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Another shitace, I've got your trail. Okay, so as I saw on this sage wall, if you enjoy these neon plays, be sure to follow my new shorts channel and tick tock since a lot of people have been stealing my stuff and reposting it, and the worst thing is some people are actually getting over a million views doing this, so I decided to make my own, so help a noodle out as our daily purse both for my shorts channel and tiktok.

So what we're going to do now is copy and paste my article into this beautiful software called "comment picker." We're going to filter the duplicate users so it's completely fair, and then we want to also include replies because some people may have done it underneath my comment, and I'm pretty sure that it was eight plus seven.

That's fifteen my god, my math is so good, Get youtube comments all right, it's tallying up the comments now. Bear with me since we did get three thousand comments, which is kind of crazy, but you know what, that's better odds than my Twitter one because Twitter's on 6000 now, so unique comments is actually 2500, and that selects the random winner.

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Let's see who we have. We have lackeys, and you know what, I'm going to do it so people can't cheat. Literally, no one can cheat. I'm going to give him a week to reply. However, I got a little announcement. If you did not win, I will be doing and hosting a few little things on my discord because I want to revive the server.

You've got to bear with me for a couple of days though, as I'm in the process of revamping it so it becomes a safe place for all us neon mains. And as always, be sure to leave a like and comment, as these giveaways cost me a lot of money. Be sure to also check out my new YouTube shorts and tick tock as I'm honestly so upset that people are stealing my content and making money from it.

Neon can Fly, Neon can Superdash, Neon can Jett Updraft. Now Neon can Sage Wall.
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