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you have been reworked and he is different. Even though a lot of the characteristics have been unchanged, it feels really fresh now that you already have people pretending to be a decoy and, honestly, they're hitting hilarious clips. So if you want to get into the action and add to the fun by playing this reworked anime man in your agent pool, make sure to watch till the end of the article.

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Changed abilities

First, let's quickly go over what's changed and break down all the new abilities. Then we will look at some general tips and we'll talk about what type of comps he fits into.


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the first ability we're covering is his fake out, which is basically a completely new skill from its pre-reworked version. It used to be fake footsteps, but now it's something completely different, which is a clone. It still costs 100 credits, although his charges drop from a max of two to only one.

This ability is definitely a lot more interesting and versatile, as well as powerful. Just like the footsteps, you can place them and leave them to be activated later, or you can simply use them instantly. Upon use, the clone will simply run forward for 10 seconds, or until it's shot by an enemy player.

When shot, it turns to whoever shot it and flashes in their direction. Now, there are a few things to note about this. Firstly, the clone looks different for teammates than it does for enemies. To teammates, it's very obvious that it's a clone, but to opponents, the model looks identical. And calling a clone or not a clone is a lot harder.

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However, there are two pretty clear signs. Firstly, the movement speed of the clone is a bit slower than a regular player. This is something that might not be super obvious now, but it might become more apparent over time as we get used to seeing more you's in our game. The second one is that your clone can only run in a straight line, but of course, that also means that you can fake it.

Of course, the fact that it runs straight and straight only is pretty obvious. Normal player movement doesn't look like that, but as I'm sure you've already seen, this obvious sign has a plus side as well. Because it's so obvious that it's not a normal player, you can easily pretend to be a clone.

Just hold down w and no other movement keys and run in an obvious straight line that only a clone would, then if your opponents notice that there's no way you're a real player and play trigger discipline, you walk into a wall behind them, making them forget about you and turn on them. This either works very well or not at all, depending on your opponents.

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Funnily enough, this strategy might work even better in higher ranks because people in those ranks are more likely to assume a clone when they see someone walking in a weird way, and they're more familiar with trigger discipline. Our tip against this strategy is that, at least in most cases, you do want to shoot the clone just to make sure that it really is one.

If it pops, you can always turn quickly in order to not get flashed, and it's usually not a pretty big risk. Be careful, though. If you have teammates nearby and you shoot it, they will likely get blind and they probably won't appreciate it. It is also another cool thing you can do with the clone is supercharge it by having your silva recon dart it as the clone is able to carry it.

This probably isn't the most effective way to use either ability, but it is super fun and has the potential to work quite well on a site. It basically forces your opponents to either let the clone be and get pinged or shoot both of them and get flashed. Having mentioned those two ideas, we think this ability is best used as an entry tool.

Have your clone run out of a choke point together with one or more of your teammates, and your opponents will likely be quite overwhelmed by the incoming storm of enemies. And remember, shooting the wrong one can be fatal. Forcing your opponents to play trigger discipline on a clone is annoying, and it slows them down quite a bit when a real guru or other player does show up on their screen.

The most important thing here, as with most uru abilities, is to be unpredictable. Using the same abilities every round in the exact same way is not how you should be playing. Using the same clone every round or pretending to be a clone yourself consistently will likely result in a fast loss and an easy bottom frag. With the Uruz kit and especially with these recent changes, there is a lot of room for creativity, so make sure that you use all the tools in your arsenal to come up with your own creative plays .



Before we move on with the next changes and how to use the new abilities, though, it's time for our question of the day.

Today's question is: what do you think of the new you clone idea? Personally, I think it's something Europe really needs in order to be more powerful. This clone screams chaos and really makes your opponents think, and at least to me, that was what Europe was always supposed to be about, but what do you think?

How do you feel about the new fake out and what do you think of the new rework? Anyways, let's keep it moving and get back into the article .


The second ability we should talk about is the change in gate crash or teleportability. From what it was before, it has changed quite a bit. It's gotten a lot stronger, but the general idea remains the same.

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First of all, they got rid of the cooldown idea as it felt weird and was hard to balance. Now instead, you have charges. Each round you start with one charge for free, but you can always buy a second one for an additional 200 credits. Then, like all other duelists, you can recharge this signature ability by getting two kills, so if you use a TP to get a kill, then use your second one to get another, your charge will have renewed and your third gate crash will be ready to go.

This makes it so that you have a lot more freedom and feel less forced to use bad gate crashes, as you no longer have that cooldown constantly on your mind. That's probably the biggest change, but they also made it so that you can now fake teleport, which is huge and adds a ton of plays to Euro's playbook.

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By pressing f while hovering over the beacon, the fake teleport animation and audio will start. It looks identical at the start, but then the teleport visually fails, while it sounds exactly like the real deal. The original buff also had people thinking that the teleport delay had become shorter from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds, but that was a typo from the devs, so you won't be able to make very aggressive peaks and expect a teleport right in front of your enemies' faces.

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