Valorant - New Tier List: Chamber Meta Over. Patch 5. 03 Agent Updates



In this week's patch, we saw Rio bring down the hammer on Chamber with an endless list of nerfs alongside tweaks to Neon to bring her closer to the light. If you've read the patch notes, you're probably wondering how these agents scale up to each other now. Just stick with us, we'll get into it.

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D tier

D tier

Starting off things from the bottom, this time blocking down the details here. It's going to be the long-lost sentinel cipher and killjoy. DTR makes these placements sound dramatic, but they're still playable. I remember once, while watching popular, your creator said that any agent is good if you have good aim.

In matchmaking, we couldn't agree more. These two can get the job done, but when you compare their power level to the chamber, it's just no contest. There's too much stuff in this game right now that breaks their utility. You just need to jump through hoops constantly to even use your ability. If Chamber ends up leaving the meta, you may see these agents picked up more.

Spoiler alert: it doesn't seem like that's happening anytime soon. What's kind of funny is that Chamber overshadows all the sentinels, but he actually overshadows all the sentinels.

C tier

Another agent as well. She's the only one in our seats here. You guessed it, next we've got Rayna. It's an endless debate.

Some people think Reyna's super great; some people think she's absolutely awful; and we lean towards encouraging players to avoid her. To put it simply when you're having a bad game on sova it's still really easy to give value, when you're having a bad game on reyna, it's a bit more difficult, but hey, it's your call.

B tier

B tier

Jumping up to our b tier, we've got Omen Omens, who found himself a bit higher on this list previously, but we actually bumped him down to the beats here after doing a bit more of a deep dive into the stats. You've got to keep in mind that omen's biggest competition right now is brimstone. Viper isn't as versatile as Omen or Brimstone, so she's kind of a class of her own, but when you're looking to pick a versatile controller, right now players think of Omen or Brimstone.

And in higher ranked lobbies, it seems like Omen might be outperforming Brimstone, but this is a solo q tier list and, predominantly, in solo queue most players are lower ranked. For that reason, we suggest that you pick Brimstone for two reasons. The first is that brimstone boasts a higher win percentage across nearly all ranks below immortal, not just by one to two percent, but in some cases, almost a three percent higher win rate than omen.

Valorant - agent tier list

The other reason we suggest playing Brimstone, though, is probably the reason his win rates are higher; he doesn't require as much teamwork. Just play some angry birds on your ipad, grab some kills, and you'll be good to go, moving on to our beats. Next, we've got Astra. As we said, brimstone and omen are the main competitors right now, but people are definitely overlooking astr quite a bit right now.

She's still really good in the right hands, and her utility is incredibly impactful for stopping pushes all over the map regardless of where you're positioned. While a little tough to use, she's a little hard to judge off of stats alone, but Astra is definitely a bit underrated right now and we suggest keeping your eye on her.

We think oyster is always going to be one of those niche picks, and it sort of feels like unless she's ridiculously. She's not worth the effort for most to learn how to play her, but that doesn't mean she's weak in the right hands. An astra can be very annoying to deal with, so we place her just slightly above Omen.

One more interesting agent who finds themselves in the beats here right now is actually Silva. We mentioned it in our last tier list, but Silva feels a bit outclassed. Right now, he's good sometimes. But most people are opting to fade in the current meta, and we don't blame them. It seems the drone changes really hit Silva hard, and without some sort of movement speed increase to the drone or maybe a decrease in price, it just doesn't feel great playing him.

He's still really fun and pretty simple to play, so you'll probably see him a lot in matchmaking. It is never a bad pick, just not always the best pick, and this has a similar ring to the final agent in our beats here. With that being said, it does seem like his win rate is overall positive, in almost all ranks, so he's definitely not a bad pick for anyone looking for an easy duelist .

A tier

A tier

It's time for things to get serious. Diving into our eights here, we've got a breach. To start things out, breach can be phenomenal.

In the right hands, and while he's pretty frustrating to play as a solo player, when you pair this guy with a good duo, you can absolutely take control of the game. It's pretty easy to see that when done right, these plays can be incredibly moving. Remember, you can catch all those full commentaries over on our website as well.

With Breach being one of the single most oppressive agents in the game, you'd be stupid to not consider his value in the game right now. He's played in so many pro competitions right now, and it's honestly for good reason. He's just that strong. And one agent that works pretty well with breach right now is you.

Valorant - ascended

You're taking a break from the lower tiers, and he's weaseled his way into the eights. In the last few lists, his decoy is actually pretty valuable in ranked, basically being a 100 credit drone, and his rotational ability is actually super valuable in solo queue while being a bit confusing to play sometimes.

You are a pretty strong pick right now, and we definitely encourage you to give him a shot if you haven't already. We already talked about him, which means that next on our tier list we have the viper. Viper finds herself higher than the other controllers on this list because she's just not replaceable.

Right now, on the map she's good on, she's the only option. While on the map she's all right on, she's still an option. For that reason, she's got to be one of the best controllers in the game. We're hoping the next agent released in the game is another controller to spice up the meta a bit, but for now, it seems like the controllers are going to stay in the same place for a while.

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