Valorant - How To Become A More Consistent Player. Consistency Guide. 2022



invalorent, looks like and how to be a more consistent player. I've had so many people request me to make this article, and it's one that I've been putting off for a long time. I've been putting this article off because I feel like I struggle with consistency.

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What is "consistency"?

What is "consistency"?

But the real question that a lot of people forget to ask is, what does it even mean to be a consistent player? I personally feel like consistency is a really subjective topic. While yes, that is being very consistent, it's not really a realistic goal to have even for pro players. I'm not saying it's impossible, as there are many players that are able to pull it off.

What I'm saying is that unless you're a smurf or you're a pro player, it's going to be really hard to consistently match MVP every game when you're trying to climb out of your rank. This keeps both your kd positive and your win rate above 50. There are two ways to ensure that you will be ranked up to me.

This is the only real stat whose consistency should concern you. And if your goal is to match MVP every single game, that's fine, but it's not very realistic.

3 pillars of consistency

3 pillars of consistency

Now that we know what consistency is, I'm going to talk about the three pillars of consistency. The first pillar is your hardware that you're using and your setup. The second is your mentality and your outlook on the game.

The third is your play style and the actual gameplay itself. Each of these three topics is important in its own way, and I'm going to explain them to you in this article.


Let's start off with the first topic. Let's talk a little bit about your hardware. A lot of people have this misconception where they think that upgrading their hardware will make them immediately better at the game.

As someone who started out playing PC games on a really low-end PC and upgraded it to a high-end PC over time, I can confirm that your skills will not instantly skyrocket. Your skill ceiling is your maximum potential level of skill that you could have. I made a little diagram here in paint to show you guys what I'm talking about.

Valorant - 2022

I'm going to be demonstrating this in these kinds of skill bars. The bar on the left is your current skill bar, and the bar on the right is your skill bar after upgrading your hardware. You won't get better after you upgrade, but it definitely gives you more room to improve. In the future, just to give credit where credit's due, I took this skill bar diagram from Tokaku.

She used this diagram in an older article to demonstrate a skill in Osu. Even though we're talking about a different game here, the same concept still applies. I get a bunch of dms from people asking me if they should upgrade their PC, and my answer is always the same. I think that if you have the money to afford it and you want to upgrade, you should just go for it.

Having a high refresh rate monitor is really nice and I would recommend it to anyone. Getting a new CPU as well is really nice for value. If you've reached your current skill ceiling, it can be really hard to be consistent, especially if you're running on a really low-end PC. There are some people out there that play the game at like 15 fps and wonder why they can't get out of Iron when they're literally playing a slideshow.

Just to wrap up this topic, I think that if you can upgrade your hardware, you should definitely go for it. It can help you become more consistent, especially if you're running on really low hardware. I'm not saying it's impossible to rank up on a lower end PC, but as you upgrade, it'll definitely help you improve over time.



Moving on to the Second Pillar of Consistency, I want to talk a little bit about mentality and your outlook on the game. I've mentioned this in some of my older articles, and I'm going to mention it again now.

Being good at Valerian is 50 in mechanics and 50 in mental. A lot of people really overlook the mental aspect and they're kind of like, "Yeah, be positive, whatever," but it goes deeper than that and it doesn't necessarily have to be tilting that I'm talking about. I think that chasing your losses is one of the biggest parts of valor that's hard to deal with.

If you're hung up on your losses and your past games, it'll be really hard to focus on the one that you're currently in. It also includes confidence. I see a lot of players that are inconsistent just because they aren't confident enough in their own skills. There's a fine line between being a confident player and ego-swinging every angle.

Valorant - aim

I don't know you personally, so I can't tell you exactly what part of your mentality is lacking, but this is something that you need to do a little bit of soul searching on and figure out for yourself. If you keep dying at the very start of the game because you're swinging mid-round, you need to take note of your mental influences and your decision-making, which in turn will affect your gameplay a lot.

If you really want to become a consistent player and perform well in every game, you need to learn how to be a calm player. Being calm and collected goes a really long way, and it's something that's helped me a lot. This kind of comes with experience. And it's something that you need to build up over a long time and doesn't just happen instantly.

Valorant - aimbot

Another point about being consistent is that you need to be patient and give yourself time. A lot of these skills and concepts are things that take years and years to build up, so don't worry about it too much. One more thing that I want to mention for this topic is overplaying. I've talked about this in many articles, but this is especially true for being consistent.

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