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All right i got my hands on a fade here. You can see right away that Badass looks amazing. We're going to look at the abilities. I'm going to break them down in detail as well as give you my opinion at the end and interactions. So let's get into it first. We have her C, which is her Prowler. Once you shoot it out, as long as you hold it, you can guide it like a skybird or a jet ski.

The minute it sees an enemy, it will target that enemy, blinding and deafening them. On top of that, we have her Q Her Q is quite interesting. Once it hits the ground, it will instantly decay someone in an AOE effect, so you can instantly decay an entire team by 75, as you can see here, and it'll also block off the map from being seen.

a very stacked ability to say the least. It can not be shot out either. Once thrown, you can press Q once more to make it drop quickly, kind of like a forced Phoenix Molly in mid-air again. Once it drops, it will devastate you. As you can see here. E is an AOE effect that not only marks you through the wall but will have a trail behind you for quite a long time, and once you pop Prowler without controlling it whatsoever, it will follow that trail towards you.

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Its target this makes it extremely clear that once again, the queue cannot be broken. However, that reveals people through walls can be broken. Prowlers can also be broken, so keep that in mind. The Alt is huge. Just look at the map to see how wide that range is once you pop that alt. It does a lot.

First of all, it will make a trail that lasts forever. You'll be instantly decayed by 75 and that DK goes back a lot slower. And, you get paranoia and you can't see your map. You get debushed like crazy. Put these together and it gets wild. I can reveal someone through a wall, throw a prowler, then debuff them and tap them in the foot.

It's nuts now for some fun interactions. The Prowler will be sucked by an Astra astrosock. It's hilarious this is why I love doing debuffer. It powers through it. It powers through a lot of astra. The wall won't stop any throwables or any abilities coming out of fade. It's a good thing to know that they aren't completely immune.

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I'll get to that in a second. Another thing to note is that Fades-C will not be stunned. It can be shot out, and can be broken through abilities just like a brimstone alt. However, if there's a Molly on the ground, it will power through it. It doesn't have enough health. It won't be seen by a chamber trap in particular, but it's not all equal as we head over to Cipher.

If I get tagged and then I get prowled on the cipher, the cipher can still see me being pinged through it. That's pretty standard stuff for Prowler. This will be seen by a cipher trap, so like I said, not all equal chambers, whatever cipherit. This is obvious. However, Prowler will make the audio sound while going through another.

Something to note is that once Prowler is out, it won't break while being suppressed by KO. Again, Prowler will not be stunned. I would double check with neon as well. So obviously, there are a lot of little things to learn, but a lot of things are also basic. For example, Prowler will interact like a sky alt in a lot of ways.

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E will interact like a silver dart in a lot of ways, So there are things that are familiar some, things that you would expect to not work won't work. For example, boombot won't target Prowler. And a skywolf will not do anything towards it either, but it will explode from a race grenade because it takes damage, so a lot of these principles will apply moving forward.

I found it hilarious. But yeah, if it breaks through and it's already damaged, it will power through and then target Sage, going straight at her. Kind of insane. There's little things like that, so for example, prowler isn't affected by anything but we throw down as slow and well, it's slowed down, so prowler is definitely the same interactions as a sky alt one to one.

I mean the ultimate range alone, blows. My mind was like absolutely but, besides, that there are a couple more things to test, the first one being Skye's ultimate on Fades ultimates, but it's going to be exactly like Sky verse Sky. It looks the exact same. It literally goes past each other, targeting one another's enemies.

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It's identical i know I've already said it, but I wanted to push it and make it super clear. The dog can not interact with it. I didn't expect it to. However, there are still a couple more things to test. We ain't done quite yet. You are hilarious. I will completely ignore your clone and attack Euro Direct head on like there is no tomorrow.

Yoda's clone is countered pretty hard by Fate in more than one way, so that's one way, but the other way is the reveal. It will reveal Yoro himself, but not the clone. Once you pop his ultimate, he's no longer revealed and he doesn't leave a trail. That was the big one. I wanted to see if he would leave a trail.

I couldn't target him. I couldn't do anything once your alts' things were reversed and he was invincible. This goes again once he alts two. Okay, that's the overarching part of fading. Most of you got the information you needed, but now I want to talk about paying attention to the map for a second.

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We're going to go through these clips again and, in case you guys are people who really like to go in depth and learn the agent, pay attention here to the map range. These things are insane. Absolutely insane the E the the. As well as the decay is huge, it's like you're going to catch people off guard like crazy.

At least that's my opinion. Look at this. Look at the map. That's a huge AOE for something that instantly decays by 75. That is no joke whatsoever. Absolutely this is not a joke. This will also go with the reveal. The reveal is even larger. This looks like nothing compared to the reveal. So here we go, watch this.

Well, after this, after this clip, you'll see the rage. It is absolutely insane. Also, this goes on for a while. It takes me all the way to the garage before it even Fades out: look at that range. Did you guys see that? Do you see the map range that reveals the insane? It looks like a KO Dart range, maybe a little bit bigger.

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absolutely nuts now. My thoughts on fading She's fun I am not a huge fan of playing initiators. I found Skye pretty fun, but not my cup of tea. I couldn't get into the breach. Finally, I can say this is an initiator I will enjoy playing a lot. I know a lot of people say that, but I will definitely enjoy playing this agent a ton.

She is fun, she's thematic, she looks cool. Her voice lines are fun and her abilities are very coherent. She won't be for everyone. Her abilities need to be combined. The big one, though, is that when you mark a ton of people. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to have to leave that up to the pros, but she is fun and she is strong now.

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