Valorant - 100t Fired Half Their Roster After This. Guard Vs 100 Thieves Analysis

Valorant - analysis

Let's find out exactly what happened in that game. A hundred thieves start off with a mid-heavy default of three tiles. One top mid and one amine guard are running the standard Killjoy Silva set up in b main. Basically, the killjoy turret will take first contact, and off the sound queue, Silva will bounce the shock dart off the ceiling and into the beam.

This setup is strong since it gets guarded early information and free chip damage with almost no risk at all. The Jets hold mid sage and Astra is looking to fight for control of the main control. The round starts, and Baby J throws his cam into the main to get early info. The game spots both Jonathan and Valen and gets broken under.

The thieves now know that Gaard is showing a heavy presence in Maine. When this happens, there's usually a gap in the defense either at cat or mid. So 100 thieves start working to figure that out. They smoke off mid but not cat. They then put silver recon inside. In the mid-smoke, in case any cheeky guard players were riding in there, a hundred thieves won a walk-up cat while making noise deep in the middle with their sky dog, but then Jona p walls off the cat.

Valorant - thieves

This throws a wrench in 100 thieves' plan. Luckily for them, there's still a lot of time in the round. The thieves make the call to take back space and be the main, and then come back to the cat when the wall breaks by itself. They are going to be the main break from the killjutor, and even the shock dart presence is shown.

Ethan and Nek's then walk back to mid to regroup with the team, but their mid-smoke has faded, and player 1 taps Ethan as he's crossing mid between Jonah and Sentinel, splitting them up, so they make the call to give up the tree and double up bay. Austin walks into the guardian with the drone and gets one tap by a player that goes into tunnel vision and sprints after Saya.

As a result, he goes left alone in the tree and tries to work on his side by himself, but gets a classic right click by Jona P. echoing He manages to hunt down Sia though and take space heaven, but the guard is slowly surrounding him. Baby J finally comes out of the main smoke and gets taken down by Valen.

Valorant - valorant

Then echoes and Valon play tag around Jen until Jonah P finally finishes off Eccles. Under thieves start with four tours of the main and the cipher b lobby guard is running the exact same setup as last round. The barriers drop and John P ends the slows they made and breaks Sequel's recon. Both teams are trading utility for aim control.

John P retreats after getting dinked by Ethan. Ned's turret doesn't see anyone. The main Cyan player doesn't see anyone, so the guard thinks the thieves might be working towards a hit in response. Valine and Jonah P double up. They have fewer numbers on their side of the map, so they want to play together and fight on one side of the split.

A hundred things begin lurking in Maine, getting ready to explode on the site of contact. Then they hear from John P. Wall of A hundred thieves don't want to risk executing on a with all the guard players staring at the main choke, so they leave us on the main to maintain control and the rest work back towards the mid to break the stage.

1 x's execute a hit through the cat. Too many thieves have stayed silent for too long. The guard is getting suspicious. All the players on the B side of the map regroup at the market to get info and take control of the mid. These players are playing off-site. They're not even looking to take these fights, said a player.

Even though Skye flashes mid and swings to trade, Sai doesn't flash and instantly takes down Austin and Hiko, who eventually die, and the guard wins their anti-equal round. Now unjutes they have rifles, vs. guard specters, and Marshall. This is their time to gain back the momentum. Under three starts with a heavy mid-default.

They wanted to take mid control with their long range rifles, whereas the guard changed up their setup. Nit has his killjoy utility set up on a now side player is starting to be main instead of mid and Valen is playing mid instead of a let's see how this changes up. The round-side player wants to be made by himself with a marshall.

The guard knows that 100 thieves like to default and play it slow, especially if they're against a team with worse guns. So, the Cyan player knows he'll probably get a 1 vs. 1 and B, but he also has to dash to get away in case anything goes wrong. Wait Trent is also in the lane with a shock dart, so all a player has to do is tag an enemy in the chest for 100 damage with his marshall.

Trait will shock dart offside a shot for enough damage to kill the enemy. That is actually five heads. A bonus here for the guard this time around. Early aggression here means no wall is going to go down towards the catwalk, instead it is waiting for Trent recon. Well, I guess they overthought the setup.

No matter, the recon confirms that there's only one player outside of the main, and because Cyan is a cracked player with a get out of jail card, he confidently takes the fight, getting very aggressive. The 100 thieves respond by speeding up their midtake. Trent, the inside player, hears the noise and double peaks the market.

Psy gets one and gets traded. He echoes dry peaks from the market alone and dies a trend. He probably should have waited for his two initiators to catch up to him before peaking, but maybe he just didn't expect Tren to have a rifle while all that was happening. Jonathan Wall at cat guard settles into a solid mid-round setup.

They have Keljo utility holding a main a sejuan, blocking off cat, Trent and Valen are playing together in a crossfire, on b, and Jonah P is holding the CT walkout. Notice that the joining piece is holding a passive angle. This way, under these, they are forced to swing out wider before making contact, and that'll let Valen get an easier trade.

There is only one spot they could be at this point in time: Eco and Ethan. If they can find these picks one by one, which they're being given the opportunity to do, Jonah P., dancing around well played by guard because guard won their bonus round. This means their economy is going to flourish while engine thieves go bankrupt.

A hundred thieves know they've been playing it too slow and they're just getting picked off. It's also their save round, so they make the call to change up the tempo and do something fast. All five members of the 100-foot team start the round in the lobby. As such, they've killed you back on b for the kill.

Silva setup astra mid-ja heaven with an op and Seiji main defaults, slowing the main to keep things looking the same. The barriers drop energy. The thieves sprint out of mid, they skyflash, they close mid to clear archers, they smoke cat and recon behind it to clear olive cat. They run a minute in the flash market.

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