and they're all five.

If he gets the information, if there's like all five here right, then that's a different story. Then you can like go out and quickly flank or, even that I wouldn't even if they're all five, I wouldn't, like, go there because they could always leave, they'd always come back. You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, it's not a bad idea to stay towards the right, even if you see like three, because there could always be like a lurk right and a flurk. What he's doing is, I don't know how much you know about lurking, but they're looking for information. They're waiting for you to sprint away from the site because that's what they want, right?

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They're like, "I'm playing a garage." I just heard Sage dispenser right come back to me, come back to me, come back to B, and that's what better players are going to do against you, and you're going to get screwed. All right now, what I want to share with you guys is my personal favorite skill that I wish every player had, and that's good comes or it's okay, there's a bunch B, I'm making a quick decision.

Just throw a quick slow pitch. I'm dipping out. I heard three B guys. But because you took too much time to make this decision, that's what got you killed. So be careful because you don't know if it's all that you heard. You hear maybe two or three, at the most. See what I'm saying? Yours up Yeah, so that's why stuff like that can be really dangerous.

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Because actually, matter of fact, there were three there and your room killed you one up mid. But it's okay because once you start playing against better players, you'll, you know, you'll get better at that, but like, even on Immortal, people hear like one or two people. On Mortal Radiant, people hear from one or two people.

Okay, what's B did you see? I saw four but, things like that are really important even if you're on the other side of the map. You can still call things out if your teammates aren't. You should pay attention to the enemies that your teammates see on your minimap. It can mean the difference between a round win or loss.

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