Valorant - 3 Mechanics For All Agents

Valorant - aim mechanics

Welcome to another article, and today I'm going to give you three essential mechanics for every agent. It doesn't matter if you play the agent or play against the agent; it's very nice to know these mechanics. Game knowledge is power. My friends, shout out to Car Q for the inspiration of this article.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy my friends. Let's start with the ultimate of neon with their ultimate It doesn't matter if you make a headshot, a body shot, or a leg shot; they all do the same amount of damage. However, something that does matter is the distance between you and your target. The further your target is, the less damage your ultimate will do, and the difference is a lot.

I mean, 4000 damage for the full ultimate, that's 50 less damage from long range. As I showed in the last article, neon's wall does not go through walls, so you have to aim over things if you want your wall to go further. For example, this window in Showers 30 OP, my friends, and the last kneel mechanic.

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It doesn't matter how high you hit your stun, it will always go down. With this knowledge, you can make some interesting Brimstone mechanics: when Brimstone uses a lineup, you can not jump against the mully midair. Back in the day, you could do this to mess up the lineup, but now you can't. The brimstone in the middle does more damage than the brimstone itself.

This means that you will sadly die if you stand in the middle. However, if you stand on the side, you can survive with full armor. That's a very cool mechanic. And it's actually useful. Just smoke, use your ultimate, and then diffuse the spike inside your ultimate. Very nice and when you look closely at the stim beacon, it actually acts as a timer.

It's slowly going down, and when it's fully down, it will disappear. Now let's talk about sage. If you take damage before the round starts and you hear yourself, your heel will not recharge its cooldown. But don't worry my friends, your heel starts recharging. As soon as the round starts, when you plant a spike close to your wall, it will break.

Valorant - essential mechanics

I had to find out the hard way. I didn't expect the thing to break when you're dying spawn. You can actually make a lot of sage clones. Yeah, it's a useless mechanic, but hey, it's a sage mechanic with breech. It doesn't matter how hard you try, you cannot stun yourself. In your case, this means that you can, for example, use your e in the teleporter.

Then turn on your e and don't be stunned. A nice way to kill the enemies. Just be careful, it does not work with your ultimate. When you want to push something, use your aftershock and then use your flash inside your aftershock. Because your aftershock is so bright, the enemies might not notice your flash.

And this one I showed before: when you use your ultimate and you jump at the last second, you will jump higher. Surprise the enemy with the sheriff. If you make a headshot from a short range, it's an insta kill, but if the enemy is 30 meters or further away, you won't insta kill an enemy with full armor.

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Luckily, the chamber q can do that. In fact, it doesn't matter how far you stand away. 50 meters is no problem. 100 meters, or however far, is no problem. My friend, if you use your operator, you want to switch to your secondary, Gunner. It takes a long time before you can shoot, but if you switch to your queue, you can shoot way quicker.

A cool party trick. Use your sheriff and then switch to a queue for a lot of accurate shots, or don't choose a sheriff. It's pretty useless in chambers and the last chamber mechanic, teleporting. Away is almost instant, but it takes a long time before you can shoot, so use the teleport for defense, not for offense.

Now let's talk about the ko molotov chaos molly. She can not target true walls or corners. It's a strange mechanic, but you have to keep this in mind if you want to make lineups. The chaos oppression stops the ultimate of the enemies with a running gun meta with a neon ultimate. When you use your left mouse click flash, it takes a little bit longer before your flash goes off than if you use your right mouse click flash, so use your right click for pop flashes.

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my friends even though the kilzer noun forms are invisible. It's nice to hide them, but be careful about where you hide them because some spots are invisible on high settings, but when you play on low settings, they are certainly visible. You can use it to kill your sentry gun to boost yourself on top of certain areas.

Here on split For example, it's a very cool mechanic, but I would recommend practicing it a little bit because it looks easier than it is with killjoys. Sometimes you get placed a little bit too high. When this happens, you can crouch, and maybe you won't get hit when the spike is dropped somewhere.

You can pick up the spike in almost anything. This is a nice one. If you are sneaky peaky lurking and you certainly notice that the sight is clear, then just simply use your ultimate and easy peasy. You, my friend, are about to pee. You will look in the same direction as you're currently looking at, so don't look at this instead.

Valorant - mechanics

Turn before you teleport; now you won't face the wall when you reach your destination. The blind omen actually travels at three different speeds. When you stray forward and you cross your blind, it will travel faster than if you stood still, and when you walk backwards while casting your flesh, it will even go slower.

If you time it right, you can actually escape the kill. In reina or dismiss, so when you see an orb, don't take it immediately. Wait a little bit and then take it. When you heal with Reina, it goes over 100 hp all the way to 150. This is one of the reasons why it's recommended. The advice to not buy armor in the first round is that you can get the armor if you make a kill anyway.

The flash of Rayna has a maximum range, so don't flash over here because it won't flash the people all the way standing in the back of sight. On top of that, be careful with flashing. Close-angle people can easily juke the flash if you flash high, so if you want to flash at close angles, flash on the ground, but it is still a little bit dangerous, my friends.

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Be careful with this first Phoenix mechanic, which is very unique and I learned it from Jonathan, with this mechanic, you actually never need lineups anymore. When you are walking, you see a little sound circle on the minimap, and the only thing you have to do is look a little bit up, run, and throw your molly.

It will land exactly in the circle. You can use this trick anywhere, so you actually don't need lineups anymore. You could also throw your molly when standing still. The molotov will land on two thirds of the circle. This one I talked about before. Don't throw your flashbang while standing against the wall.

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