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Welcome to another article, and today we're going to talk about the unwritten rules of Fallarand. In Falleren, there are some rules that you have to follow that nobody talks about. These are some basic rules to keep the balance in the team's morality. In order to prevent losing rounds in a very dumb way and so you know what you can expect from your teammates, in the first episode I talked about a lot of these rules.

For example, closing the door on a scent when you are the first one to go is always very important, and of course, when a teammate is looking at you wiggling, he wants your skin, so drop your skin to him. But the main reason why I am making this episode is because someone in my team broke a very important rule.

Sometimes you want to be sneaky and you take the zipline in the middle of the round. If you do this, you can walk on the zipline and then you don't make any noise, but when you see an enemy on the other side of the zipline, If he doesn't see you, don't shoot at him. Your gun will be very inaccurate.

And in this round, Viper didn't see us but the first one, shot on him and then fiber made the triple kill. Don't you know why you are shooting? A spike carrier was killed. Fun fact: if you die with the spike in the middle of the zipline, it just spawns back in the spawn. Good to know the second rule is about the first one who goes in.

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The first one who goes in always checks the corners. The thing is, if he doesn't check the corners and people are pushing behind him, they are also not going to check the corners, and I'm almost sure we've all been there, so we all know what happens next. Not very nice, my friends. Now the second person in lineis The second person in line should refract the first person if he dies.

Here's a good example: Sage was here, the first person to push, so she checked out the corners. Sadly, she died, so I immediately came to reef record, easy-peasy, kill. And of course, the last three are for supporting with kills, killing cameras, tripwires, and things like that, and just using their utility, like flashbangs.

A rule about offering an agent: when you see someone offering an agent but he doesn't lock him in yet, don't look at that agent. He clearly wants to be that agent, so don't be that guy. But if you really want to play that Asian, just ask friendly, "Can I play Jet please?" And as for being that guy, don't be that guy that kills the last one.

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If someone gets four kills and someone on your team gets four kills, there's only one guy alive. You just camp in a corner and let your teammate kill the last one. Don't steal his ace. You are a bad guy, unless, of course, it's an important, round Another rule if you are bottom-fagging Don't rag on your teammates.

Sometimes you just don't have your game, but please don't blame it on your teammates when you are bottom fagging. You have no right to rage. Sorry, my friend. Don't use excuses like "I'm only a sentinel." You are a duelist. You're supposed to make more kills. That's not true, my friend. When you want to talk, the only two things you can say are information or apologize.

If you agree to a knife fight and you pull out your gun, you should be automatically de-ranked three times. That's true, my friends. When you agree to a knife fight and you pull out your knife, don't pull out your gun. You can do that, but it's just not possible. You just have to be confident in your combat skills.

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I believe you, my friend, and another one from Twitter, never reject a friend request. Yeah, is that a real rule? Now, if you want to push beyond ascent, you never hook the wall and rush immediately as the barriers go down. The reason for this is that 9 out of 10 times, enemies are throwing molotovs, arrows, and flashbangs.

Immediately, when the barriers are going down, this will split your team and allow easy kills for the enemies. We don't want that, so immediately Look at the lineup of your enemies. If they don't have molly or arrows, you can rush immediately. And look a little bit at the playstyle of the enemies.

Some people don't do it, but most of them will now. Something for Sage: There are two walls that you just have to place when you are rushing something. The first one is a split. You just have to place your wall over here, so if your team decides to rush, don't be the lurker, let someone else lurk.

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You have to play chihuahua over here because it's too strong. The second one is on ice. This wall is very strong. Very nice when you know the enemies are behind the smoke and the enemies know that you are on the other side of the smoke, you just have to shoot. When you play with Fendo, if you have 25 bullets, just go for seven bullets.

You never know, maybe you can get a sneaky kill. Just keep in mind that when you think they are about to push and you don't have any ammunition, don't shoot all your bullets up, because when you don't have ammunition and the enemies are pushing you while you are reloading. Not good my friend, music Don't play it loud while you are listening to music.

I know a lot of people are doing this, and I even catch myself sometimes doing it, but I would really recommend not listening to music during the games because, of course, it makes it hard to hear the steps. What you can do, however, is when you die, put on some music, calm down, get in the zone, and when the round starts again, put off the music and fully focus.

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my friends Another thing that you actually shouldn't do is look at the scoreboard. A scoreboard will only distract you. For example, when you see yourself at the bottom, you get insecure, and maybe you're going to miss more shots. Your team is doing nothing, and you will get tipped. I would never know that because I never took frag.

When you want to be an agent, you have to learn at least some lineups. Of course, you don't have to be average Jonas, but some lineups are like "you have to know that" and it's not even hard to learn a lineup. Just search for like a fish on youtube or something and you will know the lineup in between the rounds, especially.

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In the post-plant lineups, those are the most important lineups in my opinion. Now on to Ko. When you die in the Cho Ult, you have to give information to your teammates. That's pretty logical, right? Just don't ask your teammates to revive you in the middle of the round. However, when everybody is dead, then you have to ask your teammates to revive you, especially Jet, because Jet got a pap me nice and nice.

That's one there also. 4K) if you like this article so far, feel free to give it a like. It really helps grow my channel, and I promise next time I play with you in game I will revive you. My friend, yet always, when someone has an operator and they don't want it, they always drop it to jet. I honestly have no idea why it's like an unspoken rule.

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