Valorant - New Patch 5. 04 Leaked - New Game Mode "hurm" Avoid Teammate - Guide

Valorant - 5.03

Couch Mills here, coming at you with a brand new article, and in this article we're going to be breaking down all of the crazy announcements of today. There have been new skins. Now there's a new game mode where you can avoid teammates. Now real quickly, I want to talk about the champions of 2022, Bundle.

You get a phantom and a butterfly knife for just over 6, 000 valor points. I know it's a freaking hefty amount, but something interesting about the champions bundle is that half of the proceeds get allocated to the teams that play in champions. Of the 16 qualified teams, they get the money divided, and last year's champions got just over 9 million dollars, so it is pretty cool that, at the very least, some of this money is going back to the players and the pros, but it doesn't make us any less freaking poor man, ultimately.

The knife is actually pretty cool. It has a special feature where every five kills it's going to evolve, and eventually after 25 kills you're going to have a special inspection, where it's only available after you get 25 kills in a given match. I love the idea of weapons that evolve with a certain kill amount.

Valorant - 5.04 live

Next up, we do have to talk about some free cosmetics, the 2020 champions, and twitch drops if you are watching champions. On these dates, you can earn the fire title, the champions' curse spray, and the VCT champions' hero card. This is just free little cosmetic stuff that you can get just for watching champions, but come on, you've got to be watching champions anyway.

This shit's going to be fire. Moving on to the next thing we need to talk about is the new game mode. This is called herm. This is going to be an ability-enabled, team deathmatch game mode where players race to be the first team to a hundred kills. I think this is going to be very interesting. I'm not actually sure how this is going to play out.

The spawns are going to play out. There are a lot of factors that could go into this that would make it maybe not the greatest game mode, but I do like the idea of being able to practice my abilities in a death match type setting. One of the things I've always complained about is how about just playing a regular deathmatch?

Valorant - 5.04 meta

If I'm like Neon, for instance, I can't practice any of my movement text like I normally would in a real game. If I'm like Jet, I can't practice my knives if I want to practice turning on flashes. There's a ton of things that I can now practice in this new game mode that I couldn't practice in death match, and I think it's going to matter more so for some characters than others, like practicing, pulling like on the fly with Astra.

It seems super pointless, like it really is, and I know there's going to be some squads that are taking this a little bit too seriously and doing some crazy ultimate combos and things like that, but for the most part. I do think that it is a cool mode to have. I'm always happy to have new modes and valorent, and it is going to allow some players on certain characters to practice things they would never have been able to practice otherwise.

Valorant - 5.04 patch

now in patch 5.04. We're going to have new crossover setting changes, so you're going to be able to have a custom color using a hex code. You can make it whatever color you want. You're going to be able to change horizontal and vertical crossover lines separately, which is going to give you tons of flexibility.

You're going to be able to copy the crosshair of the current spectated player by typing slash crosshair, copy, or slash cc. People don't have to freaking answer your crosstalk if they like it, and you can just randomly try some person in your lobby's crosshair without even asking for it. You just get to try it right away, which is really cool.

So if you make a pop-off ace play, everyone's going to be freaking taking your crosshair, and now you get 15 crossover profiles instead of 10. It is always better to have more options, and more crossover settings are always good. I'm definitely happy about these changes. Next up, we do have to talk about avoidance.

Valorant - 5.04 patch notes

Teammates This is a really big change. As a lot of people have been asking for, you're going to be able to add players to a list to avoid them as teammates. Now this is phenomenal because if you get a really toxic teammate or a teammate you hate, you really don't want to play with them. It's not a hundred percent that you will avoid them.

People on your void list are only less likely to join your team for the next few days. Now it's unclear how much less likely that is. Maybe they only put that as a caveat just in case you're in a very high rank and if you like, avoid too many people around your rank and you play at a weird time. It has to put you sometimes with other players because otherwise the queue time would just get ridiculous if everyone's avoiding each other.

But I think that if you're less likely in a pool, like a large pool, so if you're in the majority of ranks, like. I don't know, diamond or below, and you're not playing in like super niche hours. I think it's more than likely, even a little bit less likely for you to team up with someone that you put on this list, which is going to mean you're not going to team up with them, which is going to be a good thing.

Valorant - agent buffs

I'm sure they're going to release an article all about this later on, but it is very exciting information. I do, however, want to have a giant list, like a huge list in Overwatch. They only gave us freaking three people, and it was not enough. There was never enough. You know, especially when there's trios and people playing together that are all toxic and all throwing, you need to have like a good freaking 10 people.

Don't make me keep putting people on and off the list. Just let me, just let me just avoid them all. Everyone can afford me. Yeah, I don't care either way. I think it'll be a good thing. Avoid the settings. And go to the gaming website to dominate and pop off in Act 2, coming in just a couple of days.

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